My Favorite Shows of 2009

Best Drama Shows of 2009

5. The United States of Tara

This United States of Tara is well written and very funny. Coilette does a phenomenal job portraying Tara and all of here personalities. As Buck, a dirty and brutish biker,  she/he beats up a boy who is harassing her daughter. As T, a rebelliant teenaged girl, she buys her daughter day-after pills. And as Alice, a proper stepford wife, she washes her daughter’s mouth out with soap. It was cool to find out why Tara suffers from dissociative identities in the finale and to see her making great breakthroughs in recovery. I am curious to see what path this takes the show on next season.

4. V

I know there were only four episodes of V this year, but I feel that V is the best new serial drama. The acting is great and the fast-paced storyline is refreshing. And unlike Flashforward, the story actually progresses in each episode. I can’t wait to see Ana swallow a guinea pig live.

3. Fringe

Fringe has not been getting too many viewers recently. If you don’t watch Fringe, you should. Fringe is one of the best shows on primetime tv right now. At first I was upset with the somewhat formulaic quality of the show. Now, however I think of it as a modern day Twilight Zone. The things that the characters have to deal with are very interesting and even though they can be somewhat unbelievable, Walter Bishop’s explanations have enough real science to convince you to feel that crazy things like mind control and alternate realities can exist. The show is meant to be friendly to the casual viewer and I feel that each episode has just enough of the backstory to satisfy the hardcore fans of the show. I do usually find the episodes that focus more on the mythology better, though.

2. Lost

I can easily say that Lost will probably end up being may favorite show of all time. It has amazing writing and acting and the feelings of awe, such as I felt when it was revealed that the Losties (or some of them anyway) got off the island in the third season finale, cannot be replicated by any other show. Every episode is crawling with subtle clues and easter eggs that beg for the viewer to interact and dig deeper. These are only a few reasons that I am proud to be obsessed with this show.

I loved that Lost jumped into time travel this year, it was very cool to see the mythology of the show as it happened first hand. I wasn’t sure what to think about the episode Namaste because it asked the viewer to accept that three years had passed in Dharmaville and Juliet and Sawyer were now an item. I have come over this now and I feel it was necessary and entertaining to see the losties be a part of what was a big part of their future on the island. The finale was fantastic and I cannot wait until the final season! (Although its a little sad that its ending).
1. Battlestar Galactica

If you know me, I know what you are thinking right now, why is Lost not first on my list? Well I felt that it was quite difficult to pick between these two fantastic seasons of television. It is kind of a tie for me, but Seeing as Battlestar had such an amazing series finale this year I thought it should be number one. Battlestar did a great job at looking at what religion, government, and the essence of humanity are. The charaters are amazing. Katee Sackoff is great as Kara Thrace, the hot tough girl who has a dark destiny. Mary McDonnell is amazing asLaura Rosalin, the vulnerable and strong dying leader.  I could go on and on about all of the great characters, but I won’t.

It felt good to see the show come to an end and see some of the characters fulfill their destinies, as cheesy as that may sound. The finale made me cry, I don’t have a problem with admitting that.

Best Comedy Shows of 2009

5. Parks and Recreation

I watched the first couple episodes of this show last season and I felt it was just an Office rip-off. I decided to give it another try this year and I was happy I did. I felt that Leslie Knope was a lot like Micheal Scott but now she seems more well-meaning, sharp-tongued, and well-rounded. I also like the supporting character better now, Aziz’s character is hilarious and I really like Rashida Jones’ character.

4. Modern Family

This was may favorite new comedy show of the year. All of the characters are hilarious and the show does a good job at juggling all of the characters and at keeping them seem real.
3. The Office

I have heard a lot of people say that The Office is getting old and that the show is going down hill, but I don’t feel that way. I still find the relationships between the characters to be interesting. I thought the long-awaited Jim-Pam episode was well done.

2. Flight of the Conchords

The second season of Flight of the Conchords was just as fresh as the first. I love the level of absurdity of this show.  Like in the episode where Brett spends $2.79 on a new teacup, which sends the band into bankruptcy, so Jermaine turns to prostitution.

1. 30 Rock

What I like about 30 Rock is that it is very fast-paced and it has a strange and self-aware humor that reminds me of Arrested Development. I tend to love any episode in which Tracy and Jenna work together to wreak havoc on the set. And quirky Kenneth always makes me laugh.

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Catch Up! : The United States of Tara

I recently started to watch a showtime show called The United States of Tara on demand. Its a dramady about a family that has some problems. The mother of the family is Tara and she has a dissociative identity disorder. She has four different “alters” that she becomes usually due to having to deal with stress. One of her alters is named T and she is a 16 year old girl. Buck is a loud and profane southern man and Alice is a Stepford wife. Her last personality is like a personification of pure id. For those who haven’t takes psychology, the id is the primal part of the unconscious mind that seeks only pleasure and avoids punishment.
The show is about how Tara, her husband, her daughter, and her son are affected by this disorder. Toni Collette does a great job at playing Tara and all of her personalities. She won an Emmy for her portrayal of Tara this year and the show has been renewed for a second season which will start January 18th. So, if you get bored and you have showtime on demand, you can watch the United States of Tara.

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