The End is Nigh: “What They Died For” – Lost Review

Recap time!

Deja View

This episode began with the classic close-up of Jack’s eye. This time he’s in a bed in what we have been calling the flashsideways world. He looks in the mirror, and he has a weird cut again that must be from the other reality. His son comes in and says that he made breakfast.

David asks Jack if he is coming to his concert later. Jack says yes and he asks if David’s mother will be there. David tells him to not get weird. It looks like we will have to wait until next week to see the mysterious woman. I think that it has to be Juliet.

Some Quality Family Time

Claire joins them and they have a nice little family moment. Then Desmond gives Jack a call and pretends to be a worker from Oceanic Airlines. He says that Christian’s coffin will be delivered to him shortly.

Back on the island there is an other new but familiar scene. This time it is Jack stitching up Kate. Kate tells Jack that Jin never met Ji-Yeon. She says that they have to kill Man-In-Black.

Jack says that they need to go get Desmond, so they do.

In sidewaysworld, it appears as if Desmond is planning another Locke-attack until Ben stops him. Desmond beats Ben, causing him to remember the time in the other storyline when he beats him. He tells Ben that he is trying to bring Locke to his senses.

Ben, Miles, and Alpert, finally reach the Barracks. Miles senses Alex. Alpert says that he buried her and Ben thanks him.

Ben enters his secret room. Miles ask Ben what his “secret-er room” was for and Ben says, “It’s where I was told I could summon the monster. That’s before I realized it was the one that was summoning me.” For those of you who are keeping a question checklist, there you go, an answer. Ben puts all of the C4 in Alpert’s bag. They find Zoey in the kitchen and Widmore comes inside.

Widmore tells Zoey to go sink the outrigger. Ben holds him at gun point and Widmore says that he is his last chance. Alpert tells Widmore their plan and Widmore says that he already rigged the plane to blow. Widmore says that Jacob visited him after soon after the freighter explosion.

Zoey walkies Widmore and say that Locke has arrived. He tells Zoey to return as fast as possible and he tells Ben that they need to hide if they want to live.

Ben tells Locke that the man that ran him over beat him up and made him see something. Locke calls the police. Ben tells him that Desmond told him that he was trying to get Locke to let go. Locke hangs up.

Desmond shows up at the police station where Miles and Sawyer are discussing the benefit concert at his dad’s museum. Okay so Miles, and Jack are going to a concert. Claire will probably stop by too and maybe Juliet? Charlotte’s gonna be there so Sawyer says he isn’t going to go.

Desmond confesses that he hit Locke with his car, and beat a teacher. Sawyer takes Desmond to a cell between Kate and Sayid.

Jack and Sawyer have a discussion about the Man-In-Black’s rules. Sawyer feels guilty for the death of Lapidus, Sayid, Jin, and Sun and Jack tells him that it’s the Man-In-Black’s fault.

Hurley sees boy Jacob and orders that Hurley gives him his ashes. Hurley chases him and finds adult Jacob who tells Hurley that his ashes are in a fire and that when they burn out, he will be gone forever.

Ben takes Widmore’s walkies and gives one to Miles. Widmore and Zoey decide to hide, Miles runs to the jungle. Alpert decides to try to talk to MIB, which is obviously a bad decision because he comes out of no where in smokemonster form and abruptly tosses him away.

Locke and Ben have a chat on the front porch. Locke says that he has some people for him to kill in exchange for the island. Ben tells Locke that Widmore is in his closet.

Sideways Alex convinces sideways Ben that her mom, sideways Danielle, should give him a ride home seeing as he is crippled. Danielle says that he will come to dinner even if they have to kidnap him. Silly. I actually liked this character return through sideways world thing this time.

At the Rousseau residence, Danielle tells Ben that Alex’s dad died when she was two and that Ben was her next closest thing to a father. Ben gets teary-eyed. I wonder if he knows that she dies in the other reality. It looks like sideways Ben and sideways Danielle may become an item.

Island Ben and Locke go to Ben’s secret room. Locke tells Ben that he should stay outside because he doesn’t want to see what he is going to do. Ben says he wants to. Locke asks Zoey who she is and Widmore tells her to not talk to Locke. Locke slashes her neck with his knife. Locke says that she was now “pointless” because Widmore told her not to talk to him. Locke threatens to kill Penny unless Charles tells him why he came to the island. Widmore says that he brought Desmond to the island as a last resort due to his unique resistance to electromagnetism. He then whispers to Locke and Ben shots him. “He doesn’t get to save his daughter,” he says. Locke says that luckily, Widmore already told him everything he needed to know before Ben shot him. Ben asks Locke who else he wants him to kill. That crazy Ben that everyone loves is back.

Hurley brings the rest of the candidates and Kate to the Jacob fire. They can all see him now. Kate asks if Jacob is the man that wrote their names on the wall and asks if that is why they are dead. She wants to know that they died for a reason. Jacob says he will tell them. He tells them that when the fire goes out, one of them will have to take over his job.

Locke meets Jack in his office and tells him that he believes that everything that has happened to him in this sideways world, happened for a reason. Jack says that he believes that Locke is mistaking coincidence for fate. Locke says that he can believe what he wants, but he wants him to fix him now.

Jacob tells the candidates that he made a mistake by creating the smoke monster and that now everyone is in danger. He says that Man-In-Black found the loophole to kill him and now, he has to be replaced. Sawyer asks why he has to be punished for his mistake and that he was doing fine before he brought him to the island. Jacob says that he wasn’t and that he picked all of the losties because they were flawed and alone like him. He says that they were all looking for something that they couldn’t find off the island. Jacob tells Kate that he crossed her name off the wall because she became a mother and that it didn’t matter, she could still do his job. Jacob says that the job is to make out the light never goes out. Jacob says that they need to kill MIB. He tells them that he is going to give them something that he never got, a choice. He wants them to decide who becomes the new island protector. Jack says that he will do it and that it is his destiny. Jacob says it is time. I was surprised at how many huge questions were answered in this scene, I thought most of these would be tackled in the finale.

Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley watch Jacob and Jack from the other side of the creek. Jacob tells Jack that the magic light is beyond the bamboo where he first arrived on the island and that he can go there now. Jacob performs the same water drinking ritual for Jack the same way his “mother” did for him. Jack asks how long he will have to do this job and Jacob says “As long as you can.” Jack drinks the water. Jacob says, “Now you are like me,” just like his mother did in the last episode.

Sideways Sawyer ships sideways Kate, Desmond, and Sayid to county. On the way, Kate and Sayid think that Desmond is crazy for running over a guy in a wheelchair and turning himself in. Desmond promises that he will let them go if they promise to each do one thing for him. They agree and the van stops. Ana Lucia opens up the back and asks who Desmond is. She tells Desmond that his friend with the money better be coming. Hurley arrives in his big yellow Hummer with the money. “Hey, you didn’t tell me that Ana Lucia was going to be here,” he says. Ana Lucia asks if she knows him,  says that hey never met and then gives her the 125 grand and she leaves. Hurley asks if she is coming with them and Desmond says that she isn’t ready yet. Hurley tells Desmond that he brought him his Camero and that what he needs is in the trunk. Sayid goes with Hurley and Kate goes with Desmond. Desmond pulls a dress out of the trunk and tells Kate that they are going to a concert. This scene was pretty funny.

Locke and Ben are trekking through the forest and Ben asks Locke why he doesn’t fly around all of the time. Locke says that feeling his feet on the ground reminds him that he used to be human.

The reach the well where Locke threw Desmond. They see the rope that someone used to help Desmond out. Locke tells Ben that Widmore said Desmond was a fail-safe and Jacob’s last resort if his candidates die. Locke says that Desmond can help him destroy the island.

Other Thoughts:

Why does Locke promise Ben the island and then say that he is going to blow it up? Which is it Locke?

Where is Claire?

Will Locke destroy the island and create the flash sideways?

Who is Sideways Jack’s ex-wife? Juliet is my best guess.

Why did Desmond say that Jack would get the coffin? Does he have it?

Where is Desmond?

What happened to Miles?

Who does Locke want Ben to kill? The candidates? There aren’t too many people on this island now, so that seems likely.

Did Jacob actually give Widmore a visit? Widmore/Desmond was probably the person that Jacob was trying to get to come to the island.

What are sideways Desmond and Hurley planning?

I think it is pretty obvious that Alpert died, even though we didn’t actually witness it happen.

Dude! What? Lots of People Have Died!: Lost Video Compiliations



Almost all of the deaths from the last six seasons

Happy Earf Day!

Avatar was released today because it’s Earth day and Avatar has some minor environmentalist themes or something. So, enjoy Earth Day by going inside and watching it.

Lost Review: “Everybody Loves Hugo”

Great Episode. Probably my favorite Hurley episode.

It began with Pierre Chang presenting a moving speech about Hurley and his charity. Hurley paid for a paleontology wing of the Golden State Natural History Museum. He says the episode title and so does Hugo’s mom after the ceremony. Mrs. Reyes complains to Hurley about how he doesn’t have a lady friend, just as she did in the Hurley episode “Numbers” right before he wins the lottery. She tells him that he has a date with Grandpa Tito’s neighbor’s daughter, Roselitta tomorrow.

On the island, Hurley talks to Libby (not the way he usually talks to dead people, she isn’t there) and tells her that he want to talk to her the way that he talks to other dead people. Someone comes….But it’s just Ilana. Boo!

She says that they are going to go get dynamite at the Black Rock to blow up the Ajira plane. She asks who’s grave Hurley was visiting, because I guess she can’t read. Hurley spills his heart out to her about Libby and she just says, “I’m sorry,” and walks away. Hurley hears the whispers before Michael arrives and says that he’s going to stop him from getting everyone killed.


Hurley says what everyone’s is thinking when he asks why he should listen to him seeing as he killed Libby and Ana Lucia. And Michael says that’s not important. Then Jack comes and tells Hurley that they are leaving.

Back in the flash world, it’s clear that Hurley has been waiting on his date for a while; he is down to the last tortilla chip at Spanish Johnny’s. Someone comes to his table and it’s Libby!!!!!


She tells him that she is not his blind date, she just saw him from across the room. He asks how she knew his name. And then she says, “If I tell you, you’re gonna think I’m crazy.” And I got goosebumps. The reason Libby was in Santa Rosa was because she though she was from an other dimension! Brilliant! But I remember reading in an interview with Damon and Carlton that they believed that the Libby storyline was done and that there was nothing of significance in her past. This leads me to think that they either made this up as the went along, or that they lied, I don’t care what the case is, it’s cool. She asks if Hurley believes in soul mates and she asks if he remembers her. Dr. Brooks then comes and takes Libby away, back to Santa Rosa.

On the island Hurley and Ilana are fighting about blowing up the plane and then Ilana pulls an Arzt and blows up!

Cool! I didn’t care too much for Ilana anyway. She annoyed me a bit in fact.

At Camp Locke, Locke is carving a long stick and Sawyer asks what he is making and he says that he doesn’t know yet. This reminds me of when Claire is helping Locke build a cradle for Aaron and she doesn’t find out until they are done. Sawyer and Kate ask why they aren’t doing anything and Locke says that they are waiting for Hugo, Sun, and Jack so that they can get off of the island.

Demon Sayid returns to camp and shows Locke the package.

Back at Camp Hurley/Richard Hurley looks at a book that I will have to find a translation of. I’ll update that in this post when I do have it. Hurley then finds the bag of Jacob ashes.

Richard says that they should go get more dynamite and Jack says that it’s probably not such a good idea since Ilana just blew up. They seem too used to this kind of stuff happening. Hurley says that they should got get dynamite and he tells Jack to trust him and he does.

Desmond is the new Jacob

Sideways Hurley is depressed so he goes to one of his Mr. Cluck’s and gets a big tub o’ chicken. Desmond happens to be in the restaurant too. Nope, not a coincidence. He asks Hurley where he knows him from and he says probably from the Mr. Cluck’s commercials. Hurley is silly. He says they were both on the plane. Hurley says he is depressed. Desmond asks who she is and Hurley says that she is mentally insane and that they already knew each other. Desmond asks if he believed her and Hurley says yes. Desmond says that he should go with his gut and try to figure out how he knew her. And then Desmond’s number is called. Order 42.

Locke Monster lets Desmond go when he says that he has nowhere to run to. Locke asks why Widmore brought him to the island. He tells him that Widmore blasted him with electromagnetism. Locke asks him how he can be sure. Desmond says, “Experience.” Locke Monster asks Desmond if he know who he is and he says “Of course, you’re John Locke. Then Locke tells Sayid that he and Desmond need some alone time.

On their trek to the Black Rock, Ben says that Ilana was hand-picked by Jacob and the island was done with her so she got exploded. “Makes me wonder what’s gonna happen when it’s done with us.” Soon after team Hurley/Richard get to the Black Rock, Hurley comes running towards the others and yells to run. Then the Black Rock explodes!

Hurley tells Miles that Michael told him to do it and that “Dead people are more reliable then alive people.”

In sidewaysworld Hurley tries to get Dr. Brooks to let him see Libby, but he says that she can’t in her condition. Hurley asks why she can go on a “Fajita field trip”, but can’t visit him. Dr. Brooks says that he misjudged her condition. I wonder if Mr. Brook’s knows more then he lets on and just doesn’t want Hurley and Libby to make the connection, but I doubt it. Hurley then bribes his way in by donating 100 k to fix up the rec room at Santa Rosa.

The visiting room still has those paper butterflies. Hurley talks Libby into telling him where she think they met each other. She said that she say him in a commercial and then she got memories from an other life with a plane crash on an island. She says that she remembers herself and Hurley being in Santa Rosa before. Then Hurley macks it up with Libby. I like the writers on this show. Libby says that she is in the institution voluntarily. And Hurley asks her on a date.

Locke asks how long Desmond hit the button in the hatch and asked him why he came back for more. He says that the island must have it in for him and Desmond says that the island must have it in for all of the survivors. Then another kid in old others clothes pops out of nowhere. Locke tells Desmond to ignore him.

Richard wants to go to get explosives from the Dharma Barracks. There are an insane amount of explosives on this island. Hurley says that Jacob told him that they have to talk to Locke. Alpert says to ask him what the island is. Hurley say that he doesn’t have to follow him. Alpert says that he is not changing his mind and the team splits. So, now Team Richard consists of Ricard, Ben, and Miles and Team Hurley is Hurley, Lapidus, Jack, and Sun the mute.

Hurley tells Jack that he didn’t see Jacob. Jack said that he knew and that he didn’t want people to tell him what to do and that he thins he should let go. Hurley isn’t so sure about his idea to join Locke and Jack says that he believes in him. Then we hear the whispers again. Hurley says, “I think I know what these things are.” Then he goes off alone and calls for Michael.

He finds him and he says, “You’re stuck on the island aren’t you.” And Michael says, “‘Cuz of what i did.” Hurley says “There are others out here, like you aren’t there? And that’s what the whispers are.” He says yeah. He asks Michael where Locke is and he points him out. Michael tells Hurley to tell Libby he is sorry if he ever sees her again.

Libby and Hurley finally have their first date on the beach! Libby says that it feels like a date that they have never had. Hurley asks Libby why she wants to be with her and he says it is because she is delusional. This is just like in season two’s “Dave”, except backwards. In “Dave” Hurley could not believe that Libby liked him because he though he was delusional and made her up. But here, Hurley thinks that she only likes him because she is delusional. After both of these discussions, Libby kisses Hurley.

And Hurley has flashes of the other reality. He tells Libby that he remembers stuff and she rejoices because she is not crazy. We see that Desmond has been creeping on them from a far in his car. He slides his sunglasses up because he wants so look cool, and then he drives away.

Locke brings Desmond to an old well, likely the one from last season.

He tells Desmond that the well was constructed a very long time ago by people that were looking for the answer to why their compass needles turned in circles on the island. Locke says that Widmore isn’t interested in answers like the people that dug the well, he just wants power. He tells Desmond that this isn’t the only well. Desmond asks why he wants him to see the well. Locke asks why he isn’t afraid. Desmond says, “What is the point in being afraid?” Locke pushes Desmond down the well.

He then returns to camp where Hurley soon arrives as well. Hurley says that they have to talk to Locke.

Flash sideways. Desmond is creeping on Locke in his car now and Ben comes over because he looks creeperish. Desmond says that he has a child name Charlie and that he is looking for a school for him. I bet that this Desmond know that he has a son Charlie in the other dimension and that he is not just saying the name of that rock star for a lie he made up. After his chat with Ben he quickly runs over Locke and drives on his way to check some more names of the list.

The reason Desmond did this, I thought, was quite obvious, but my brother and cousin disagreed. Desmond is like the new Jacob now. When people have near death experiences, they have flashes from the other timeline and it is Desmond’s job to make this other reality known to them. Flashes also occur when “soulmates” get together to kiss or shake hands. but it’s quicker to just try to kill them. I think Desmond knows that his fellow passengers will be safe if he tries to kill them.

Desmond and the Well

I think that Locke killed Desmond because he knows too much. When he asked Desmond if he knew who he was, he said that he was John Locke. Locke then says that he wants to talk to Desmond alone so that he can kill him. I think that we may find out that Locke was always evil. Here is my back up.

Exhibit A: Season 4 Episode 11 “Cabin Fever”. In Richard Alpert’s visit to Lil’ Locke he finds pictures that he drew of the smoke monster killing people.

Exhibit B: In the same scene Richard preforms a test on Locke. In “Ab Atearno”, two episodes ago, we learned that he was working for Jacob trying to prove that people were good and would not kill. It is likely that Alpert was looking for a possible candidate for Jacob in this scene in Cabin Fever. He sets out objects on the table and tells Locke to pick which ones had already belonged to him. He does well until he picks the knife. Knives seem to be the only way to kill Jacob and the Man in Black and this knife symbolizes the violence that Jacob is trying to prove is not programmed in humans.

Exhibit C: Locke is known for his hog hunting skills and the new Locke kills one in “Ab Atearno”

Exhibit D: The new Locke said the classic old Locke line, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do,” in “The Substitute”.

Lost – The Lighthouse: Guiding The Way

One of the first images we see in this episode is a picture of Christian, Jack I’m thinking: maybe we’ll see Ghost-Christian in this episode! But no.

Jack has a new(/old?) bruise where he had his appendix removed on the island, but his mom says that he got his appendix removed around seven. Then he goes and picks up his SON! from SCHOOL! His name is David. (More on this below)

In David’s room Jack references the White Sox. (Which is like a big deal or whatever because Jack’s dad always said the White Sox would never win. And then on the island, Ben shows him that they did win and that miracles can happen. Maybe in this reality the White Sox didn’t win because they didn’t got to the island. Jk. But, kind of serious.) Well, right after Jack mentions the White Sox, he’s like Oh! look! Alice and Wonderland! I Used to read this to you when you were little. (Just like I read to another woman’s child from an island I was on in another dimension!) But Jack can’t connect with is son, 😦 not even through the White Sox or Alice and Wonderland.  Every Cowboy Has Daddy Issues. Just like Jack and his father.

Jack doesn’t drink in this reality, but his mom does and she must be well off, because she has some MacCuthceon ‘s like Widmore. Jack’s mom tells Jack that David was sad at his dad’s funeral. Jack says he didn’t know this because his angsty teenage son is bad at showing his emotions. And his mom says it runs in the family and that his son is probably afraid of him just as he was afraid of his father. Everybody Cowboy Has Daddy Issues.

David isn’t home so he tries to find him at his mom’s house. Jack’s number is 23. The first 2 numbers of the house address is 23. “Do not mistake coincidence for fate.”-Mr. Eko.

David has picture of him and his dad just like his dad has pictures of him an his dad in his room. I get it, Jack’s relationship with his dad is like David and Jack’s relationship. Jack hears a message about David’s show and then he hears the message he sent David when he found out his dad died. Drama.

“Welcome All Candidates!”

So he goes and gets there just in time to see his son to play the piano like no one else has ever played a piano, because the island, or destiny. No, it was just because it was convenient to the plot. And then Doogan and his son compliment Jack’s son. Wait! Doogan?!?!  COME ON WRITERS! I mean, enough with this kind of thing. I know you are trying to make this season seem like season one with the whole six degrees of separation thing, but I’m tired of the writers trying to surprise us with off island cameos.

The next scene was pretty generic. The disconnected relationship between a father and a son. And then he finally find out that pizza will help him connect with his son.

Hurley abandons Miles on their journey for food when he sees Ghost-Jacob. Hurley find him when his playing in the dirty water with a stick, I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. Maybe he is trying to determine the new properties of the water. Jacob tell Hurley he need help bringing someone to the island.

Demon Sayid asks Jack why everyone is looking at him, but I think we know it is because he is a demon.

Hurley’s on a mission now. Doogan finds him in a tunnel and he’s like, “What are you doing here?” And Hurley’s like”I’m just looking becaue I’m a fan of like …temples and… history.” And then Jacob tells Hurley that he is powerful now because he is a candidate. And now Hurley’s got the powa! And Doogan says something mean. Jacob says that he has to bring Jack and he says”Have you ever tried to make Jack to do anything? Its like impossible” And then Hurley says, “It’s bad enough you already made me write down way too much stuff, and I just lied to a Samurai.” Silly Hurley.

So Hurley tells Jack “You have what it takes” and its sooo cute, just kidding, that was lame. But, that get’s Jack to go because his Daddy used to say that to him or something.

Jack tells Kate that her mission on the island to find Kate might not be possible. Jack wants Kate to go on a holy mission with her and hurley’s like “NO GIRL’S ALLOWED! SHE’S NOT SPECIAL LIKE US!”

Jack and Hurley talk relationships. Jack has given up on Kate. They find Shannon’s inhaler, the caves and Adam and Eve. And Hurley says what so many theorizing lost fans have been thinking. “Wait a second. What if we time traveled again? To like dinosaur time? And then we died and then we go buried there? What if these skeletons were us? And then Jack derail Hurley’s train of thought by reliving how he found the caves in season one. So much reminiscing.

Jack tells Hurley that he was broken and he thought the island could fix him. He’s given up hope. Then they make it to the lighthouse.

They are supposed to move the light reflector thingy to 108 degrees. (You should know why that number is important in Lost. I’m not gonna be like those annoying recaps in the enhanced episodes.) Jack finds out that Jacob used the light house to find people and guide them to the island (lighthouse analogy).This is the 108th episode of Lost. When Hurley is moving the light thingy we see Jin and Jin’s house,

the church where Jacob met Sawyer

and Jack’s house. Jack gets a little mad that Jacob was watching him so he throws a hissy fit and destroys the light house light reflector thingy! And for some reason that made me very upset. That thing was magic! Now those people won’t get to the island like Jacob wanted! I might have a nightmare tonight. And people will here me cry, “Why did you do that Jack? Now those people won’t come to the island! You ruined Jacob’s plan!”

Jacob tells Hurley that he has ink on his forehead and that the people will get to the island some other way. He wants Jack to realize that he is important because he was watching him. And he says that Locke is going to the temple, which I thought he couldn’t because of the ash and everything, but maybe he isn’t effected by that when he is in Locke-form? I dunno.

Demon Claire takes Jin back to her jungle hut so he can chill with Justin , a box of Rousseau TNT and her horse-headed Aaron doll. I like how she uses gun-shells for her new Aaron’s eyes. How cute! Claire is as crafty as Martha Stewart. And Justin says that she almost as crazy as Martha Stewart as well, but Jin’s like no, Claire and I go waaay back, I used to prepare sea urchin meat for her. Claire is such a sweetie pie, she’s just a little crazy now because she lost her son. Who wouldn’t be crazy if they lost their baby?

Claire stitches up Jin and his leg wound is almost as gruesome looking as Locke’s when he fell down by the frozen donkey wheel. Claire wants to know where Aaron is. Christian and Claire’s friend told Claire that the others took Aaron.

Jin tells Claire the truth, so she hacks Justin with an axe. Ouch! Right in the gut! Everyone seemed to like Justin. I think he’s dead now.

Claire claims she killed Justin in self-defense. And lies by saying he lied to Claire earlier because he is being smart and realizes that this is crazy wack Claire not the old cute Claire. I mean she still looks cute, not as cute but she’s not as nice. She says she would kill Kate if she raised her baby. And then, in Lost’s signature cliffhanger-y reveal moment that happens at the end of every episode, we find out who Claire’s friend is. Demon Locke comes to the hut and Jin is like “John?” And then Demon Claire, with her creepy demon smile says, “That’s not John, that’s my friend.”

Claire’s Friend:

Claire says that both her father and her friend, who is the new John Locke, tells Claire that the others have Aaron. This suggests that Christian works for the Man-in-Locke and lied back in Cabin Fever when he told old Locke that he spoke for Jacob. Christian tells Locke to move the island in order to save the island from the freighter people which does seem like something Jacob would want. Maybe The Man-In Black and Christian are fallen angels of Jacob. Maybe The Man-in-Black inhabited Christian’s body before inhabiting Locke’s.

Also, what if Aaron is on the island with the others. Maybe Aaron form the other reality, somehow? Just a crazy theory.

Candidate Names:

The names of the candidates on the light house thingy were a lot more clear than those on the cave. But, I don’t feel like listing all of them so I’ll just reference the important ones.

Linus-117 Crossed out -This must refer to Ben’s father, not Ben himself.

Austen-51 Not Crossed Out-There’s Kate’s number! I wonder why it wasn’t shown in the cave. It isn’t one of the Lost numbers. Hmm….

Rousseau-20 Crossed Out

Jacob’s Guests:

Who is Jacob trying to get to come to the island? I thought that maybe it was the losties from the other dimension, but it sounds like Jacob is only referring to one person. My hope is that it is Desmond. I think he will be an integral part in the story because he is special and he can travel from dimension to dimension.

David Sheppard:

David Sheppard was a real dude that was a n arc-bishop and cricket player. He was on of the authors of “Faith in the City”, which was a controversial report because it opposed the Thatcherite policies. According to Wikipedia, “Thatcherism thus claimed that a smaller state, freer markets and weaker trade unions could be considered the cure for Britain’s economic decline.”

Jack’s Ex-Wife:

We don’t find out who Jack’s wife was in this reality. Wouldn’t it be great if it was Juliet? They are both doctors and stuff.

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