Ben Linus Returns

Access Hollywood has released about a minute of the extra Lost footage that will be on the season 6 DVD and bluray release. It seems to answer the question of who was responsible for the Dharma food supply drops. Ben says he’s going to, “tie up a few loose ends.”


via Access Exclusive, First Look: Ben Takes ‘Charge’ In ‘Lost’.

Lost Season Two Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (201) Man of Science, Man of Faith

Why it’s important: The losties meet Desmond and see what is in the hatch

Unanswered questions: How does Walt appear to Shannon?

Episode: (209) What Kate Did

Why it’s important: We learn what Kate did and Eko and Locke watch the second part of the orientation video.

Unanswered questions: How did Kate see the horse on the island? Was it the same as the one off the island? Why was the orientation film separated?

Episode: (210) The 23rd Psalm

Why it’s important: Michael talks to Walt on the Swan computer. Charlie takes Mr. Eko to the Beechcraft wreckage and we get our first Mr. Eko flashback.

Unanswered questions: Does the monster “scan” people when it flashes? Why can images from Eko’s past be seen in the smoke monster? Where is the other computer that Walt is using to communicate? Is Walt really the one whom Michael is chatting with?

Episode: (217) Lockdown

Why it’s important: Locke gets trapped during a Swan resupply lockdown and must rely on “Henry”‘s help, while Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie search for “Henry”‘s ballon.

Unanswered questions: Did “Henry” not press the button like he told Locke? Who is performing the supply drops and why? Who is the real Henry Gale? Who buried him?

Episode: (218) Dave

Why it’s important: Hurley starts seeing Dave on the island and we are given reason to believe that the whole show is inside of Hurley’s head.

Unanswered questions: Why was Libby in the mental institute with Hurley? Last yeah Damon and Carlton told Sky 1 in an interview that “Libby is also one of those things where we feel like, that story’s told–it’s done. We’ve told as much about Libby as we wanna tell….For us, Libby’s story is done.”  SPOILER ALERT! At the TCA press tour earlier this month Damon and Carlton announced the return of Libby and Michael. So they may have changed their mind and give us the Libby backstory.

Episode: (222) Three Minutes

Why it’s important: The losties cope with the death of Ana Lucia and Libby as we see what happened to Michael as he looked for Walt in flashbacks.

Unanswered questions: How were the others testing Walt? Why did Bea ask Walt if he had ever appeared somewhere that he was not supposed to?

Episode: (223) Live Together, Die Alone

Why it’s important: Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured by the others and Michael and Walt leave the island. Locke doesn’t press the button.

Unanswered questions: Who built the statue? Did the hostiles build it to keep the Dharma Initiative away? What happened to the rest of the statue?

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