Lost Preview: The Candidate

I don’t know whose episode this is and I would not be surprised if the writers have done away with that part of the Lost formula. Judging by this promo Claire is gonna finally go crazy on Kate and I think there is a possibility of her dying in this episode, but I don’t know.

I feel like “The Last Recruit” was more of a setup for this week’s episode and I think this episode will have a lot more.

I haven’t heard much about this episode, and the best way of going into an episode of Lost is knowing nothing.

Lost Review: The Last Recruit

You can really feel the build up to the finale in this episode. It wasn’t centered on one character, and everyone is coming together as usually happens near the finales.

The episode begins right after Hurley and them meet Locke. Jack and Locke have a little chat. Jack asks him why he chose John Locke, and he calls him a sucker. Jack asks him if he took the form of Christian and he affirms that it was him. He says that he has been trying to help him get off the island, but Jacob has trapped him on the island, and now that he is gone, they can leave as long as everyone goes.

Flashsideways. Ben and Locke are in the hospital and they say that the wheelchair probably saved his life. Locke tells them that he was going to marry Helen and Ben says that he is still going to marry him because his going to be ok. As Locke is rushed into the ER he comes across Sun who is also on her way there. She recognizes him and she seems afraid, probably because she saw him in a flash when she was shot and nearly died. But she saw him as the new Locke.

On the island Claire and Jack have a brother/sister moment. They discuss how Locke was their father and Claire tells Jack that he is happy that he is coming with them because she never had a lot of family. Jack says that he isn’t sure he is with them yet, and Claire says that he was the moment that he decided to talk to him.

Sawyer lets Hurley in on the sub plan while Kate does the same with Sun. Sawyer tells Hurley not to tell anyone and that Sayid is in the dark side. Hurley believes that people can be brought back from the dark side. Locke says that it is nice for everyone to be back together again.

Flashsideways. Sawyer is questioning Kate and she says that she didn’t kill anyone. They flirt a little. She asks why he didn’t arrest her in LA X, and she thinks it is because he didn’t want anyone to know about his trip to Australia. Miles tells Sawyer that Sayid might have killed some people in a restaurant.

Zoey comes to visit Locke because Widmore wants Desmond back. She shows them that they have missile bombs or something. She tells Locke to call them when they are ready for them to pick Desmond up. Locke destroys the walkie that she gave him to contact them.

Desmond the Stalker meets Claire as she is going to work out an adoption. She tells him that her child is a boy as he guessed. Desmond tells Claire that she should have a lawyer and he says that he knows someone who owes him and could help her out. They go to floor fifteen (numbers!) and meet Ilana the lawyer. Ilana tells Claire that she has been looking for her and they go have a chat.

Claire asks what is happening and Hurley says “People are trying to kill us again.” Locke says that he has to head out. He sends Sawyer and Kate out a different was to Hydra island so that they will move faster. Sawyer tells Jack to lose Locke and bring Hugo, Sun, and Lapidus. He asks why they aren’t bringing Claire and Sawyer says because she is crazy.

Locke orders Sayid to go kill Desmond if he still wants what he asked him for. Sayid goes to shot him and Desmond asks what Locke offered him. He says that Locke said he could have Nadia back. Desmond asks how he thinks Locke could bring him back and he says because he brought him back. Desmond asks what Sayid will tell Nadia when she asks how he got her back.

Flashsideways. Sayid tells Nadia that he has to leave and Miles comes to the door. Sayid runs out the back but is tripped up by Sawyer using a hose. He handcuffs him and tells him he is under arrest.

Island. Sawyer tells Kate that they are ditching Locke and Claire. He tells her that she is crazy. Kate says that she promised to bring her back. They swim to Desmond’s old boat.

Jack asks why Claire trusts Locke and she says because “He was the only one that didn’t abandon me.” Locke tries to talk to Sun and she writes that she caused her aphasia. Locke heads back to make sure no one was left behind. Jack, Sun, Hurley and Lapidus divert from the group. Claire sees them.

Locke asks Sayid if he killed Desmond. He says “Go and check if you like,” I don;t think he killed him. Jack meets up with Sawyer and Kate and Claire meets up. She holds her gun up to them and asks where they are going. Kate tells Claire that the new John is not the old John. She says that if Claire doesn’t come she won’t. Kate apologies and Claire gives her the gun. She says that if Locke finds out that they left, he will be mad.

Jack and his son in walk the same way into the same place Claire was to hear Christian’s will. They meet Ilana who asks him if they believe in fate and introduces him to Claire. He asks her why she was in his dad’s will and she says that he was her dad too. Jack gets a call from the hospital and says that they can prep Locke. He says they will have to reschedule.

On the boat, Jack tells Sawyer that it doesn’t feel right to leave the island. He remembers how he felt last time he left. He thinks that Locke is afraid of what happens in the losties stay on the island. Sawyer says that hew is done with the island and Jack takes a literal leap of faith into the ocean after he apologizes to Sawyer about Juliet. Kate tries to turn the boat around to get Jack, but Sawyer says that they are done turning back.

Sun and Jin wake up in the hospital and Jin says that the baby is OK.

Jack tells his son to wait outside while he saves someone’s life. The assistant tells Jack that Locke was already in a wheelchair and Jack says that he’s got it. He recognizes Locke.

On the island, Jack reaches shore right where Locke is waiting and he says “Sawyer took my boat, didn’t he?” Jack says yes. Sawyer and the boat crew reach Hydra island. Sun and Jin finally have their reunion. Then Zoey and the other Widmore people hold everyone at gun point. She tells Sawyer that the deal is off. They shoot at Locke and Jack flies into the air from the explosion, his ears ring. Locke carries him away and tells him that he is going to be okay now because he is with him.

Lost Preview: The Last Recruit

That’s the best lost promo this season. There is a clip of Desmond in this promo, and it looks like Sayid is trying to shoot him.

The centricity of this episode seems to be a secret. I’m not sure who it would be. The last episode ended with Locke being hit and the on island story is supposed to be about Jack and Locke coming together. So I think it would make since that the off island storyline would follow a story in which Locke and Jack meet at the hospital. Locke will have seen the other world and he will try to convince the man of science that this other world exists. I think this would be fitting because it could parallel the on island story and the whole Jack vs. Locke debate.

It might not be a Locke or Jack episode because they have already had their episodes this season. I would like to see a Claire episode sometime soon, she hasn’t had one yet, it seems like mst of her story was told in the Kate episode though.

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