On A Different Note – 17

Tell ‘Em” by Sleigh Bells

Teenage Myth” by Treasure

Pickled!” by Flying Lotus

“Born Free” by MIA

Warning: this music video is violent and graphic

Beautiful People” by The Books

Recent Awesome Music Updates

Release dates were announced for what will be two of the coolest music releases this year.

It was announced last week that Animal Collective’s Oddsac will be released on dvd, on June 29th. That’s kind of a ways away. I’m still hoping it will come to a theater nearby so I can see it.

Also, news broke recently that Sleigh Bells is set to release their debut album called “Treats” on MIA’s NEET label. The release date is May 11th.

Mark your calendars guys and gals.

On A Different Note-2

Space Odyssey-MIA

MIA recently released this song on her twitter. Judging by this song, MIA’s next album should by quite different then Arular and Kala. It does sound a lot more Animal Collective, but I like that.

Tunnels by FUR

This song is like a psychedelic hip hop party jam. This song is from FUR’s album, Witches, which is being released February 23rd of this year.

Chase the Tear by Portishead

This is a song the Portishead released for the charity group Amnesty. I really like their album, Third and it looks like they might have a new album coming this year.

Vulture by Micachu via http://www.foeweel.com/

This week, I found this band called Micachu. They have unique vocals and a unique use of electronic, percussion, and stringed instruments.

White Sky by Vampire Weekend via Poptartssucktoasted

Vampire Weekend released their sophmore album last week, and this is probably my favorite song off of it.

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