Happy Earf Day!


Avatar was released today because it’s Earth day and Avatar has some minor environmentalist themes or something. So, enjoy Earth Day by going inside and watching it.

Congrats, James Cameron!

Avatar is as of yesterday the highest grossing film of all time! The title used to belong to James Cameron’s Titanic. I thought it was kind of strange when Avatar won best picture at the Golden Globes. I mean I didn’t think that the movie was that great. the visuals are pretty awesome but the characters were pretty flat and the plot isn’t anything new. The Avatar phenomenon has obviously been taken too far:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B (This is pretty sad):

Unfortunately, James Cameron is planning on making two sequels, meaning more depression 😦

But anyway, Congratulations James Cameron on beating yourself, winning Best Picture, and depressing people!

Avatar-Second Highest Grossing Film Worldwide

What the heck? I didn’t think Avatar would become the second highest grossing film worldwide, that’s crazy. I thought it was pretty good, but it wasn’t great. So, this means Avatar is right behind the other James Cameron film, Titanic. James Cameron, you crazy. Source: comingsoon.net

Avatar: Fern Gully on Steroids

Avatar is like Fern Gully on steroids.  James Cameron has really created an amazing new world in this film. I saw this movie in 3-D and it takes a little bit to get used to at first but once you do, it is quite a spectacle to behold. This world is full of beautiful floating creatures and strange glowing plants.

Jake Sully enters this world as an Avatar which is a body of the natives to which he is mentally linked. He is a paraplegic marine that is taking the spot of his dead brother and who is tried of being told what he can’t do. Sigorney Weaver is great in this movie as a hard-headed scientist. She loves what she does. He is sent to find the weak spot of the natives, called the Na’vi, so that it can be exploited. Colonel Miles Quaritch wants the massive deposit of the valuable mineral called unobtanium on which the Na’vi’s home stands. Jake gets to know the Na’vi and he finds that they are very dedicated to their belief that all living things are connected by an energy. The Na’vi warriors literally bind themselves with the fascinating horse-like creatures that they ride.

Jake falls in love with the ways of the Na’vi and a particular female Na’vi, named Neytiri, the princess of the tribe. The tribe is uneasy about Jake at first because they know he is an Avatar, but their god tells them that he is different and they eventually accept him. Now, he has to find a way to stop the humans from destroying the Na’vi’s home, and save his new family.

The allegorical message that is trying to be sent through this film is obvious, but it is also powerfully executed. People I saw this movie with said that is was too long. It is 162 minutes to be almost exact, but I found these 162 minutes to be entertaining unlike when I watched the extended version of “The Abyss”. Avatar is quite epic and action packed. It is also a story of forbidden love and it is sad and kind of funny when it is supposed to be. It i definitely one of the best films of 2009.

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