Lost: Sundown

Reunited and it feels so-

I thought for sure this was a Sun episode, but it wasn’t. The pattern has been broken. It is a Sayid episode that this season has been building up to since the premiere.

On the mainland (flash sideways)…

Sideways Sayid visits Nadia. He’s now in a strange relationship with her because he’s her brother-in-law and he still has feelings for her. He never wrote her back and it seems she still feels for him.

Sayid’s brother, Omer,  asks him to do him a favor. He’s in deep and has money problems with a guy. He wants Sayid to work his magic and save him, but Sayid has changed in this world and won’t do it.

Sayid tells his niece and nephew that he has to go to Toronto to work soon. After they get on the school bus, Nadia yells for him because his brother was injured. At the hospital, Sayid and Nadia are told that it was suspected that he was stabbed by a mugger and Sayid thinks that it’s because of his financial problems.

Oh, and Jack's at the hospital, naturally.

Back at her house Nadia asks Sayid why he didn’t want her and Sayid tells her that he feels he doesn’t deserve her.

Upon leaving the house, Omar from the freighter forces Sayid to visit Martin Keamy from the freighter (in the other reality anyway.) It turns out Keamy is the one who is trying to get money from Sayid’s brother. Keamy is probably the creepiest looking person ever. Keamy wants his money but Sayid get a gun and kills everyone including Keamy.

"I make really good eggs."

Sayid hears someone struggling in the freezer. It’s Jin! This kind of makes since because we know that Jin has been doing somethings for his father-in-law that would get him into this kind of trouble.

Jin, Chillin'

On the island…

Doogan explains Good vs. Evil With his black and white hands.

Sayid demands that Doogan gives him answers. He wants to know why he was electrocuted. Doogan tells him that he wants him to die because he is evil and an intense fight ensues. I don’t think any other shows have fight scenes that come close to a Lost fight scene. They struggle and fight for a couple minutes, but then Sayid hits Doogan’s baseball off his desk, and Doogan lets him go.

Locke tells Claire to do something and she asks him why he doesn’t do it. He tells her that he can’t.  After Locke and Claire’s talk outside the temple I think it seems that Claire is probably not infected, but just has been driven a little crazy from being separated from her son.

Outside Enemy Ash-Lines

Just as Sayid is about to leave Miles tells him he was dead for two hours and Claire comes into the temple. She tells Doogan that Man-In-Locke wants to see him buy he declines. Claire says that he should send someone that the Man-In-Black won’t kill and that’s Sayid. Doogan says to put Claire in a hole. Doogan gives Sayid a fancy looking dagger that he wants him to kill Man-In-Black with. He warns Sayid that it will be too late if Locke says something.

On Sayid’s way out he sees Kate. Kate heads inside and she finds out that Claire was in the temple and that Miles still thinks she is hot.

Sayid finds Locke and stabs him but not before Locke says “Hello, Sayid.” Which we know can’t be good.  And Locke just pulled it out of his chest.

"Why did you go and do that, Sayid?"

Locke tells Sayid that Doogan was using him and Sayid asks Locke what he wants to use him to do. Locke says he wants Sayid to tell someone something and that if he did Locke would give him anything he wanted.

Sayid makes a temple announcement and says that there is a man outside the temple that says that since Jacob is gone, they are free and that the man is leaving the island forever and to be there by sundown. Cindy asks what happens if they don’t and Sayid says they die.

Kate goes to see Claire in the hole and she is eerily singing “Catch A Falling Star”.  That’s the song that Claire told Aaron’s ex-future adoptive parents to sign to Aaron back in season one. It was the some Claire’s mom sung to her. But, of course you already know that, sorry.

Kate and Claire are happy to see one another again until Kate tells her that she raised Aaron. Kate says that she came to rescue her and Claire says that Kate is the one that needs rescuing. “He’s coming Kate, he’s coming and you can’t stop him.” Emillie De Ravin did a really good job in this scene, she gave me goosebumps.

Sayid finds Doogan in the room with the dirty water. Doogan tells him about how he killed his son by driving drunk and that Jacob met him in the hospital and told him that if he came to the island, Doogan would see his son again. We find out that the baseball belonged to Doogan’s son. Doogan asks Sayid if he will stay or go and Sayid says he wants to stay right before drowning Doogan in the dirty water

Sayid can jump really high!

and slicing Lennon’s neck. Lennon says that Doogan was the only thing that was keeping the Man-In-Black out.

All Hell Breaks Loose

The smokemonster flies into the temple and goes crazy on everyone. In the chaos Miles meets up with Ilana, Sun, Ben, and Lapidus. You can really feel the climax coming. Its just so intense. Kate goes to save Claire and Claire’s like “You’ll be a lot safer down here,” in her creepy voice. Kate’s stupid and she’s like “What?” But then she figures it out when the smokemonster comes gushing into the room. Ben goes to find Sayid and tells him that there is still time to leave. And Sayid says “Not for me.” He creeps Ben out.

Lapidus, Miles, and Sun narrowly escape the clutches of the smokemonster because Ilana knows how to find some secret door in a tunnel.

Iliana Jones

The episode ends with a slow motion scene in which Sayid, Claire, Kate walk through the remains of the temple to join the Man-In-Locke and his other followers. You can hear Claire singing “Catch A Falling Star”. Sooooo goooood!

The Evil Party

In Murky Waters:

Remember what happened to Sayid when he was drowned in the dirty water? He came back alive and he might be possesed or something now. (You knew that.) Well what if the same thing happens to Doogan and Lennon? I hope not, because I didn’t really care for these characters.

New Alternate Reality Theory:

In this episode, Sayid makes an agreement with Man-In-Locke to deliver a message for a chance to see again someone who died in his arms. Also, in this episode, Doogan says that he made an agreement with Jacob to come to the island in turn for saving his son’s life.

The writers have stressed that the different timelines are not alternate realities and that finding out how they are connect will take a while.

My theory is that what we have been calling a sideways reality is a actually new reality that is the result of all of the agreements made between the losties, Smokey, and Jacob.

Final Thoughts:

I loved this episode. We still don’t quite understand this sideways world, but this was by far the best sideways story in an episode. I feel that this episode didn’t stir up as much speculation as past episodes. I feel the big question of this episode is who is telling the truth? Doogan or the Man-In-Black? Why does it matter that Locke said two word before Sayid stabbed him? If he hadn’t said anything before Sayid stabbed him, would he have died as Doogan said? If so, what is the significance of that? And, why/how was Doogan the only thing that was protecting the temple? Ok, I take that back. I guess this episode did raise a couple of questions. But, I’m not one of those people who are complaining about the lack of answers in this season. It would not be Lost if we could understand where it was going. I love how disorienting Lost is. I feel that the story took a big step in this episode. It almost seemed like a mini season finale in a sense.

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