Lost: Sundown – Preview

This season, Lost has been following a pattern. The order of the character-centricity from episode to episode has mirrored that of season one. If this next episode follows that pattern that would mean it would have to be a Sun-centric episode and judging by the episode title (Sundown)  that is a pretty safe bet to make. The first Sun-centric episode title played with a similar pun, “House of the Rising Sun”. It’s difficult to speculate anything about this episode from the title beyond who it is about.

So far, the flash-sideways  storylines have been focusing how things are different for the passengers of 815. They usually deal with why the characters were on the plane. So I suppose Sundown will deal with the relationships between Jin, Sun, and Sun’s father.

We haven’t seen the flash-sideways Jin and Sun since the season premiere. In customs, Jin and Sun had some problems. The officials found some undeclared stacks-o-cash and Sun wouldn’t help explain anything. Well, now that we know that a lot of  radically different things happen in this sideways reality, I predict that we will find out that Sun did not learn English. One of the officials refers to Sun as “Ms. Kwon”, so maybe Jin and Sun are not even married.

Judging by the promo, I think we should be seeing a lot of Sayid in this episode. It looks like Locke’s team is going to meet up with the temple people in this episode and that should make for a pretty interesting episode.

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