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The End is Nigh: “What They Died For” – Lost Review

Recap time!

Deja View

This episode began with the classic close-up of Jack’s eye. This time he’s in a bed in what we have been calling the flashsideways world. He looks in the mirror, and he has a weird cut again that must be from the other reality. His son comes in and says that he made breakfast.

David asks Jack if he is coming to his concert later. Jack says yes and he asks if David’s mother will be there. David tells him to not get weird. It looks like we will have to wait until next week to see the mysterious woman. I think that it has to be Juliet.

Some Quality Family Time

Claire joins them and they have a nice little family moment. Then Desmond gives Jack a call and pretends to be a worker from Oceanic Airlines. He says that Christian’s coffin will be delivered to him shortly.

Back on the island there is an other new but familiar scene. This time it is Jack stitching up Kate. Kate tells Jack that Jin never met Ji-Yeon. She says that they have to kill Man-In-Black.

Jack says that they need to go get Desmond, so they do.

In sidewaysworld, it appears as if Desmond is planning another Locke-attack until Ben stops him. Desmond beats Ben, causing him to remember the time in the other storyline when he beats him. He tells Ben that he is trying to bring Locke to his senses.

Ben, Miles, and Alpert, finally reach the Barracks. Miles senses Alex. Alpert says that he buried her and Ben thanks him.

Ben enters his secret room. Miles ask Ben what his “secret-er room” was for and Ben says, “It’s where I was told I could summon the monster. That’s before I realized it was the one that was summoning me.” For those of you who are keeping a question checklist, there you go, an answer. Ben puts all of the C4 in Alpert’s bag. They find Zoey in the kitchen and Widmore comes inside.

Widmore tells Zoey to go sink the outrigger. Ben holds him at gun point and Widmore says that he is his last chance. Alpert tells Widmore their plan and Widmore says that he already rigged the plane to blow. Widmore says that Jacob visited him after soon after the freighter explosion.

Zoey walkies Widmore and say that Locke has arrived. He tells Zoey to return as fast as possible and he tells Ben that they need to hide if they want to live.

Ben tells Locke that the man that ran him over beat him up and made him see something. Locke calls the police. Ben tells him that Desmond told him that he was trying to get Locke to let go. Locke hangs up.

Desmond shows up at the police station where Miles and Sawyer are discussing the benefit concert at his dad’s museum. Okay so Miles, and Jack are going to a concert. Claire will probably stop by too and maybe Juliet? Charlotte’s gonna be there so Sawyer says he isn’t going to go.

Desmond confesses that he hit Locke with his car, and beat a teacher. Sawyer takes Desmond to a cell between Kate and Sayid.

Jack and Sawyer have a discussion about the Man-In-Black’s rules. Sawyer feels guilty for the death of Lapidus, Sayid, Jin, and Sun and Jack tells him that it’s the Man-In-Black’s fault.

Hurley sees boy Jacob and orders that Hurley gives him his ashes. Hurley chases him and finds adult Jacob who tells Hurley that his ashes are in a fire and that when they burn out, he will be gone forever.

Ben takes Widmore’s walkies and gives one to Miles. Widmore and Zoey decide to hide, Miles runs to the jungle. Alpert decides to try to talk to MIB, which is obviously a bad decision because he comes out of no where in smokemonster form and abruptly tosses him away.

Locke and Ben have a chat on the front porch. Locke says that he has some people for him to kill in exchange for the island. Ben tells Locke that Widmore is in his closet.

Sideways Alex convinces sideways Ben that her mom, sideways Danielle, should give him a ride home seeing as he is crippled. Danielle says that he will come to dinner even if they have to kidnap him. Silly. I actually liked this character return through sideways world thing this time.

At the Rousseau residence, Danielle tells Ben that Alex’s dad died when she was two and that Ben was her next closest thing to a father. Ben gets teary-eyed. I wonder if he knows that she dies in the other reality. It looks like sideways Ben and sideways Danielle may become an item.

Island Ben and Locke go to Ben’s secret room. Locke tells Ben that he should stay outside because he doesn’t want to see what he is going to do. Ben says he wants to. Locke asks Zoey who she is and Widmore tells her to not talk to Locke. Locke slashes her neck with his knife. Locke says that she was now “pointless” because Widmore told her not to talk to him. Locke threatens to kill Penny unless Charles tells him why he came to the island. Widmore says that he brought Desmond to the island as a last resort due to his unique resistance to electromagnetism. He then whispers to Locke and Ben shots him. “He doesn’t get to save his daughter,” he says. Locke says that luckily, Widmore already told him everything he needed to know before Ben shot him. Ben asks Locke who else he wants him to kill. That crazy Ben that everyone loves is back.

Hurley brings the rest of the candidates and Kate to the Jacob fire. They can all see him now. Kate asks if Jacob is the man that wrote their names on the wall and asks if that is why they are dead. She wants to know that they died for a reason. Jacob says he will tell them. He tells them that when the fire goes out, one of them will have to take over his job.

Locke meets Jack in his office and tells him that he believes that everything that has happened to him in this sideways world, happened for a reason. Jack says that he believes that Locke is mistaking coincidence for fate. Locke says that he can believe what he wants, but he wants him to fix him now.

Jacob tells the candidates that he made a mistake by creating the smoke monster and that now everyone is in danger. He says that Man-In-Black found the loophole to kill him and now, he has to be replaced. Sawyer asks why he has to be punished for his mistake and that he was doing fine before he brought him to the island. Jacob says that he wasn’t and that he picked all of the losties because they were flawed and alone like him. He says that they were all looking for something that they couldn’t find off the island. Jacob tells Kate that he crossed her name off the wall because she became a mother and that it didn’t matter, she could still do his job. Jacob says that the job is to make out the light never goes out. Jacob says that they need to kill MIB. He tells them that he is going to give them something that he never got, a choice. He wants them to decide who becomes the new island protector. Jack says that he will do it and that it is his destiny. Jacob says it is time. I was surprised at how many huge questions were answered in this scene, I thought most of these would be tackled in the finale.

Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley watch Jacob and Jack from the other side of the creek. Jacob tells Jack that the magic light is beyond the bamboo where he first arrived on the island and that he can go there now. Jacob performs the same water drinking ritual for Jack the same way his “mother” did for him. Jack asks how long he will have to do this job and Jacob says “As long as you can.” Jack drinks the water. Jacob says, “Now you are like me,” just like his mother did in the last episode.

Sideways Sawyer ships sideways Kate, Desmond, and Sayid to county. On the way, Kate and Sayid think that Desmond is crazy for running over a guy in a wheelchair and turning himself in. Desmond promises that he will let them go if they promise to each do one thing for him. They agree and the van stops. Ana Lucia opens up the back and asks who Desmond is. She tells Desmond that his friend with the money better be coming. Hurley arrives in his big yellow Hummer with the money. “Hey, you didn’t tell me that Ana Lucia was going to be here,” he says. Ana Lucia asks if she knows him,  says that hey never met and then gives her the 125 grand and she leaves. Hurley asks if she is coming with them and Desmond says that she isn’t ready yet. Hurley tells Desmond that he brought him his Camero and that what he needs is in the trunk. Sayid goes with Hurley and Kate goes with Desmond. Desmond pulls a dress out of the trunk and tells Kate that they are going to a concert. This scene was pretty funny.

Locke and Ben are trekking through the forest and Ben asks Locke why he doesn’t fly around all of the time. Locke says that feeling his feet on the ground reminds him that he used to be human.

The reach the well where Locke threw Desmond. They see the rope that someone used to help Desmond out. Locke tells Ben that Widmore said Desmond was a fail-safe and Jacob’s last resort if his candidates die. Locke says that Desmond can help him destroy the island.

Other Thoughts:

Why does Locke promise Ben the island and then say that he is going to blow it up? Which is it Locke?

Where is Claire?

Will Locke destroy the island and create the flash sideways?

Who is Sideways Jack’s ex-wife? Juliet is my best guess.

Why did Desmond say that Jack would get the coffin? Does he have it?

Where is Desmond?

What happened to Miles?

Who does Locke want Ben to kill? The candidates? There aren’t too many people on this island now, so that seems likely.

Did Jacob actually give Widmore a visit? Widmore/Desmond was probably the person that Jacob was trying to get to come to the island.

What are sideways Desmond and Hurley planning?

I think it is pretty obvious that Alpert died, even though we didn’t actually witness it happen.

All Questions Lead to More: Lost Review – “Across The Sea”

Again this week begins with no previously on Lost segment.

We see a woman drift ashore from the ocean full of wreckage. She is really pregnant. She ventures into the forest where she meets a woman who brings her into a cave. The pregnant woman tells the island woman that her name is Claudia. The island woman tells Claudia that every question she asks will lead to another.

Claudia gives birth to a baby boy who she names Jacob. She then delivers another baby boy who she names Man-In-Black. Just kidding. The island woman wraps the baby island gods in the same color that they seem to always wear.

Claudia says that she doesn’t know what to name him. She asks to see her baby and the crazy island woman says “I’m sorry,” and beats her in the head with a rock to her death.

The boy in black finds a “game” on the beach with black and white stones. Jacob comes and asks about the game. We now know that boy Jacob is who Man-in-Black has been seeing following him around the jungle. The boy in black says that Jacob can play if he promises not to tell mom.

Jacob returns and tells mom, after a lame attempt at lying. It appears as if the fake mother doesn’t age.

Crazy island woman goes to the beach to have a chat with boy in black. She tells him that Jacob can’t lie like he can, because he is special. She says that she left the game for him and that he can keep it. He asks if she is telling the truth and she asks where else it could have come from. He responds by saying the episode title, “across the sea.” She says that there is only the island. And that Jacob and boy in black came from her and that she came from her mother. Boy in black asks where her mother is and she says that her mother is dead. He asks what dead is and she says that dead is something he will never have to worry about.

Jacob and boy in black go boar hunting, but other then other men get the kill as they hide behind trees.

Jacob and boy in black return to their fake mom and tells her that they saw people. She asks if the saw them and they say no. She says that the other people are not like them and that they are there for a reason. Jacob asks what that reason is and she begins taking them somewhere to explain. Jacob asks why they are dangerous. She says, “They come, fight, destroy, they corrupt and it always ends the same.” Basically what Man-in-Black said word for word in the beginning of the season five finale.

They ask her where they came form and she says, “From another part of the island.”She tells them that she has made it so that they can never hurt each other.

They reach their destination. It is a cave that the creek runs into with a bright light. She says that a little bit of that light is in every man and that they always want more.

She says that they will try to take the light, but they can’t, they will only out it out. The light goes out every where if it goes out here. She says that one of the boys will have to be the new caretakers of the light. Wonder who that is.

Jacob and boy in black are playing their game again. The boy in black tells Jacob that he can’t make a move because it’s against the rules. He says one day Jacob can make up his own game and everyone will have to follow his rules. The boys’ real mother appears to him, glowing, and tells him that he is dead. She tells him to follow her and she will show him where he came from, across the island.

She shows him a small village of people. He asks where they came from and she says that they came from a ship which is something that gets people from one place to another. How they came across the sea. She tells him that she is his real mother.

Jacob returns to his cave home and wakes Jacob.

He tells Jacob that they are leaving to live with their people. He tries to tell him that it is all a lie. He refuses to believe and beats him to the ground.

Their fake mother comes and tells boy in black that he can never leave the island. He says he will prove her wrong.

On the beach the crazy island woman tells Jacob that she killed his mom to keep her from taking him back to her evil people. Jacob asks why she loved boy in black more then him and she says that she loves them in different ways. Jacob says he will stay with her.

30 years later

I was happy that the man Jacob was in the next scene. I don’t mean to be snobby, but they could have found better actors to portray young Jacob and boy in black. Anyway, Jacob is making one of his big cloth on him loom.

Jacob goes to play their game with Man-in-Black and he tells him that he watches them to see if his people are bad. Man-in-black says that they are evil, but he is convinced that they will help him find a way off the island. He throws his dagger (the one he later gives to Alpert to kill Jacob, and the one that Dogan later gives to Sayid to kill Man-in-Black) at the side of a well and it sticks.

He says that his people have found many places where metal acts strangely and their they dig. He says that this time they found something. He wants to show Jacob, but he says that the island is his home and that he doesn’t want to leave it.

When Jacob return to the cave he tells his fake mom that Man-in-Black thinks he knows how to leave the island.

She finds Man-in-Black in the well where he has a fire going. He asks how she is and she says worried. He says that he has been trying to find the place with the light again. She says that he has no clue what to do with the light and he says that that is because she would not tell him. He removes a small rock from the wall of the well to let the light shine through. Man-in-Black tells her that he is gong to make a large opening, and then attack the frozen donkey wheel to a system that channels the water and the light.

He says that when he turns it he will finally get to leave the island. She asks how he knows all of this and he says, “I’m special, mother.” She pleads for him not to do what he says. He says he must because he is not from the island. She says, “Then I guess this is goodbye.” They hug and she says, “I am sooo sorry,” before she rams the back of Man-in-Black’s head into the wall of the well. He falls to the ground.

Crazy island woman wakes Jacob and says that it is time. She takes him to the light and he asks what is in the light. “Life. Death. Rebirth. It’s the source. The heart of the island,” she says. She asks that he never goes down there, because it would be much worse then dying. She pulls out the wine bottle that Jacob gives Man-in-Black in “Ab Aeterno” and pours it while she speaks over it in a foreign language. She says that drinking it means that he vows to protect the light for as long as he can and that when he find a replacement when he no longer can.

He refuses to drink it because his fake mother saw him as plan b. She says, “It was always supposed to be you, Jacob. I see that now and one day you’ll see it too, but until then you don’t really have a choice.” He drinks from the cup. She says, “Now, you and I are the same.” This was obviously alluding to the Christian Last Supper.

Man-in-Black wakes up in his camp which has been burnt and obliterated. Everyone is dead. He grabs his game from the ruins

Before Jacob and his crazy fake mother depart he says, “I’ll see you back home.” And she smiles as if she knows what happens next.

She returns to home sweet cave to find a broken loom and Man-in-Black’s game. She takes out a black and white stone from the box and Man-in-Black stabs her through the back.

She says, “Thank you,” and dies. Jacob returns to the cave and beats Man-in-Black, just like old times.

He drags Man-in-Black back to the light source and he pushes him inside. He disappears and is reborn as smokey.

Jacob finds his old body on a pile of rocks and he lies his body in the cave along side their fake mother. He puts the black and white rocks in a small bag which he lays with them.

The scene from season one, where Jack and Kate find Adam and Eve is played while he does this. I thought this was kind of a silly thing to do because I figured everyone remember Adam and Eve, but the scene had an eerie quality, watching it this time, especially when Locke speaks at the end.

This is the episode where the writers come out and say this is a fantasy-based, faith allegory, so naturally there are a lot of mixed reviews for this episode.

This episode answered a lot of questions. We know about Locke’s crazy mother. We know who the mysterious boy in the jungle is (kind of). We know why Jacob wants to protect the island and why Man-in-Black wants to leave. We know how the frozen donkey wheel came about. We know who Adam and Eve are. And we know the origin story of the smoke monster.

At first, I thought these answers suck because they just bring up more confusing questions. I wondered where Jacob and Man-In-Black’s caretaker’s mother came from.
And after I thought about it more, this episode made it a lot more obvious to me that Lost is basically an allegory for life. It tries to tackle one of the biggest questions of all time: Where are we, human beings, from? Does life have meaning or is it just a bunch of ridiculous things happening? The show has always been about science vs. faith, destiny vs. fate.
The writers aren’t going to try to give a definitive answer to this question, I don’t think. I think that’s why the finale is not going to answer all of our questions. They don’t want to create a religious cult. I believe it is impossible to answer the large questions that Lost wants us to ask, I don’t think we as humans are capable of understanding everything.

I feel that this episode is all about questions. I feel that when the woman tells Claudia that every question, just leads to another question, I feel that she is speaking directly to the audience. I also feel that the reason that they kept the line about the polar bear when the showed the season one clip where Jack and Kate find Adam and Eve is to drive the point that there are many questions on lost. Lost only has one more episode before the finale everyone is all like, “GIVE ME ANSWERS! NOW!” And that was the way I went into watching this episode, but if you focus less on the questions and more on the story it is much more enjoyable and entertaining. We just need to chill and enjoy the trippy ride that is Lost

Lost: Sundown

Reunited and it feels so-

I thought for sure this was a Sun episode, but it wasn’t. The pattern has been broken. It is a Sayid episode that this season has been building up to since the premiere.

On the mainland (flash sideways)…

Sideways Sayid visits Nadia. He’s now in a strange relationship with her because he’s her brother-in-law and he still has feelings for her. He never wrote her back and it seems she still feels for him.

Sayid’s brother, Omer,  asks him to do him a favor. He’s in deep and has money problems with a guy. He wants Sayid to work his magic and save him, but Sayid has changed in this world and won’t do it.

Sayid tells his niece and nephew that he has to go to Toronto to work soon. After they get on the school bus, Nadia yells for him because his brother was injured. At the hospital, Sayid and Nadia are told that it was suspected that he was stabbed by a mugger and Sayid thinks that it’s because of his financial problems.

Oh, and Jack's at the hospital, naturally.

Back at her house Nadia asks Sayid why he didn’t want her and Sayid tells her that he feels he doesn’t deserve her.

Upon leaving the house, Omar from the freighter forces Sayid to visit Martin Keamy from the freighter (in the other reality anyway.) It turns out Keamy is the one who is trying to get money from Sayid’s brother. Keamy is probably the creepiest looking person ever. Keamy wants his money but Sayid get a gun and kills everyone including Keamy.

"I make really good eggs."

Sayid hears someone struggling in the freezer. It’s Jin! This kind of makes since because we know that Jin has been doing somethings for his father-in-law that would get him into this kind of trouble.

Jin, Chillin'

On the island…

Doogan explains Good vs. Evil With his black and white hands.

Sayid demands that Doogan gives him answers. He wants to know why he was electrocuted. Doogan tells him that he wants him to die because he is evil and an intense fight ensues. I don’t think any other shows have fight scenes that come close to a Lost fight scene. They struggle and fight for a couple minutes, but then Sayid hits Doogan’s baseball off his desk, and Doogan lets him go.

Locke tells Claire to do something and she asks him why he doesn’t do it. He tells her that he can’t.  After Locke and Claire’s talk outside the temple I think it seems that Claire is probably not infected, but just has been driven a little crazy from being separated from her son.

Outside Enemy Ash-Lines

Just as Sayid is about to leave Miles tells him he was dead for two hours and Claire comes into the temple. She tells Doogan that Man-In-Locke wants to see him buy he declines. Claire says that he should send someone that the Man-In-Black won’t kill and that’s Sayid. Doogan says to put Claire in a hole. Doogan gives Sayid a fancy looking dagger that he wants him to kill Man-In-Black with. He warns Sayid that it will be too late if Locke says something.

On Sayid’s way out he sees Kate. Kate heads inside and she finds out that Claire was in the temple and that Miles still thinks she is hot.

Sayid finds Locke and stabs him but not before Locke says “Hello, Sayid.” Which we know can’t be good.  And Locke just pulled it out of his chest.

"Why did you go and do that, Sayid?"

Locke tells Sayid that Doogan was using him and Sayid asks Locke what he wants to use him to do. Locke says he wants Sayid to tell someone something and that if he did Locke would give him anything he wanted.

Sayid makes a temple announcement and says that there is a man outside the temple that says that since Jacob is gone, they are free and that the man is leaving the island forever and to be there by sundown. Cindy asks what happens if they don’t and Sayid says they die.

Kate goes to see Claire in the hole and she is eerily singing “Catch A Falling Star”.  That’s the song that Claire told Aaron’s ex-future adoptive parents to sign to Aaron back in season one. It was the some Claire’s mom sung to her. But, of course you already know that, sorry.

Kate and Claire are happy to see one another again until Kate tells her that she raised Aaron. Kate says that she came to rescue her and Claire says that Kate is the one that needs rescuing. “He’s coming Kate, he’s coming and you can’t stop him.” Emillie De Ravin did a really good job in this scene, she gave me goosebumps.

Sayid finds Doogan in the room with the dirty water. Doogan tells him about how he killed his son by driving drunk and that Jacob met him in the hospital and told him that if he came to the island, Doogan would see his son again. We find out that the baseball belonged to Doogan’s son. Doogan asks Sayid if he will stay or go and Sayid says he wants to stay right before drowning Doogan in the dirty water

Sayid can jump really high!

and slicing Lennon’s neck. Lennon says that Doogan was the only thing that was keeping the Man-In-Black out.

All Hell Breaks Loose

The smokemonster flies into the temple and goes crazy on everyone. In the chaos Miles meets up with Ilana, Sun, Ben, and Lapidus. You can really feel the climax coming. Its just so intense. Kate goes to save Claire and Claire’s like “You’ll be a lot safer down here,” in her creepy voice. Kate’s stupid and she’s like “What?” But then she figures it out when the smokemonster comes gushing into the room. Ben goes to find Sayid and tells him that there is still time to leave. And Sayid says “Not for me.” He creeps Ben out.

Lapidus, Miles, and Sun narrowly escape the clutches of the smokemonster because Ilana knows how to find some secret door in a tunnel.

Iliana Jones

The episode ends with a slow motion scene in which Sayid, Claire, Kate walk through the remains of the temple to join the Man-In-Locke and his other followers. You can hear Claire singing “Catch A Falling Star”. Sooooo goooood!

The Evil Party

In Murky Waters:

Remember what happened to Sayid when he was drowned in the dirty water? He came back alive and he might be possesed or something now. (You knew that.) Well what if the same thing happens to Doogan and Lennon? I hope not, because I didn’t really care for these characters.

New Alternate Reality Theory:

In this episode, Sayid makes an agreement with Man-In-Locke to deliver a message for a chance to see again someone who died in his arms. Also, in this episode, Doogan says that he made an agreement with Jacob to come to the island in turn for saving his son’s life.

The writers have stressed that the different timelines are not alternate realities and that finding out how they are connect will take a while.

My theory is that what we have been calling a sideways reality is a actually new reality that is the result of all of the agreements made between the losties, Smokey, and Jacob.

Final Thoughts:

I loved this episode. We still don’t quite understand this sideways world, but this was by far the best sideways story in an episode. I feel that this episode didn’t stir up as much speculation as past episodes. I feel the big question of this episode is who is telling the truth? Doogan or the Man-In-Black? Why does it matter that Locke said two word before Sayid stabbed him? If he hadn’t said anything before Sayid stabbed him, would he have died as Doogan said? If so, what is the significance of that? And, why/how was Doogan the only thing that was protecting the temple? Ok, I take that back. I guess this episode did raise a couple of questions. But, I’m not one of those people who are complaining about the lack of answers in this season. It would not be Lost if we could understand where it was going. I love how disorienting Lost is. I feel that the story took a big step in this episode. It almost seemed like a mini season finale in a sense.

Lost: The Substitute

At first it seems like Locke’s life in the flash sideways is miserable when he ends up face first in his yard and the sprinklers turn on. But, then someone emerges from the front door. It’s Helen! Helen and Locke are getting married. Helen says that her parents and Locke’s dad should just have a “shotgun style” wedding in Vegas, so I guess Locke’s dad isn’t out of the picture in this reality.  Helen says Locke should go and meet Jack.

Locke goes to work for a little. I say for a little because his jerk-boss fires him for taking a company paid trip and not doing company stuff. I wonder what he was doing there. When it seems like things are getting bad, Locke bumps into Hurley who owns the box company and says he’ll get him a job at a temp business he owns.

It turns out Rose owns this other business. Locke tells her he wants a job at a construction site and then Rose tells Locke that he needs to be realistic. And then Locke says she doesn’t know anything about being realistic. Then Rose tells him that she has cancer and that she is going to die. And then Locke feels bad and agrees to do something else.

Locke gets his lost luggage delivered from him. He tells Helen the truth and tells her that he has given up on his unrealistic fantasy out of his wheelchair and that there is no such thing as miracles. Helen tells Locke that there are miracles. There is great acting in this scene, Lost almost made me cry again.

He becomes a substitute (oh, the title) and Ben is a History teacher. I feel that reveal to be pretty silly, why is Ben a teacher? I don’t care that much because it seems that the writers are just trying to show us that the two realities are radically different and that the characters are still connected. So, I guess that’s not so bad, but it still seemed silly to me. That’s the only thing I can complain about this episode, and it was barely a complaint.

On the island, the Man In Locke in smoke monster form flies through New Otherton where a depressed sawyer is breaking things. (This scene was from the smoke monster’s point of view and it was pretty awesome.) Then, back in Locke form, he cuts down a wild Alpert he caught in a trap. He then tries to recruit Alpert, but he refuses. Locke sees a creepy bloody kid in the jungle.

The new Locke finds depressed Sawyer and gets him to follow him by telling him that he knows why he is on the island. In the jungle Locke sees that creepy kid in old clothes again and chases him. The kid says that the Man In Locke broke the rules and that Locke can’t isn’t allowed to kill Jacob. Locke says “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

Ben, Lapidus, Sun and Lapidus finally bury Locke’s body. Ilana asks if anyone wants to say anything about Locke and Ben says “He was a much better man than I’ve ever been, and I’m sorry I murdered him.” And then Lapidus says, “This is the weirdest damn funeral I have ever been to.” Maybe the best line of the episode.

Alpert finds Sawyer while Locke is out in the jungle and he seems freaked. He tells Sawyer that they need to go to the temple, and that Man-In-Locke is just going to end up killing him. Alpert flees when Locke returns. Lock and Sawyer lie about what happened when they were separated and then they continue on their trek. Sawyer asks if Locke has read Of Mice and Men and Locke says it was a little before his time. Silly. Then Sawyer tries to shot him, but he talks Sawyer out of it. He tells James that he used to be a human. By, the way I hope no fifth graders saw this episode, because Sawyer ruins the ending of Of Mice and Men. Spoiler Alert!

Sawyer and Locke continue on their journey down the side of the cliff that Hurley almost jumped off of in “Dave”. They enter a cave where Locke removers a white stone from a scale and throws it in the water. The black rock on the other side weighs down the scale. This is obviously symbolizing how the Man-In-Black “offset the scale” when he killed Jacob.

Locke then shows Sawyer a deeper part of the cave where Jacob wrote names all along the walls. Most of the names are marked out, except for Hurley’s, Sawyer’s, Jack’s, Sayid’s and either Jin’s or Sun’s. The names are paired with numbers because “Jacob had a thing for numbers”. 4 8 15 16 23 42. We now know “the meaning of the numbers” that everyone has been waiting for. I’m satisfied with that answer.

Locke says that these names are/were candidates to take Jacob’s job as protector of the island. Jacob touched these people and this caused them to make decisions that led then to the island. Another answer we have been waiting for! Locke tells 3 choices, he can do nothing and possibly his name will get crossed out, or he could become the new Jacob and become the island. His third choice is the one Sawyer chooses and that is to get off the island with him.

This seemed to be a very fast-paced episode after What Kate Does. I am looking forward to the rest of this season.


Ash: Ilana fills a pouch with the ashes of Jacob. Is there someway that Ilana could use that ash to bring Jacob back? How does ash repel the smoke monster and does Jacob’s ashes have anything to do with that? Does the ash have to be from dead people in order to repel the smoke monster?

The Kid:

Who is this kid Locke sees in the jungle? I have no clue. Maybe he is a younger Jacob, maybe he is the son of Man-In-Locke or Jacob, maybe he is an older time-traveling Aaron. My initial thought was when the Man-In-Locke and Jacob were the same age as this kid they wound up together on this island in a boat. They got separated from their families, perhaps the smoke monster killed them. Then the kids came across the three island gods. The protector of the island, the security system of the island, and the referee. The gods tricked the kids into taking over their jobs by telling them it was a game. Jacob became the protector of the island, the Man-In-Black became the security system, and the little kid became the referee. They were transformed into these roles. Jacob eventually becomes tired with his role and decides to find a replacement. The Man-In-Black became tired of his role and sometimes uses his new power for his own will instead of that of the island’s.

Jacob’s chosen people:

The name and number combinations in the cave were,

4-Locke (crossed out)





42- Kwon

Were the names that Locke pointed out the only ones that were not slashed out. All of these people were touched by Jacob? Why didn’t we see Kate’s name shouldn’t it be there? She was touched too. And I don’t think Ilana was touched by Jacob, so I don’t expect she is a candidate. Ilana and Brahm were discussing Lapidus being a candidate for something back in the season five finale. Is this the kind of candidate they were talking about? And does Kwon refer to Sun, Jin, or both of them?

Some of the crossed out names I thought I could make out are: Littleton, Troupe, Costa, Mattingly (this was one of the names on the US Army uniforms that others stole), Goodspeed, Roup, Goldstein, Lewis,  Pace, O’Toole, Jones, Domingo, Cunnigham, Grant, Reynolds, Faraday, Pickett, and Sulivan.

Psychic Lady:

The lady that began interviewing Locke in the flashsideways was the same woman that was the psychic in a Hurley episode.

The Title:

I feel the title could refer to the things that I hypothesized.  the 1996 film of the same which involves people going undercover to attack someone,  the idea that Locke’s dead body was used as a “proxy” or substitute for Christian Shepherd’s dead body on Ajira 316, or that Locke’s body is now a substitute body for the Man-In-Black. But after watching the episode I know that it most likely refers to the fact that Locke became a substitute teacher in the flash sideways and also to the substitute that Jacob had been looking for for year, to replace him as protector of the island.

Happy Locke:

Whenever something bad happens to Locke in this episode, something good happens. When he falls in the yard, his future wife comes to the rescue and gives him a bath. When he get fired, the owner gets him a new job away from his jerk-boss. When Locke is depressed, his woman lifts his hopes.

Lost – LA X Part Two

LA X Reality: Jack finds out that his dad’s coffin is missing. Well, we know it has to be on the island. Jin gets in trouble for having too much money on him, and a woman asks Sun if it is a misunderstanding and if she speaks English. She says that she can’t speak English. It looks like she was telling the truth, maybe in this reality she didn’t learn English, or maybe she is lying.

Kate bumps into Sawyer, Hurley, Frogurt, and Claire (SURPRISE! I knew she was coming back, but I was still surprised.)

Jack meets Locke and he tells him that “Nothing’s irreversible”. Is creating an alternate reality irreversible? I feel this statement something the man of faith would say and Sawyer sounds a bit nicer then season one Sawyer.

Island Reality: Sawyer has Miles tell him what Juliet was going to tell him when she died. Miles tells him she was going to say that “It worked”. So, I guess that means that Jack detonating the bomb did create an alternate reality in which they make it off the island, but these versions of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, and Sayid, (the ones on the island) did not get off. I wonder where Miles is in the alternate reality.

On their way to the temple Hurley finds a book called “Fear and Trembling” by Søren Kierkegaard, who according to Wikipedia, is a Danish philosopher. Kierkegaard is known for his criticism of the Danish church. In this book, Kierkegaard tells a different variation of the blinding of Issac in the Bible and he discusses how hard it is to be authentically religious. In another book of Kierkegaard’s called “Practice in Christianity”, he discusses in great detail the idea of the “leap of faith”, something very important to the show Lost.

In the temple, the losties are captured by a group of Japanese others (that’s what I’ll call them for now) and Cindy the flight stewardess is there. One more lose end tied, we know why Cindy was with the others in season 3… kind of. Anyway, the Japanese others are gonna shoot the island losties, until Hurley shows them what’s in the guitar case Jacob told him to bring. Its an Egyptian Ankh, like the one that the four-toed Taweret statue holds. It’s supposed to be a symbol for everlasting life (this symbol causes Sayid’s rebirth) and is usually held by gods (is Hurley destined to become an island god? He does seem special. He can talk to dead people and he found Jacob’s cabin). Dogan, the leader of the Japanese others, says that the paper within the Ankh says that everyone will be in big trouble if Sayid dies.

The Japanese others immediately take Sayid into some dirty water and baptize him, except they don’t bring his face back out of the water until some timer runs out and it seems like he is dead. Maybe he is dead. Then Kate watches as Jack tries to save Sayid in a scene that is just like the scene from season one, after Charlie was hung in a tree by Ethan. Charlie eventually comes back to life in that episode when it seems too late, just like Sayid comes back to life at the very end of this episode. Maybe he did die, but the island brought him back. Maybe he will be an island-ghost like Christian, and like how Claire might be in this reality. The water he was in used to be used to heal. We see, that the water is darker and that it does not heal Dogan’s cut. Maybe the water is dark because the man-in-black is now in power and now he can use Sayid.

When Hurley tells the Japanese others that Jacob is dead, they freak out and pour ash everywhere and fire red fireworks to alert the inhabitants of the island that the man-in-black is loose.

Back in the foot of Taweret, there is an awesome scene between the man-in-black and Ben. The man-in-black tells Ben that the last thought that ran through Locke’s head was “I don’t understand.” And that Locke was the only one to, “realize how pitiful the life he left behind actually was.” When Ben asks him what he wants he says, “Well that’s the great irony here, Ben, because I want the one thing that John Locke didn’t. I want to go home.” Does that mean that the man-in-black, the island god, the smoke monster, used to be a human that lived off-island?

The man-in-black (I really wish I knew his name, so I didn’t have to keep writing that) tells Richard that its nice to see Richard out of his chains. I first thought that meant Richard came on the slave ship, but I’m not so sure about that. I think the chains of which he spoke were the metaphorical chains that Jacob used to keep Richard from being free. Flocke beats up Richard and tells everyone he is “very disappointed” with them.

Thoughts on the new storytelling techinique:

I’m not sure I like the way this season is going so far, but after five amazing seasons, I have faith in the writers that it will get better. I was almost certain that the writers would go the path of parallel time travel and I am alright with this, I just hate how disconnected the two realities are. I think what needs to happen is that some or all of the people in the reality in which Oceanic 815 lands in LA need to start “remembering” what happened on the island, or the two realities need to collide soon. That could be interesting and I’m sure it has to happen eventually. I think something else they could do would be similar to the game changing introduction of flashforwards in the season three finale. I think it would be interesting if what we think is an alternate reality in which the plane lands, is actually a flashforward of what we think is the reality in which Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and them are on the island and that they can’t remember what happened on the island. I feel that is a very crazy and unlikely idea, but you know, this is Lost we are talking about. I feel that in whatever circumstance, the people that landed in LA need to find out or remember what happened on the island somehow and I hope that happens soon.

What does it mean that the island sunk? If the island sunk in 1977, that would mean a lot of things are different in this reality. This means that Widmore, Ben, Eloise, Daniel, Miles, and all of the Dharma people are probably dead in that reality.

Lost Season Three Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (301) A Tale of Two Cities

Why it’s important: In the premiere of season three we learn a lot about the others when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer find themselves being held by them in cages.

Unanswered questions: What is in the envelope that Juliet was going to show Amelia in the deleted scene?

Episode: (305) The Cost of Living

Why it’s important: Eko dies (spoiler!), we see Michail on one of the Pearl station tv’s, and Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are stuck in cages…still.

Unanswered questions: Can the monster take the shape of people, and if so, who?

Episode: (308) Flashes Before Your Eyes

Why it’s important: We learn that Desmond is special, and this episode is kind of like a toned down version of the Constant.

Unanswered questions: Why does Ms. Hawking tell Desmond that everyone will die if he doesn’t do certain things. Does the course-correction thing apply to the time travel in season 5? If it does apply to everything that the losties did in the past in season 5, then that would mean that detonating the bomb would do nothing to change the past.

Episode: (309) Stranger in a Strange Land

Why it’s important: We learn about Jack’s tatoo! This is probably tied for the worst episode of lost with the Nikki/Paulo episode later this season.

Unanswered questions: Why are Cindy and the kids with the others and what are the planning on watching? What is Isabel’s job?

Episode: (320) The Man Behind the Curtain

Why it’s important: This is one of the best episodes of Lost. It’s the first Ben flashback. We see Jacob in his cabin and we see Ben kill most of the Dharma Initiative, and then nearly kill Locke.

Unanswered questions: Why does Jacob say “Help me”? The ash around his cabin makes me think a curse was put on him to keep him contained in the cabin. Perhaps the man-in-black made this happen?

Episode: (322) Through the Looking Glass

Why it’s important: The mind-blowing introduction of flash forward, the death of a fan favorite, the losties are getting rescued!?!?, but Jack says they “have to go baaaaaaack!”

Unanswered questions: How does “taller-ghost-Walt” appear to Locke? What is the temple?

Lost Season Two Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (201) Man of Science, Man of Faith

Why it’s important: The losties meet Desmond and see what is in the hatch

Unanswered questions: How does Walt appear to Shannon?

Episode: (209) What Kate Did

Why it’s important: We learn what Kate did and Eko and Locke watch the second part of the orientation video.

Unanswered questions: How did Kate see the horse on the island? Was it the same as the one off the island? Why was the orientation film separated?

Episode: (210) The 23rd Psalm

Why it’s important: Michael talks to Walt on the Swan computer. Charlie takes Mr. Eko to the Beechcraft wreckage and we get our first Mr. Eko flashback.

Unanswered questions: Does the monster “scan” people when it flashes? Why can images from Eko’s past be seen in the smoke monster? Where is the other computer that Walt is using to communicate? Is Walt really the one whom Michael is chatting with?

Episode: (217) Lockdown

Why it’s important: Locke gets trapped during a Swan resupply lockdown and must rely on “Henry”‘s help, while Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie search for “Henry”‘s ballon.

Unanswered questions: Did “Henry” not press the button like he told Locke? Who is performing the supply drops and why? Who is the real Henry Gale? Who buried him?

Episode: (218) Dave

Why it’s important: Hurley starts seeing Dave on the island and we are given reason to believe that the whole show is inside of Hurley’s head.

Unanswered questions: Why was Libby in the mental institute with Hurley? Last yeah Damon and Carlton told Sky 1 in an interview that “Libby is also one of those things where we feel like, that story’s told–it’s done. We’ve told as much about Libby as we wanna tell….For us, Libby’s story is done.”  SPOILER ALERT! At the TCA press tour earlier this month Damon and Carlton announced the return of Libby and Michael. So they may have changed their mind and give us the Libby backstory.

Episode: (222) Three Minutes

Why it’s important: The losties cope with the death of Ana Lucia and Libby as we see what happened to Michael as he looked for Walt in flashbacks.

Unanswered questions: How were the others testing Walt? Why did Bea ask Walt if he had ever appeared somewhere that he was not supposed to?

Episode: (223) Live Together, Die Alone

Why it’s important: Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured by the others and Michael and Walt leave the island. Locke doesn’t press the button.

Unanswered questions: Who built the statue? Did the hostiles build it to keep the Dharma Initiative away? What happened to the rest of the statue?

Lost Season One Review: Important Episodes

There are only ten more days until season six!!! So I though to prepare for the final season, I’d do a brief post to mention important episodes and any questions that I still have about them. So here is the first season:

Episode: (101/102)  The Pilot

Why it’s important: Obvious reasons, the monster and everyone else is introduced.

Unanswered questions: We still are not sure what the monster is. We know that the plane crashed because Desmond did not press the button, but did Jacob or the man in black bring the losties to the island? If so, why?

Episode: (104) Walkabout

Why it’s important: We learn that Locke was handicapped before the crash and he has his first encounter with the monster.

Unanswered questions: How does the island heal?

Episode: (105) White Rabbit

Why it’s important: Jack sees his father on the island and we learn about his relationship with him before the crash.

Unanswered questions: How is Jack’s father on the island if he is dead? Is it Christian Shepard or is someone else possessing his body like the man in black/Locke?

Episode: (110) Raised by Another

Why it’s important: Its Claire’s first flashback episode, and we learn that Ethan Rom = Other Man.

Unanswered questions: Why did the psychic say that Claire had to raise the baby and then change his mind and tell her that it would be alright if a couple in LA raised him? Did he know that the plane would crash? Will we ever see the couple from LA?

Episode: (114) Special

Why it’s important: First Michael/Walt flashbacks and Claire returns.

Unanswered questions: How is Walt “special”, what are his powers and their source?

Episode: (118) Numbers

Why it’s important: First Hurley-centric episode, he meets Rousseau and it’s Claire’s birthday.

Unanswered Questions: What do the numbers mean? How are they cursed?

Episode: (123/124)

Why its important: Again, obvious reasons. Its the finale, Rousseau warns that he others are coming so the losties decide to blow up the hatch for shelter. Some of the losties go off on the raft and Walt gets stolen.

Unanswered questions: How did the black rock get to the middle of the island?

23 Unanswered Lost Questions That I Want Answered

23. Will we ever get to see the volcano on the island?

22. Will we find anything out about the Hurley bird?

21. Why did the flight-attendant, Cindy, join the others back in season two?.

20. What is the story of the Black Rock? How did it get to be in the middle of the jungle?

19. What are the whispers?

18. How does the island heal?

17. Why do babies die on the island?

16. Do the numbers have any significance?

15. What causes the sickness on the island? Is it real?

14. Will we get to see Annie, Ben’s girl, again?

13. What does Jacob’s touch do? In the season five finale we saw Jacob visit and touch Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sun, Jin, Sawyer, Sayid, and Locke

12.  Why did Jacob request Ilana’s help? What are the motives behind Ilana and Bram’s group?

11. Who were shooting at the Losties that were being chased by the outrigger canoes? I thought for sure it would be some of the passengers from Ajira flight 316.

10. What is Frank a candidate for? In the season five finale Frank wakes up to hear Ilana and Bram discussing whether or not Frank is a “candidate” for something.

9. Why is Walt special? I fear that this question may not be answered.

8. What is the smoke monster? People have been asking this since the first episode. Well, they were just asking “What is making those weird noises in the jungle and killing all of those trees?” but, we have learned a lot about it recently like that Ben can summon it.

7. Will we find out who Adam and Eve were? Rose and Bernard seems most likely. Ji-Yeon and Aaron from the future is an interesting idea.

6. What happened to Claire? Claire got all freaky back in season four and then disappeared with Christian Shepherd. I think she died in that explosion at the barracks and became a ghost-person like Christian

5. What happened to Christian Shepard? Is he dead? Is the new John Locke like the Christian Shepherd on the island? And is Claire the same way?

4. What is with Ricard Alpert? Why doesn’t he age? What is his role on the island? Did he actually work for Jacob?

3. What does Jacob mean when he says “They’re coming”?

2. What are the results of the events that took place in the season 5 finale? Will Jack’s plan to restart time work? Is Jacob dead now? Is anyone dead now? Will this cause a parallel dimension?

1. Who are Jacob and the man in black? How and why do they bring people to the island? Why doesn’t Jacob like technology? Is that true? Because Ben said it. What are they? Are they gods? What is the man in black’s loophole?

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