My Thoughts On “I Came to Haplin for the Waters”

The second episode of “Happy Town” begins with Tommy looking after Sheriff Griffin in the hospital. He’s still crazy and he’s blabbering about really evil people. I think that he cut his hand off, because the British guy, Mr. Grieves was controlling him with the ring on that hand. Now that his hand is chopped off he can tell people things that Mr. Grieves was stopping him from saying.

Chloe’s old lady friends tell her that she can have an old shed to start making candles in. I am already tired of the old ladies, they are sickeningly corny.

Georgia and Andrew have another secret meeting at the Thaw Fest. I find their relationship to be stupid. I don’t find scenes with these two, to be believable. It might be because I don’t actually care about these characters. The only characters that I find interesting are Tommy, his dad, and Chloe. I find Mr. Grieves to be kind of interesting, but his character is a silly “mysterious” British man.

But, this episode basically follows the tired formula that most detective shows do. The detective finds a clue that leads him to another, and so on. The clues lead him At the end we find out that the pizza man was the man that killed that perv in the last episode, because he thought that he was the Magic Man. I would probably never have guessed that he did it, but I just didn’t feel surprised by it.

There are things I like about this episode, though. I thought the scene where Chloe steals the owner’s keys was kind of cool. I also liked the scene where Georgia starts reacting to whatever the man that she met at the hospital, put in her coffee. And the end was weird when Chloe found that bloody goat hammer and tries to take is home, but that creepy vulture attacks her when she is driving and she crashes.

This show seems to kind of suck at character development, but the mysteries of the show are just interesting enough to get me to watch when I have nothing else to do.

Happy Town Review

I wasn’t so sure about this Happy Town show and after watching the premiere episode I’m still iffy. It wasn’t great, but it had enough mystery to keep me interested. This show doesn’t feel very original, but it is somewhat entertaining. It really has a “Twin Peaks” feel. It has a very similar premise to “Twin Peaks” and like “Twin Peaks” it is a little dull at times, which I guess is kind of fitting since they take place in very small towns.

It started with some teens making out in the back of their. The girl leaves into a forest and hears someone yelling in a cabin. Then the girl decides to head home because it starts to rain. We see the man yelling in the cabin and he has the most cartoony looking face ever. He’s being tortured by some mystery man. The cartoony man tells the mystery man what he thinks he wants to know, but get a train track spike in the head instead.

We are then introduced to a woman who is moving in to Haplin and Miranda Kirby, probably the most annoying person ever. Miranda’s the girls Realtor and she is gonna show her around. Happy Town looks beautiful and happy, because that’s the idea. The show’s slogan is “Don’t let the name fool you.” Eh, anyway…

Miranda asks why the main-character-woman is moving to Haplin and she says that her mother used to love to vacation there and that she died recently.

We meet a family in Haplin. The mom wants to move to California and the daughter says that she doesn’t want to because there are “earthcakes” there. The little girl says things wrong, and that makes it cute. There is too much corny baby talk from the father in this scene. It wasn’t as bad as the scenes in Flashforward where that main character guy talks to his daughter, but still it’s too much. She’s in first grade you don’t have to talk to her like she is three.

I wonder why mommy wants to move.

Miranda and the unnamed woman talk about candles, boring. Miranda tells unnamed woman about the bread company that smells good, like candles do, and where most of the citizens of Haplin work. The woman sees graffiti of question marks with halos above them and Miranda tries to divert her attention from them.

We find out that that girl in the forest in the beginning is named Georgia and that she is that little girl’s babysitter.

Mr. Friendly drops by and tells the little girls father, Tommy, that they have some police work to do so they go away to do police stuff.

Miranda introduces takes unnamed girl and introduces her as Henley to Big Dave of Big Dave’s pizza and his friend Eli “Rootbeer” Rodger the policeman.  Rootbeer does a bad job at trying to hide the fact that he thinks Henley is a hottie. Rootbeer has to leave to do police stuff and he meets up with the other policemen we met. There is a problem over a banner that a father of a little girl that was killed by the magic man.  A small fight breaks out but it is easily subdued by Mr. Friendly (I don’t know his name on this show, but that was his name on Lost.). He’s probably the most interesting character in this show.

On Mr. Friendly and his son’s way to the crime scene from the opening scene, Mr. Friendly talks about the “vis major” which is defined as an unnatural catastrophe that disrupts the natural order of events. It’s also defined as an act of God. Tommy says that it would probably be a good ide to avoid the viz major, then. And Mr. Friendly says that he’s right and that he would tell Chloe that if he ever saw him again, and he seemed to be in some kind of trance when he said that. Tommy says, “What?” and Mr. Friendly snaps out of it.

They see the cartoony-faced guy and he has a hole all the way through his head. They say that it’s a Vis major.

Henley meets a bunch of old women where she is going to be leaving. There’s also a mysterious man named Mr. Greaves that the old women are gaga over. The owner of the house, Mrs. Penthouse, tells Henley that the third floor is of off-limits. How mysterious and original.

Rootbeer and Tommy go to the bread-factory to deliver bad news to the new widow of cartoony-faced man. She freaks out and throws flour around.

There’s a Romeo and Juliet thing going on between the babysitter girl and the son of the bread-factory owner. She is the daughter of a meth-lab owner and their parents are enemies so they have to pretend like they hate each other in public and make-out and say corny things when they are alone.

The widow gets interrogated and she talks about how her husband was a perv. Everyone in town seems to agree. She says that the Stiviletto brothers were always picking on him. Mr. Friendly goes into an other weird trance thing and asks when Chloe contacted the widow. He asks, “Did you realize the glow from her mouth was the silvery moon?” Nobody knows what he is talking about. Then he asks which Stiviletto picked on him.

Tommy and his dad go visit the Stiviletto brothers in a dumpy yard. They ask what they did last night and they say that they were working on a dunk-machine for the festival coming up. Mr. Friendly asks if Chloe knows that they are there and pops out of his trance again. I think it’s kind of cool when this happens, but it’s been happening in like every scene, the writers might wanna tone it down a little.

Henley goes to chat with the mysterious Mr. Greaves in his movie memorabilia shop. Mr. Greaves tells Henley about the first film he saw, “The Blue Door”. He tells her that the blue door was “a portal into the heart of man.” He says that dread is in every part of the human heart. He says the sheriff of Haplin has been able to keep dread at bay in Haplin for the last 5 years. The dread he is talking about is known as the Magic man because he is good at making people disappear. He says that an eighteen year old girl was the first victim twelve years ago. And every year for the next seven years, one more person vanished and a belonging of theirs is left behind. Five years ago, he stopped. No one knows what happened to the Magic man. Greaves thinks he went back through the blue door.

Tommy suggests that Mr. Friendly should see a head doctor, because he keeps talking about some girl that he has never heard of. But he says he is fine.

Henley eats dinner with all of the old ladies and they tell her about the murder that everyone in town is hush-hush about. Mr. Greaves stops by on his way out for a late stroll in the dark, suspicious.

It turns out Mr. Greaves is heading to Big Dave’s pizza where he sees Mr. Friendly who ain’t too happy to see him. He says, “What are you still doing in my county?” And Mr. Greaves says, “Did you really just utter a version of ‘This town ain’t big enough for the both of us’?” He gives Mr. Friendly his ring back and he Mr. Friendly just walks away. Maybe the ring is how Greaves is controlling Mr. Friendly?

Tommy is back home and his daughter finds out that “someone got killded”. She says words wrong because she is little.

Tommy get called to the police station and there is weird green light shining in from outside for some reason, his dad has locked himself in his office, and he is going crazy. He threatens Tommy through the door, that if he touches baby Jesus, he will do something bad. He says that Chloe burnt the can, whatever the hell that means.

Henley calls her mom at 12:30 at night. I guess she lied about her being dead. She says her name is Chloe and we can see that she has a question mark halo tattoo.

Mr. Friendly says that he will come back and that they can’t stop him.

Chloe goes up the forbidden stairs as Mr. Greaves watches her.

“He’s a magic man,” Mr. Friendly says right before he cops his hand off with an axe!

It ends with the Magic man, closing the door of the shack where the cartoony-man was killed.

The ending was what is has persuaded me to watch next week’s episode. This show could be alright. We’ll have to see.

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