Shutter Island: A Fairly Entertaining Psychological Thriller

I was happy with Shutter Island overall. It was pretty entertaining. I had worried that this movie would have too many scary pop-out moments like many of today’s formulaic horror films after seeing the trailer. There are some “pop-out moments” but not so many that it seems overused and a few scenes are genuinely eerie.

Leonardo Dicaprio is pretty convincing as Teddy Daniels, a hardheaded detective with some pretty chilling memories. I’m not an expert when in comes to accent acting, but I don’t remember finding anyone’s accent sounding too forced or unnatural.

One of the first things I noticed about Shutter Island was the music. Some people have been complaining about the music. It is pretty dramatic at some points and I think sometimes the film didn’t quite live up to it, but overall I thought the soundtrack was pretty cool.

This film is about how people deal with truly traumatic dramas. It deals with the way the human brain works. It is a psychological thriller in a sense.

If you don’t want any of the movie ruined for you, skip the rest of this paragraph. I’m not really gonna ruin anything though. There is a bit of a twist at the ending, which was more surprising for me then for my cousin. I feel the ending should have seemed more obvious to me, but that’s easy to say after knowing the ending. I’m glad I didn’t see the ending coming, I feel that I enjoyed it more.

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