The End is Nigh: “What They Died For” – Lost Review

Recap time!

Deja View

This episode began with the classic close-up of Jack’s eye. This time he’s in a bed in what we have been calling the flashsideways world. He looks in the mirror, and he has a weird cut again that must be from the other reality. His son comes in and says that he made breakfast.

David asks Jack if he is coming to his concert later. Jack says yes and he asks if David’s mother will be there. David tells him to not get weird. It looks like we will have to wait until next week to see the mysterious woman. I think that it has to be Juliet.

Some Quality Family Time

Claire joins them and they have a nice little family moment. Then Desmond gives Jack a call and pretends to be a worker from Oceanic Airlines. He says that Christian’s coffin will be delivered to him shortly.

Back on the island there is an other new but familiar scene. This time it is Jack stitching up Kate. Kate tells Jack that Jin never met Ji-Yeon. She says that they have to kill Man-In-Black.

Jack says that they need to go get Desmond, so they do.

In sidewaysworld, it appears as if Desmond is planning another Locke-attack until Ben stops him. Desmond beats Ben, causing him to remember the time in the other storyline when he beats him. He tells Ben that he is trying to bring Locke to his senses.

Ben, Miles, and Alpert, finally reach the Barracks. Miles senses Alex. Alpert says that he buried her and Ben thanks him.

Ben enters his secret room. Miles ask Ben what his “secret-er room” was for and Ben says, “It’s where I was told I could summon the monster. That’s before I realized it was the one that was summoning me.” For those of you who are keeping a question checklist, there you go, an answer. Ben puts all of the C4 in Alpert’s bag. They find Zoey in the kitchen and Widmore comes inside.

Widmore tells Zoey to go sink the outrigger. Ben holds him at gun point and Widmore says that he is his last chance. Alpert tells Widmore their plan and Widmore says that he already rigged the plane to blow. Widmore says that Jacob visited him after soon after the freighter explosion.

Zoey walkies Widmore and say that Locke has arrived. He tells Zoey to return as fast as possible and he tells Ben that they need to hide if they want to live.

Ben tells Locke that the man that ran him over beat him up and made him see something. Locke calls the police. Ben tells him that Desmond told him that he was trying to get Locke to let go. Locke hangs up.

Desmond shows up at the police station where Miles and Sawyer are discussing the benefit concert at his dad’s museum. Okay so Miles, and Jack are going to a concert. Claire will probably stop by too and maybe Juliet? Charlotte’s gonna be there so Sawyer says he isn’t going to go.

Desmond confesses that he hit Locke with his car, and beat a teacher. Sawyer takes Desmond to a cell between Kate and Sayid.

Jack and Sawyer have a discussion about the Man-In-Black’s rules. Sawyer feels guilty for the death of Lapidus, Sayid, Jin, and Sun and Jack tells him that it’s the Man-In-Black’s fault.

Hurley sees boy Jacob and orders that Hurley gives him his ashes. Hurley chases him and finds adult Jacob who tells Hurley that his ashes are in a fire and that when they burn out, he will be gone forever.

Ben takes Widmore’s walkies and gives one to Miles. Widmore and Zoey decide to hide, Miles runs to the jungle. Alpert decides to try to talk to MIB, which is obviously a bad decision because he comes out of no where in smokemonster form and abruptly tosses him away.

Locke and Ben have a chat on the front porch. Locke says that he has some people for him to kill in exchange for the island. Ben tells Locke that Widmore is in his closet.

Sideways Alex convinces sideways Ben that her mom, sideways Danielle, should give him a ride home seeing as he is crippled. Danielle says that he will come to dinner even if they have to kidnap him. Silly. I actually liked this character return through sideways world thing this time.

At the Rousseau residence, Danielle tells Ben that Alex’s dad died when she was two and that Ben was her next closest thing to a father. Ben gets teary-eyed. I wonder if he knows that she dies in the other reality. It looks like sideways Ben and sideways Danielle may become an item.

Island Ben and Locke go to Ben’s secret room. Locke tells Ben that he should stay outside because he doesn’t want to see what he is going to do. Ben says he wants to. Locke asks Zoey who she is and Widmore tells her to not talk to Locke. Locke slashes her neck with his knife. Locke says that she was now “pointless” because Widmore told her not to talk to him. Locke threatens to kill Penny unless Charles tells him why he came to the island. Widmore says that he brought Desmond to the island as a last resort due to his unique resistance to electromagnetism. He then whispers to Locke and Ben shots him. “He doesn’t get to save his daughter,” he says. Locke says that luckily, Widmore already told him everything he needed to know before Ben shot him. Ben asks Locke who else he wants him to kill. That crazy Ben that everyone loves is back.

Hurley brings the rest of the candidates and Kate to the Jacob fire. They can all see him now. Kate asks if Jacob is the man that wrote their names on the wall and asks if that is why they are dead. She wants to know that they died for a reason. Jacob says he will tell them. He tells them that when the fire goes out, one of them will have to take over his job.

Locke meets Jack in his office and tells him that he believes that everything that has happened to him in this sideways world, happened for a reason. Jack says that he believes that Locke is mistaking coincidence for fate. Locke says that he can believe what he wants, but he wants him to fix him now.

Jacob tells the candidates that he made a mistake by creating the smoke monster and that now everyone is in danger. He says that Man-In-Black found the loophole to kill him and now, he has to be replaced. Sawyer asks why he has to be punished for his mistake and that he was doing fine before he brought him to the island. Jacob says that he wasn’t and that he picked all of the losties because they were flawed and alone like him. He says that they were all looking for something that they couldn’t find off the island. Jacob tells Kate that he crossed her name off the wall because she became a mother and that it didn’t matter, she could still do his job. Jacob says that the job is to make out the light never goes out. Jacob says that they need to kill MIB. He tells them that he is going to give them something that he never got, a choice. He wants them to decide who becomes the new island protector. Jack says that he will do it and that it is his destiny. Jacob says it is time. I was surprised at how many huge questions were answered in this scene, I thought most of these would be tackled in the finale.

Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley watch Jacob and Jack from the other side of the creek. Jacob tells Jack that the magic light is beyond the bamboo where he first arrived on the island and that he can go there now. Jacob performs the same water drinking ritual for Jack the same way his “mother” did for him. Jack asks how long he will have to do this job and Jacob says “As long as you can.” Jack drinks the water. Jacob says, “Now you are like me,” just like his mother did in the last episode.

Sideways Sawyer ships sideways Kate, Desmond, and Sayid to county. On the way, Kate and Sayid think that Desmond is crazy for running over a guy in a wheelchair and turning himself in. Desmond promises that he will let them go if they promise to each do one thing for him. They agree and the van stops. Ana Lucia opens up the back and asks who Desmond is. She tells Desmond that his friend with the money better be coming. Hurley arrives in his big yellow Hummer with the money. “Hey, you didn’t tell me that Ana Lucia was going to be here,” he says. Ana Lucia asks if she knows him,  says that hey never met and then gives her the 125 grand and she leaves. Hurley asks if she is coming with them and Desmond says that she isn’t ready yet. Hurley tells Desmond that he brought him his Camero and that what he needs is in the trunk. Sayid goes with Hurley and Kate goes with Desmond. Desmond pulls a dress out of the trunk and tells Kate that they are going to a concert. This scene was pretty funny.

Locke and Ben are trekking through the forest and Ben asks Locke why he doesn’t fly around all of the time. Locke says that feeling his feet on the ground reminds him that he used to be human.

The reach the well where Locke threw Desmond. They see the rope that someone used to help Desmond out. Locke tells Ben that Widmore said Desmond was a fail-safe and Jacob’s last resort if his candidates die. Locke says that Desmond can help him destroy the island.

Other Thoughts:

Why does Locke promise Ben the island and then say that he is going to blow it up? Which is it Locke?

Where is Claire?

Will Locke destroy the island and create the flash sideways?

Who is Sideways Jack’s ex-wife? Juliet is my best guess.

Why did Desmond say that Jack would get the coffin? Does he have it?

Where is Desmond?

What happened to Miles?

Who does Locke want Ben to kill? The candidates? There aren’t too many people on this island now, so that seems likely.

Did Jacob actually give Widmore a visit? Widmore/Desmond was probably the person that Jacob was trying to get to come to the island.

What are sideways Desmond and Hurley planning?

I think it is pretty obvious that Alpert died, even though we didn’t actually witness it happen.

Lost Recap: The Candidate

I feel that I and Lost are at a point where I don’t really care to theorize too much, because I know that it is ending in a couple more episodes, so this post is more of a recap. I feel that these last couple episodes before the finale are really setting up the finale, so there is less to say about them right now.

The episode begins without previously on Lost, which makes since. Anyone that is still watching Lost now probably does a pretty decent job at keeping up with it, because this show really demands that. They are also doing away with the promos after this finale I hear.

It starts with Locke and Jack in the hospital they talk about how they meet each other in LA X. Jack tells Locke that he thinks he is a candidate for surgery. Then Helen comes in and says that it is the first time that they have let her see Locke, which doesn’t make any sense because everyone but the audience would know that in this situation. That seems like lazy writing to me.

On Hydra island, Jack wakes up in a canoe and Sayid isn’t as demon-y anymore, he talks like a human being at least. He must have de-zombieized after he talked to Desmond, who he obviously did not kill. Sawyer and his crew are at the polar bear cages where they bump into Widmore and his men. Sawyer holds the stupid fat Widmore employee, Seamus, at gunpoint, so Widmore says that he will shoot Kate. He says that Kate isn’t important, so he could definitely shoot her and it would even be a big deal. Widmore puts everyone in polar bear cages.


Ahhh! The flash sidewayses (flashsidewaysi?) are still fraking boring! Dr. Jack goes to see Dr. Bernard to find more about John Locke. Why is everyone such a creeper in sideways world? Yeah he is a dentist still over here in sideways world. Whatever. They find out that they were on the same plane, so Bernard tells him that Anthony Cooper was with Locke when he died.

Jack in the canoe asks Sayid what happened and he tells him that Locke saved him and the others went into the forest. Locke comes out of the forest and tells Jack that they have to go save his friends and he can only if Jack persuades them to trust him.

Sawyer tells Kate that her name was not in the cave and that she is not important.

Sun and Jin have a moment that I feel kind of missed a bit. They talk about how Jin saw pictures of Ji-Yeon and Sun returns his ring.

The pylons loose power and the smoke monster comes and kills Seamus and the other people guarding the polar bear cages. Kate reaches for the keys and Lapidus says, “I ain’t waitin’,” and tries to kick down the cage door. Lapidus’s one-liners were funny at first, but I don’t feel like he is a developed character. Jack comes and lets them out and tells them that Locke is a good guy. On their way to the plane Jack tells them that he is not leaving, and they meet up with Sayid, who Jack says is a good guy too, so they don’t shoot him.

Sidewaysworld Jack is at an old people’s place because he wants to meet Anthony Cooper and he meets Helen there who is doing the same thing. She tries to get Jack to leave Locke alone, but he won’t let down, so she brings him to meet Anthony, He is surprisingly old which is really weird. I don’t have any idea what that means. Maybe these characters in the other reality had their plane ride later in their lives then the original timeline. Maybe this has something to do with the way it relates to the other timeline. I don’t think that the bomb cause the island to sink in the other reality.

Locke walks into the plane after getting shot, snapping a guys neck, shooting another guy, and stealing one of their watches. Inside, he finds a bomb that is not very well hidden. The A camp meets up with Locke and Widmore tells him that he is trying to get them all in a small enclosed place like the plane and explode them. He says that there is a good chance that there are more bombs on the plane and that they should take the sub. Sawyer says that he wanted to do that in the first place, and I think he is still playing Locke at this point, what a conman. Hurley warns that Alpert said that Locke shouldn’t leave the island. Claire apologizes for leaving Locke, and he says he is fine with it. It always seems like Locke is in control, it’s all part of his master plan. Sawyer tells Jack to make sure Locke doesn’t get in the sub.

In sideways world, Locke is muttering in his sleep. “Push the button. I wish you had believed me.” Jack sees Claire walking outside Locke’s room. Claire asks if he can talk and Jack gets an Apollo bar, just like in the flashback in last season’s finale where Jacob touches Jack. Claire shows Jack the musicbox that Christian left for her in his will. Jack tells her about his death nad they find out that they were on the plane together. They open the musicbox and it plays “Catch A Falling Star”. Jack tells Claire to come stay with him in his house.

Sawyer, Sun, Jin, and Lapidus stealthily approach the sub. I don’t understand why Sun doesn’t have a gun and I also don’t understand why Locke does go all smoke-monster on the sub crew. Obviously someone wasn’t thinking. Lapidus hits a man with his gun and says his usual one-liner: “Nothing personal.” He holds another man at gunpoint. Kate, Claire, and Sayid head to the sub now that the coast is clear. Locke switches his back pack with Jack’s and they approach the sub as well. Locke tells Jack that whoever told Jack that he needed to stay on the island, had no idea what they were talking about. This is when thinks get good. Jack says that John Locke told him that and he shoves Locke into the water.

Kate gets shot in the shoulder by some of Widmore’s people in trees.

Jack, Sayid, and Claire hold them back enough to allow Sayid and Jack to get Kate safely in the submarine. Sawyer goes up to get Claire, but Locke has almost finished fighting the Widmore crew and is about to return to the sub, so he tells Lapidus to put the sub-pedal to the medal.

I feel bad for Claire being left alone with Locke. Locke tells Claire, “Trust me, you don’t want to be on that sub.”

In the sub, Jack and crew are trying to save Kate, but can’t find any first aid, they can only find the bomb that Locke planted in the backpack he gave to Jack. At this point, it seems like there is only one result to this situation: Jack and crew stop the bomb or get rid of it in the nick of time, because they can’t all die.

They call Lapidus and tell him to take them up. You can see the first aid kit behind Lapidus. Sayid goes into his gadget mode and explains that the bomb is rigged to the watch battery, and that the wires have to be pulled out of the watch simultaneously or it will detonate. Jack stops Sawyer from doing what Sayid said to tell him that nothing will happen if they don’t pull the wires. Kind of reminds me of Locke telling Desmond to not press the buttton. Jack says that Locke cannot directly kill them because of “the rules” and that Locke’s plan was to have them detonate the bomb when they were trying to stop it, because then they would be killing themselves. Jack thinks that Locke can’t leave the island unless they are all dead. Sawyer refuses to hear Jack’s views. The watch stops after he pulls the wires and then it speeds up. Sayid tells Jack where Desmond is and that he is going to need him because Locke wanted him dead. Jack asks him why he is telling him this and Sayid says, “Becuase it’s going to be you, Jack.” Sayid grabs the bomb and runs away as fast as he can from the other losties.

He explodes and the sub is damaged. Sayid!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!

A sub door flies open and hits Lapidus. His last words are, “Hell no.” Water gushes in. Jack grabs Kate and Jin tries to get Sun out from behind a large mess of things. It’s quite chaotic. Jack gives Hurley Kate and oxygen. Hurley says, “I have to go after Sayid!” Jack says, “There is no Sayid!” Jack sends them out. Jack goes and helps Jin and Sawyer remove a large box that is pinning Sun in. The sub shakes violently and Sawyer hits his head hard. Jack takes Sawyer out and Jin stays behind to try and save Sun.

The sad Giacchino music comes on when people die and Sun tells Jin to leave, but he says he will never leave her again. The say that they love each other and then they drown together. There is a shot of them holding hands and loosing grip as they die. It’s very sad. Up there with Charlie’s death scene. 😥

So let me see. Lapidus, Sun, Jin, and Sayid all die in the episode that aired on my Birthday. Thanks for the wonderful gift Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse! I like your show, you know, and this is how you repay me!

Sideways Locke passes Jin on his way down the hallway. Jack says goodbye and tries one last time to persuade Locke into letting him perform that surgery on him. he tells him that he met with his father and he was trying to find out what caused his injuries. Locke tells him that he had recently got his flying license and he talked his father, who hate flying, into going for a ride. He looked him in the eye and told him to trust him and then he crashed. Jack says that they both need to accept that their fathers are gone, that what happened, happened, and that they have to let it go. Locke says that that is hard to do and Jack agrees, and he said he hoped maybe Locke could go first. Locke says goodbye and wheels away. Jack say, “I can help you, John. I wish you’d believe me.”

Back on an island, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley float ashore. They morn their losses.

Locke tells Claire that the sub sunk and that not all of them died. He walks inland and Claire asks where he is going. “To finish what I started.” Cut to Lost.

Happily Ever After – Lost Review

Desmond finds himself in a bed, and I guess this takes place not long after he got shot by Ben? When Desmond finds out that he is on the island he grabs an iv-thing and goes crazy on Widmore with it, Pretty intense. Zoey takes Jin to the Dharma control station or whatever. We see a bunny and he’s supposed to go in the weird box with the electromagnetic thing after they try it out first. This makes me think of this comic con video.

It means so much more, now that we are seeing these alternate realities. I have seen that video so many times. Anyway….

The first time they test it, they accidentally do it while some guy is in there and he gets fried.

He don't look too hot...Well I guess he looks like he got too hot.

Widmore sees this and says it’s Desmond’s turn. Widmore tells Desmond that he is going to ask him to make a sacrifice. He says if Desmond doesn’t help him, everyone will die.

Then they zap him and since he is special because he was exposed to a lot of electromagnetic energy when the hatch imploded, he doesn’t die.

Then Desmond is in the alternate universe and he sees Hurley and Claire. He predicts that Claire will have a son.

George Minkowski picks Desmond up.


Desmond says that he was “closing a deal for the boss,” in Sydney and George points out that Desmond isn’t married in sideways world. SHOCKER! I think we get that everything is backwards in sideways world I really really wish that the writers would trying to surprise us that way. Oh, and we find out that sideways world is actually friends with sideways Widmore, because things are backwards in sideways world and in normal world they are not friends. One thing that is surprising is that sideways Widmore’s office in sideways world doesn’t have that one picture with the polar bear and the Buddha. It has a picture of a weight with black and white stones instead just like the weight with black and white stones in Jacob’s magic cave in the normal world.


Widmore says that his son (Daniel – whoops spoiler alert (you shouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t seen the episode yet.)), (It’s really obvious anyway.)is a musician and wants to hold a charity event that combines classical music and rock music. Widmore wants Desmond to look after the bloody rock god. Wonder who that could be. (Charlie). Then Widmore offers Desmond McCuthceons and he refuses. Which is just like what happened in the Desmond episode in season 3, but backwards!

Desmond picks up Charlie and he is disrespectful and nearly suicidal. He walks through a busy street to a bar. They go to the bar and start talking about love. Of course that its what their first discussion would be.

A Couple of Brothas Chillin'

Desmond says he has been in love thousands of times, and Charlie says “Not like that, I mean really in love.” He tells Desmond about how he sees a cop and started to swallow his heroine in the bathroom when the plane hit turbulence and he saw Claire. You know how couples have those cute little stories about how they met each other. Charlies would be, I still remember the first time I saw her as clear as BLOODY day. I was trying to swallow a bag of heroine on a plane and the turbulence hit so I almost choked on it to death.

In the car, “You All Everybody” is playing. What a coincidence! That song is annoying! Charlie decides to drive the car into the ocean near where Desmond got shot in the other reality, in order to recreate his experience he had on the plane when he saw Claire. Desmond gets out of the car and tries to save Charlie. He can’t get the door open and Charlie puts his hand on the car window. And it appears that Desmond remembers a very similar happening in the season three finale.

Not Penny's Car

A doctor shines a light in Desmond’s eyes, like someone did in “The Constant”. She asks him if he has had any hallucinations and he says that he has, so she says he needs an MRI.

This is like that box with the electromagnets

The guy testing him makes sure that has no metal on him, just like Widmore’s people did before they put him in the electromagnetic box. He then gives Desmond an emergency button, which he uses when he sees flashes in the MRI.

Desmond goes and yells at a woman and tells her that he needs Charlie. He then sees Jack walking around because Jack is always at every hospital. He stops him and asks him for help. The Charlie comes running through the hallway. He catches up with him and looks at his hands. He asks Charlie who Penny is. Charlie says that he doesn’t know and that no one in the hospital can help him. And then he runs away. Desmond calls Widmore that he lost Charlie. He’s upset and he tells Desmond to go tell Mrs. Widmore about it. So, Minkowski takes him there in a limo. Ms. Widmore is frustrated with the help and she meets Desmond. The lost music get intense when Ms. Widmore reveals her name to be Eloise, but we know already. Desmond tells her that Driveshaft won’t be making it and she is fine with it. “What happened, happened,” she says. Desmond overhears Penny’s name when people are reading off the attendance list. He asks if he can see it, but Eloise says no and “Come with me.”

HA HA... This is actually pretty scary.

She tells him to stop looking for whatever he is looking for. She says that he already has what he wants, which is her husband’s approval. He asks why he can’t see the list and she say it is because he is not ready yet. Whatever that means. Eloise is crazy.

So it seems that the only thing that is the same in sideways world as in normal world, is that Eloise doesn’t want Desmond to get together wit Penny in either.

Desmond returns to the limo and someone pops by to visit. Daniel Widmore!

Daniel Widmore! And the coolest hat ever!

Daniel is not only wearing his awesome skinny tie, but an awesome hat as well. He asks Desmond if he believes in love at first sight. And then he says, because I think I love you Desmond! Jk. He tells Desmond about his love, Charolette. He says that when he saw her it was as if he had already loved her. He says that he wrote complicated quantum mechanics stuff that night and he didn’t even know what he was doing. He took it to a friend that told him that it explained how it might be possible to stop a catastrophic event in time by detonating an atomic bomb. He says, “What if this wasn’t supposed to be our life? What if we had some other life and for some reason we changed things. I don’t want to set of a nuclear bomb, Mr. Hume. I think I already did.”

"I just detonated an atomic bomb in your head!"

Daniel tells him that Penny is his half-sister and he tells him where she is.

She is running stairs in the stadium where Desmond and Jack ran stairs in the other dimension.


She runs up stairs really funny. Penny just doesn’t see like someone who would run stairs. Desmond shakes her hand and it must cause a lot of electromagnetic waves to flow through his body because he appears back in that weird electromagnet box on the island. Widmore says he was unconscious for a couple of minutes. Desmond is now very compliant with Widmore and he says he will do what he wants of him.

Zoey is taking Desmond somewhere and Sayid comes out of know where and shoots people.


He tells Desmond that he doen’t have time to change but Widmore and his people are dangerous and he wants Desmond to follow him. Desmond just goes with it. I don’t know if it is because Sayid just killed someone in front of him or if Desmond will just do anything that anyone tells him to do now.

Desmond wakes up in the stadium and asks Penny to go for a coffee.


She says that she will met him in an hour and then she laughs silly. Desmond goes back to the limo and tells George that he needs the manifest from Oceanic 815 so that he can show them…”something” I guess he wants to almost kill everyone so that they can see visions of their soulmates too.

Lost Preview: Happily Ever After

That promo is stupid, but this episode is going to be awesome! It’s a Desmond episode which means we will probably dealing with electromagnetism, time-travel, and maybe even travel between dimensions. This episode was written by Damon and Carlton and it was directed by Jack Bender, so there should be some important story progression taking place.

The last time we saw Desmond before last week, was on the plane in the alternate reality. He disappeared for some reason and I’m sure in this episode we will find outthat this was because he jumped to the alternate universe. I have a feeling we are going to learn about the underwater island too in this episode.

We know that Widmore finds these electromagnetic pockets on the island to be important, that’s why he got Jin. We know that electromagnetic forces have an interesting effect on Desmond ever since he was there when the hatch imploded. Maybe he wants Jin to help him find these pockets so that he can have Desmond travel through realities or time.

In the promo, Widmore says that Desmond will have to make a sacrifice. I think the title is supposed to lead us to think that Desmond and Penny will live happily ever after, but I predict that Desmond will have to sacrifice his relationship with Penny to save the Losties and the island.

If this episode is going to be anything like “Flashes Before Your Eyes” or The Constant” I will be very happy.

I should have my review of this episode up late tonight or early tomorrow if you wanna check it out.

Lost Preview: The Package

So this week”s episode is called “The Package” and it is a a Jin/Sun episode. So, we should get the sideways story as to what happened between the time Jin got in trouble at the airport in “LA X” and the time in when Sayid finds him in Keamy’s freezer. So I’m predicting that Sun cannot speak English and maybe Sun and Jin aren’t married in the sideways reality.

On the island, the title makes me think that we may find out what is in the locked room in Widmore’s sub. I know that the story will involve Locke and Widmore’s fated meeting and of course it will focus on the prolonged reunion of Sun and Jin. I think Jin and Sun will reunite at the end of this episode or during the next episode. There is a shot of Sun laying in the jungle, in the promo. It looks like she is dead, but I think it is a cop out.

Lost Analysis – Recon: The Case of the Redhead/Mission Hydra Island

This episode was average, which I’m fine with because I predict next week’s episode will be amazing. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ve gotta recap Recon.

It starts with Sawyer meeting Jin in Claire’s creepy tent and telling him that he is “with Locke”. Sawyer promises that they won’t leave without Sun. Locke and his followers return to the camp.

Lost Numbers!

In the flash-sideways we see a similar scene at 8:42 in the morning. It appears as if Sawyer is pulling the old sleep-with-a-woman-and-then-convince-her-into-stealing-her-husband’s-money-to-invest-in-some-made-up-deal-thing-by-accidentally-letting-a-bunch-of-money-fall-out-of-your-suitcase con. But, then the woman that he is trying to con, flips the table on him and says that she knows what he is doing because her husband is a con man. But, then Sawyer flips the table on her, (so I guess the table would now be upright again) and he says that he works for the cops and that he set her up. And of course nobody but that woman he slept with believes him, because this is the reality where people make the right choices, we get that. Sawyer says the magic word “LaFleur” which is weird cuz that was his fake name in Dharma-times, I don’t understand why that was his name back then, that is weird. Anyway, Miles is Sawyer’s partner.

Claire picks up a knife from the creepy tent and tucks in the squirrel baby.

“Nighty Night, Squirrel Baby, don’t let the island-bugs bite.”-Claire

When Kate asks what it is, Claire said it was “all [she] had”.  They go outside where Locke is giving a speech. Locke seems pretty nice in this episode. He says that he is open for questions, and he comforts Zach and Emma.

I think Zach looks creepy.

It’s so weird how Claire holds Kate’s hands in this scene. Sawyer tells Kate that he isn’t with anybody, foreshadowing the end of the episode.

Sideways Sawyer is trying to find Anthony Cooper, the man that stole his Dad’s money before he killed his wife and then himself as a result. The man who was Locke’s dad. (Well I guess he is still alive in this storyline.) Miles asks about Sawyer’s trip to Palm Springs, and he obviously lies about it. Miles sets Sawyer up with a friend of his, because he doesn’t want Sawyer to “die alone.” (As, in Live Together, Die Alone, you know, Jack’s speech in season one.) (Ok, sorry didn’t mean to insult your Lost-knowledge, I sound like those things that pop-up during the enhanced episodes.) Miles mentions that he knows her through her dad. She works at his museum. So, Pierre Chang owns in this reality? Weird.

Locke tells Sawyer that he is “the smoke-thing”. He says that he killed all of the people in the temple, because they would have killed him if he didn’t kill them. He then sends Sawyer on a mission to investigate Hydra island, to see if there are people that want to do Locke and crew harm. Locke says that Sawyer is the best liar that he ever met. I think Ben might be better.

So, sideways world James meets his blind date, and it is….wait for it….sideways Charlotte!


Which kind of makes sense because people in the sideways universe seem to met people that they have closer relationships to on the island. So, it kinda makes since that Sawyer and Miles are friends because they have a tiny bromance thing goin’ on in the island world. And it kinda makes since that Miles is friends with Charlotte because they were freighter buds in island world. Sideways Charlotte is also an archeologist. I guess she’s the same because she isn’t important. She says she is like Indiana Jones and Sawyer asks if she has a whip. Raunchy. She asks him why he is a cop and he reference the movie “Bullitt“. I think that the only similarity that we are supposed to get from this reference is that Sawyer and the main character, Bullitt, are both searching for someone to kill to avenge another person’s death. t’s about a cop in LA.

Sawyer tells Charlotte that he came to a point in his life in which he could be a criminal or a cop and in this reality, he became a cop. Then Charlotte gives him a weird look and he says “What”. And she says, “You know what.” I didn’t get what they were talking about until they started taking each other’s clothes off. (Sex.)

Charlotte touches this book because she wants us to remember that Sawyer reads it on the island.

Charlotte goes rummaging through James’ stuff to find a t-shirt and finds a news-clipping about Sawyer’s parents’ deaths. Sawyer catches her and kicks her out.

"Oh, these sex cages sure do bring back memories."-Sawyer

Island Sawyer reaches Hydra island in the outrigger and finds Kate’s old dress in the sex-cages. It seems as if he may still have a little thing for Kate still, I don’t know. I don’t think the whole Jack, Kate, Sawyer thing is going to end up being a big deal. Speaking of Kate…

Oh yeah, she’s hanging out with all of those demon-people. She asks Demon-Sayid if he believes in Demon-Locke and he says yes. (Of course Demon-Sayid believes in Demon-Locke.) Then she asks Demon-Sayid if he is alright and he says no, because he is a demon. Then Demon-Claire comes out of nowhere and strangles Kate to the ground while holding that knife she got, below Kate’s neck. Demon-Sayid look unfazed by all of this. Demon-Locke throws Demon-Claire off of Kate, picks her up, slaps her, and sends her away, like a father punishing his daughter. Kate begins crying, which I think is pretty reasonable. I feel bad for her. She has gone through so much to try and reunite Claire and Aaron and when she finally finds Claire she is a crazy demon woman that tries to kill her.

Back to Sawyer. He finds the Ajira plane and another pile of dead bodies.

He sees a random woman who just happened to be running by the pile of dead bodies. At this point I know this isn’t coincidence. Lost has made us to smart for its own good.

Zoey seems a bit too innocent. hmm...

Liam Pace is at the police station, looking for his brother who we saw get arrested for a drug charge at the airport in LAX.

Miles finds out that Sawyer lied and that he actually went to Australia instead of Palm Springs. Sawyer says that it’s none of Miles’ beeswax and so Miles is like “You aren’t my partner anymore.” Then Sawyer punches a mirror.

Mirrors seems to be a motif this season. Which is fitting seeing as it can symbolize an alternate universe, such as in “Through the Looking Glass” (The sequel to Alice in Wonderland, not the Lost episode).

The woman that was running through the island says that her name is Zoey and then she gives the most generic backstory ever. She said she was collecting wood, and that there gave it away for me. She said she heard screams and that everyone was dead and that she had been dragging them to the beach.

Locke tells Kate that it was his fault that Claire attacked her. He’s reasoning for what he did seems pretty logical. He knew that Claire would have to vent her anger in the loss of her child so he told her that the others took him. But, when Kate told her the truth she turned all of that hatred towards her. Kate calls him a dead-man. She asks where Sawyer went so he says he will show her. He offers a hand to get up and she rebukes it, she doesn’t want to pretend she trusts him.

Zoey asks a lot of questions. Sawyer asks Zoey why she was going to Guam and she gives the most generic answer. “I’m going to see my boyfriend.” Sawyer asks her who she really is and three people with guns jump out of the bushes.

I'm sorry, I know this chubby guy has a guy, he just doesn't seem intimidating.

Locke and Kate sit down and Locke tells her that Sawyer went to that island. And Kate says “Well, you could have just told me.” And the has says that he wouldn’t get to talk to her then. He says that he knows what Kate was going through because his mother was a crazy and disturbed woman. That he still has problems because of her. And that Aaron has a crazy mother.

Zoey and the guys with guns take Sawyer to Widmore’s sub and on the way they see other people from Widmore’s crew, setting up portable pylons.

Sawyer makes a TV dinner in the microwave and watches Little House on the Prairie. Pa tells Laura that people should not worry, but enjoy life, and that people aren’t gone when they die.

Deep stuff. I wonder if Sawyer remembers Juliet.

James brings his LaFleur flower, like the one he gave to Juliet in the good-old Dharma days, to Charlotte, but she is immune to its magic.

In the sub, Sawyer notices a locked door.

Oooo, a secret locked door.

Widmore introduces himself, and Sawyer is like “Oh, you are that guy that sent that freighter to kill everyone on the island.” Widmore says that he did not murder the people he put in the ditch.

Sawyer makes a deal with Widmore that he will bring Demon-Locke to him so he can kill him, in return for getting Sawyer and his buddies off the island. So, it’s like oh, Sawyer, you sly dog, you aren’t on Locke’s side, you are on Widmore’s side.

Claire says she is sorry for trying to kill her and then she hugs her. Kate’s like, no problem, it’s ok.

Sawyer returns to the the main island and Locke runs to help him in.  Sawyer tells him that everyone was dead over there and that Widmore and crew were setting up pylons. He told Locke that he told Widmore that he was going to bring Locke to him to kill him. But, that they will surprise him instead. So now, we think, Sawyer, you sly dog, you really were on Locke’s side, not Widmore’s.

Sawyer finds Miles and shows him the newspaper clippings that Charlotte was looking at. He tells him that Sawyer was a con-man that stole his parents money and his dad killed is mom and himself. he says that he is trying to find him to kill him. A car crashes into them and someone runs out of the car. When Sawyer catches them, it is revealed to be…wait for it…


Sawyer looks at her and says, “Son of a bitch.” Wait a minute, I think this means that he recognizes her. Probably just from the plane ride and the elevator, though. Now that we know that he is a cop, it seems kind of weird that he helped Kate escape.

Sawyer finds Kate cooking rabbit. Sawyer tells her about his little adventure and that he is gonna let Widmore and Smokey fight it out. Oh, Sawyer, you sly dog, you are a good liar. Then Sawyer tells Kate that they are gonna leave on the submarine. And I guess that that is supposed to be the cliffhanger/reveal that happens in the last minute of the show. I’m always interested in what the big thing at the end is, but whatever. This episode was alright. I just can’t wait until next week’s episode. It’s the first ever Richard Alpert-centic episode!!!!! And it’s gonna run six minutes long!!!!!!! Woot! Woot! Should be good.

Lost Preview: Recon

This promo isn’t the best, but at least it doesn’t ruin anything.

On the official Lost Audio podcast, Damon and Carlton guaranteed that Charles Widmore is going to be in this episode, so maybe we will see where he is going. My guess is that he is going to the Hydra station to meet up with Locke and his recruits.

Darlton also say that this will be a Sawyer-centric episode.

So, on-island we should find out where Sawyer has been the last two episodes, hopefully. In the flash-sideways will probably deal with his con man career. Maybe he will try to con Hurley out of his money, like people have speculated after the scene when he talks to Hurley in the season premiere. But, my theory is that he will actually help save Hurley’s money somehow, because the losties in the off-island reality seem to make decisions similar to the way the on-island losties would now that they have experienced certain things on the island. Sorry, that was hard to say in a way that didn’t sound complicated.

Damon and Carlton hinted that this week’s title has a double meaning.  One is a play on the word “con”, as in re-con or to con again. So, perhaps Sawyer will con Hurley in  the alternate reality. If you read my recap of last week’s episode you know that I have a theory that the sideways-flashes are the result of a pact made between the losties and either Jacob or Smokey, so that the plane crash would not occur. In this new reality, the losties are faced with similar grand decisions that they did in the other reality. The losties in the sideways-reality make decisions differently this time around because of the experience that they had on the island, but they cannot remember these experiences, and that was part of the pact. However, the people that made a pact with Smokey cannot escape their fate no matter how many times the try to stop it, just as Sayid was repeatedly provoked to kill until he finally caved-in. Sawyer is also on Smokey’s side, so perhaps we will see him driven to con again in the sideways world.

The meaning of recon is to go behind enemy lines to spy. If I could only guess one person that would be this spy, I would guess Widmore. Perhaps he is going to Hydra island to pretend to join Smokey just so he can gather information for Jacob’s crew. Maybe he was the person that Jacob wanted to help get to the island with the help of the lighthouse.

Lost: Dr. Linus

Dr Linus begins right where Sundown ended as Ben runs for his life away from freaky Sayid in the temple. He catches up with the new Ilana crew which now consists of Lapidus, Sun, Mile, and Ben and Ilana. After Ben catches the crew up on current events they decide to go back to the beach. Haven’t been there in a while.

Flash Sideways. Ben is teaching his students about an island that Napoleon was exiled to, Elba. “It was on this island that everything changed, that everything finally became clear,” Ben. He says that Napoleon lost his power when he was exiled to the island. I guess this makes since if this is meant to be a reference relating to Ben. On the island Ben is no longer in power, but later in the episode, he tells Miles that he has a system of power off of the island that works well for him when he tells him that he can get him the money he promised him in season four.

After class lets out, Principal Reynolds tells Ben that he has been appointed the duty of detention supervisor. Ben is upset because this means he can’t have History club.

Hey there!

In the teacher’s lounge Ben eats sushi with Arzt and complain about the principal. Locke is like, “You should be the leader, Ben.”

Island flash! Ben says he didn’t kill Jacob, but Miles can kind of sense dead people or whatever and he finds out that Ben killed him. And Ilana is mad because “Jacob was the closest thing (she) ever had to a father.” And then Miles is like “Uh oh.”

They reach the camp on the beach and Ben tries to work his slimy Ben magic and get Ilana to like him, but it doesn’t work. And then Lapidus has another one of his many one-liners, “You make friend’s easy, don’t ya?”

Papa Linus

Flash sideways. Ben makes his dad, Rodger, a nice TV dinner and whines about how he is a loser. And then they talk about how they went to the island and were part of the Dharma Initiative. Weird. Well, then someone rings the door, and of course it’s someone we know.


Alex came over to say that she missed Ben today because they didn’t have History club. But he says that the principal is making him watch punks in detention, but that he will met her in the morning if she brings the coffee. And at this point I am wondering why a student would go to their teacher’s house at night and tell them that they missed them. I thought that maybe they were in some kind of weird relationship in this reality, I mean Ben seems like he could be a weird pervert. But it tuns out someone else is a weird pervert, spoiler alert!

Island flash! Sun is her usual self. She’s talking to Ilana and she’s all like “Where is my husband?!?!”  And then Ilana tells Sun that she’s looking for him because he could be a candidate and then she has to explain all of that candidate stuff to Sun because she wasn’t with Sawyer when he went in that cave or with Jack and Hurley when they went in that lighthouse.


Hurley wakes up and I guess he was dreaming about “Cheese-carrots”, whatever those are. Then, Jack says that they should get going,  Hurley says he wants to eat breakfast, and whiney Jack is like I don’t want breakfast, I’m leaving. Then Hurley decides to go with Jack for some reason. And there is some cool Michael Giacchino music. (Congrats on winning an Academy Award, btw! (I know you read this blog, ‘cuz who doesn’t?)) Hurley and Jack disagree where the temple is and then Richard magically poofs out of the jungle and disagrees with both of them and says the temple is this way.

"Oh, What people will bring on a trip."

"Oh, what people will bring on a trip."

Ben finds a porno and thinks about the good old time when the plane crashed. And Lapidus says that he was supposed to fly that plane but he over slept, he says that his world would be much different and Ben says it wouldn’t because he still got to the island. The Ilana is a jerk and makes Ben dig his own grave while on a leash.

Flash sideways. Ben and Alex are studying. Alex remembered the coffee! Alex is an overachiever and wants to go to Yale. She says she needs someone who went there to write he a letter of recommendation, like that pervert, Principal Reynolds. (Yes, that’s the pervert I was referring to earlier.) And then she’s is like, “Forget I called him that.” Then, Ben asks he why she said that. She says she will tell him, but he has to pinky promise that he won’t tell anyone. So, Ben, we know, is really good at lying and says he promises. Alex says he went to the nurses office and that nurse and the principal were “doing it!”

Island flash! Ben tries to use his slimy Ben magic with Miles and says he will give him money if he take tells Ilana he was lying. And, miles says that Jacob thought that Ben wouldn’t kill him.

What is Hurley looking at?

Richard takes Hurley and Jack to the Black Rock, which is not the temple, because something happened at the temple last episode. Richard says to not believe in Jacob. And then he’s all like, “Ok, bye, I gotta go die now.”

Flash sideways. Arzt is good with computers so Ben wants him to see if he can dig up some dirt on Principal Pervert and the nurse. Arzt says he will do it if he gets aprons and a parking space. Then he says, “Linus you’re a real killer.”

Island flash! In the Black Rock. Alpert pretty much confirms that he came to the island on the ship and Hurley has a lot of good lines. Like, “Dude let’s go. He’s opening a crate of dynamite and he said he’s going to kill himself.” Alpert says he can’t kill himself so he wants Jack to do it. He says that he was given the gift of being touched by Jacob, which he considers a curse, because he dedicated his life to doing what he ordered him to do, and now that he is dead, he has no purpose. And Jack’s like, “Alright if you really want me to kill you, I will.” Didn’t have to twist his arm to hard. Jack lights the fuse and then he wants to sot down and have a nice chat with Alpert. He tells Richard about the lighthouse where Jacob used to watch him and that it makes him feel special. He says that if, Jacob went through all that trouble, he won’t die. The fuse blows out. Jack has all the answers now, which I kind of like, because that means he can stop whining about how he doesn’t know what his destiny is.

While Ben is digging, Demon Locke decides to pay him a little visit. Ben’s kind of upset with Demon Locke because he kind of got him in his current situation. Locke says then helps Ben escape.

Sideways flash. Ben visits Principal Pervert and shows him his blackmail stuff. Ben wants him to resign so that he can have his job. Then Principal Pervert blackmails Ben by saying that he will give Alex a bad letter of recommendation. This decision is similar to what happened when Keamy had Alex at gun point. Ben chose to be powerful and let Keamy kill his daughter.

Island Flash! Ben holds Ilana at gunpoint and tells Ilana about when Keamy had Alex at gunpoint. How, he let Alex die for him, but Jacob didn’t even care. Ilana asks why Ben wants to go with Locke and he says “Because he is the only one who will have me.” (I feel Micheal Emerson read this line in a manner that was a little too over-dramatic. This is probably the only line that I feel he has ever delivered poorly.) Ilana says she will have him.

Sideways flash. In the principal’s office Alex’s that Principal Pervert wrote her a good recommendation. Ben says he had nothing to do with it and Principal Pervert comes in and yells at Ben for being in his office. So, Ben in the sideways world decided to chose Alex over power. And Ben gets to lead history club! The sideways world is so happy. And Boring. But, I think it is less boring then we think it is.

Island Flash! Ben returns and has a small bonding moment with Sun as they set up camp together. A classic, season one-style montage ensues, as Jack and Hurley met up with Ilana’s crew. Followed by a classic Lost-style cliff-hanger: A submarine is close off shore. A man says that there are people on the beach, and asks if they should visit. But Charles Widmore says not to. Wait! Widmore?!?!?!


Further Flash-Sideways Analysis:

So, I’m beginning to like my theory that the sideways world is a new reality that is the result of the losties making pacts with Jacob and Smokey. I think that the pact was basically, you guys can start all over and the plane will land in LA, you will be the same way you are now, but you will not remember anything from the island. I think it kind of makes sense. I’ll explain:

In this episode Ben has to make a choice similar to the choice he faced in the season four episode, titled “The Shape of Things to Come”, when he had to pick between Jacob and his daughter. He picked Jacob because he wanted the power that he thought would come along with being one of his disciples. In his flash-sideways he chose to save Alex’s academic career instead of gain the power of being principal of the school. So, what I’m saying, is that after Ben makes an agreement with Jacob on the island, he enters a new reality where he is able to make different choices in similar situations that had happened on the island reality. Now that he has the experience from the island, he has changed and therefore makes a different decision.

In last week’s episode, Sayid tried to not kill or torture anyone, he refused to help his brother with his torturing skills, at first. But, he was destined to be evil and be a killer. He couldn’t escape it. Maybe, since Sayid makes a deal with Smokey, he is destined to be evil and has no free will.

In “Lighthouse” Jack deal’s with being a parent differently then he would have in the original dimension prior to the crash. Even up to the point of his flash-sideways episode, on-island Jack tells Hurley that he doesn’t believe that he would be a good dad. However, by the end of the episode, he made big changes. Maybe the storyline with Jack and his son and how he became a better father, was supposed to mirror Jack discovering his destiny on the island.

In “The Substitute”, Locke has to deal with his wheelchair problem. Locke doesn’t deal very well with his problem, he says that there is no such thing as miracles. He is hopeless, almost as hopeless as he was when he was last himself in the other reality and tried to commit suicide.

In “What Kate Does”, Kate runs in the flash-sideways like she always has but, then she does something that the original Kate would not have done before she was on the island. She goes back to help Claire. One of the only changes in Kate’s character on the island is that she cares about Claire and Aaron, and she is trying to help them be together.

I don’t know if this actually makes sense. It does in my head. I love how often I feel this way when discussing Lost.

Lost In Another Dimension

Back in season 3 I had a theory. I think that Lost is gonna be getting into parallel dimensions. Remember when the Losties found the Doctor from the freighter wash up on the beach dead? And remember when Doctor Ray seemed to be alive back at the freighter at the same time?

O.K. Remember this video from Comic Con in the season 3 hiatus?:

Now think about the season 5 finale. Remember how at the end Locke was like this?:

And he was also here at the same time:

I think that maybe the John Locke in this scene is from an other dimension. Like the bunny that appeared in the orchid with the same number as the bunny that was already there.
I’m gonna take this one step further and predict something even crazier. You know how we are told that Widmore dug up graves to create a fake crash site, what if that’s not the case? People have lied before on this show. Lapidus thinks that the wreckage is fake because the pilot doesn’t have his ring on:
Its likely that the ring fell off sometime during the plane crash or something. What if it was the same man? Maybe, like the doctor and John Locke, the survivors of the plane could be dead and alive at the same time. Maybe the passengers of the fake plane crash site are actually the survivors of 815 from an other dimension or from another time. Maybe at the end of the show we will find out that the final fate of the passengers of 815 is for their bodies to rot forever in the bottom of the Sudan trench. I’m not so sure about this idea though, that would be a sad ending.

But I do feel that the final season will deal with alternate realities. Darlton have said that the sixth season will deal with a new timeline structure. And, I mean where else could it go? Time travel, flashbacks, and flashforwards are taken and there is supposed to be a new type of storyline this year. I know J. J. Abrams doesn’t have a lot of say in what goes on in Lost anymore, but his movie, Star Trek and another show he created, Fringe, both had parallel universes, so why not lost? Maybe the book that young Ben gives to Sayid in He’s Our You, “A Separate Reality”, was a little hint to the path Lost is traveling.
These videos from comic con also point towards a parallel universe:

What? Hurley went on a trip to Australia and made it back safely?

They don’t have a perfect safety record…unless this is Oceanic Airlines from another dimension.

But, we know this is not what happened, we saw Kate kill the man she thought was her step-father (We find out later that he was actually her real father) back in season 2 in “What Kate Did”. I don’t know about you but these videos seem to make it really obvious that we are going to be dealing with alternate realities in season 5.

Maybe the bomb caused a parallel universe in which the plane lands safely. The title of the premiere is LAX after all. And, maybe some of the survivors remember what happened on the island and some don’t. Or maybe they are in separate realities.

I like to theorize about Lost but I don’t necessarily want my theories to be right, because I feel that part of what makes Lost so amazing is the unpredictable nature of it. I just cannot wait until February 2nd!

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