Fringe Review: The Man From The Other Side

Alright, this episode was a little complicated. If I understand correctly: Peter found out that he was from an other dimension because a man from an other dimension appeared on a bridge from an other dimension, in the dimension Peter currently is in. And this happened because three shape-shifters from another dimension set up three harmonic rods in the dimension our charters are in (lets just call it the Fringe dimension, from now on)  that corresponded with three harmonic rods in the other dimension. When the radio waves from the other dimension correspond with the solar from the Fringe dimension, the area between the triangle created by the three points is switched. So, Peter saw the man from an other dimension on a bridge from an other dimension when this was happening and the body of an other man that Peter was with disassembled. Peter and the man from the other dimension lived through the dimension switcher-roo, so Peter came to the conclusion that he was from an other dimension. Alright some of that seems a little far-fetched for Fringe even, but how can I say that? I’m watching Fringe after-all.

Fringe: The Musical

Apparently, Fringe is gong to air a musical episode on the 29th of April, according to  It takes place in Walter’s mind. I think that should be interesting.

Fringe: Jacksonville

I have no clue if there is an actual theory about quantum tectonic event and I don’t care if the writers came up with it or not. Fringe puts just enough truth into things to make accept that it is true for the sake of the show.

Well, the quantum tectonic event, caused a building from another dimension to come to Olivia’s dimension. Mr. Prachet from our reality combines with Mr. Prachet from the other reality. In Olivia’s reality, Mr. Prachet is not married, in the other he is. We also learn this other world could have double-decker cars.

Walter knew that a building from their dimension with the same mass as the one that appeared in their dimension from the other dimension would have to go to that other dimension in order to create an equilibrium between the two dimensions. I guess it takes a little while before that happens, though, which allows Walter to experiment on Olivia (Just, like the good old days in season one. Oh, and when Olivia was a child). He gives her some Clozapine. Peter has a good line, he says, ” You were conducting illegal drug trials on children, dont make that sound like charity work.” After Walter tells Olivia that he was trying to give her the Ability to see the other world through his testings.

It was really cool to see where Walter experimented on Olivia and and the other children. It was kind of eerie. “Our kids are happy kids” was painted on one wall and Olivia saw her mark on the wall where she had been measured. The scene in which Olivia meets her younger self, is pretty scary. It was cool to see Olivia get angry with Walter, that was a well acted scene.

My favorite part of this episode was probably when Walter did a little jig after Peter told him that he was going to get a drink with Olivia. I am glad that something is finally happening between them seeing as they have been hinting at it a long time.

But, Olivia and Peter going an a date wasn’t the most interesting part of the last few scenes. Now, tha Olivia has strengthen her parallel universe sense, she knows something Walter does not want anyone to know about Peter, Peter from the alternate universe, that Peter. I am really excited about the rest of the season after watching the promo after the episode. We are gonna get to learn about how Walter went about getting Peter from the alternate universe. Yay!

Fringe – What Lies Below


I really want another mythology based Fringe episode. There are more things I can write about when I write about mythology episodes. This episode was pretty good, though. It was pretty intense, Fringe does intense scenes pretty well. I just wish Fringe could be as unpredictable as Lost, so that it would seem like the characters could actually die,  but that’s easier for Lost to do since it has such a large cast. I wish they would have at least ended the episode when Peter running away, but it seems like they always have to have a happy ending.

Second Life:

I think its kind of funny that Astrid didn’t ask Walter what he meant by saying that he didn’t want Peter to die again, when he asked it, because I think that sounds kind of weird. I wonder what she thinks Walter meant by that. It should be interesting to see if she finds out what he meant.

Peter + Olivia:

I think something should happen between Olivia and Peter. They keep hinting at it but nothing ever happens.

Next Week:

Looks like another self-contained episode, but it deals with Nazis? Interesting. The episode is called The Bishop Revival however, maybe referring to Peter being “born again”? If not, it sounds like we will learn something about the Bishop family.

Fringe: Unearthed

This is the episode that was supposed to air last year, that I was telling you about. That’s why Charlie was alive again all of a sudden, like the seventeen year old girl in this episode. I am curious to know why this episode did not air last year. I loved the strong theme of faith in this episode and I believe it may be the reason it did not air. I think that would be a horrible reason to not air this episode, but its the only reason I can think of. If that is the case, I find it stupid.

We find out that Olivia does not believe in faith because it caused her mother too many problems with her father. We find out that Peter does not have faith in faith, but in the end of the episode it is his dad’s book about the Tibetan beliefs of the afterlife that he uses to save Teresa, Lisa and himself.

Walter comes up with a scientific explanation for possession and he speaks about near-death experiences and how people can see things that they should not be able to see. When Walter discusses his explanation for possession, the priest shows disbelief and Walter is upset that the priest confronts him about this. We later find that Walter believes in faith. He quotes part of Isaiah 7:9:

“If you do not stand firm in your faith,
you will not stand at all.”

Then he says “Even as a scientist, I have to rely on faith.”

I have to say the end was not very suspenseful, because I knew Olivia and Peter would come in the nick of time to save Teresa and Lisa, and that’s really the only complaint I have about this episode. I already said I loved the strong themes of faith and I felt that the actress portraying Lisa did a pretty good job, which is not always the case with Fringe guest stars.

The Observer: The Observer was visible in the background, about 17 minutes into the show with commercials, when Olivia is speaking to Lisa’s mom about her faith.

Thursday’s episode looks like another monster of the week episode:

Sasquatch?!? Oh no!

Lost Episode of Fringe to Air

I guess there was an episode of the first season of Fringe that wasn’t aired. It is called “Unearthed” and according to The Fringe Report, it will air on January 11th. I wonder why they didn’t air it last year, but I’m not complaining. I hope they put the episode on the season two DVD and bluray set.

My Favorite Shows of 2009

Best Drama Shows of 2009

5. The United States of Tara

This United States of Tara is well written and very funny. Coilette does a phenomenal job portraying Tara and all of here personalities. As Buck, a dirty and brutish biker,  she/he beats up a boy who is harassing her daughter. As T, a rebelliant teenaged girl, she buys her daughter day-after pills. And as Alice, a proper stepford wife, she washes her daughter’s mouth out with soap. It was cool to find out why Tara suffers from dissociative identities in the finale and to see her making great breakthroughs in recovery. I am curious to see what path this takes the show on next season.

4. V

I know there were only four episodes of V this year, but I feel that V is the best new serial drama. The acting is great and the fast-paced storyline is refreshing. And unlike Flashforward, the story actually progresses in each episode. I can’t wait to see Ana swallow a guinea pig live.

3. Fringe

Fringe has not been getting too many viewers recently. If you don’t watch Fringe, you should. Fringe is one of the best shows on primetime tv right now. At first I was upset with the somewhat formulaic quality of the show. Now, however I think of it as a modern day Twilight Zone. The things that the characters have to deal with are very interesting and even though they can be somewhat unbelievable, Walter Bishop’s explanations have enough real science to convince you to feel that crazy things like mind control and alternate realities can exist. The show is meant to be friendly to the casual viewer and I feel that each episode has just enough of the backstory to satisfy the hardcore fans of the show. I do usually find the episodes that focus more on the mythology better, though.

2. Lost

I can easily say that Lost will probably end up being may favorite show of all time. It has amazing writing and acting and the feelings of awe, such as I felt when it was revealed that the Losties (or some of them anyway) got off the island in the third season finale, cannot be replicated by any other show. Every episode is crawling with subtle clues and easter eggs that beg for the viewer to interact and dig deeper. These are only a few reasons that I am proud to be obsessed with this show.

I loved that Lost jumped into time travel this year, it was very cool to see the mythology of the show as it happened first hand. I wasn’t sure what to think about the episode Namaste because it asked the viewer to accept that three years had passed in Dharmaville and Juliet and Sawyer were now an item. I have come over this now and I feel it was necessary and entertaining to see the losties be a part of what was a big part of their future on the island. The finale was fantastic and I cannot wait until the final season! (Although its a little sad that its ending).
1. Battlestar Galactica

If you know me, I know what you are thinking right now, why is Lost not first on my list? Well I felt that it was quite difficult to pick between these two fantastic seasons of television. It is kind of a tie for me, but Seeing as Battlestar had such an amazing series finale this year I thought it should be number one. Battlestar did a great job at looking at what religion, government, and the essence of humanity are. The charaters are amazing. Katee Sackoff is great as Kara Thrace, the hot tough girl who has a dark destiny. Mary McDonnell is amazing asLaura Rosalin, the vulnerable and strong dying leader.  I could go on and on about all of the great characters, but I won’t.

It felt good to see the show come to an end and see some of the characters fulfill their destinies, as cheesy as that may sound. The finale made me cry, I don’t have a problem with admitting that.

Best Comedy Shows of 2009

5. Parks and Recreation

I watched the first couple episodes of this show last season and I felt it was just an Office rip-off. I decided to give it another try this year and I was happy I did. I felt that Leslie Knope was a lot like Micheal Scott but now she seems more well-meaning, sharp-tongued, and well-rounded. I also like the supporting character better now, Aziz’s character is hilarious and I really like Rashida Jones’ character.

4. Modern Family

This was may favorite new comedy show of the year. All of the characters are hilarious and the show does a good job at juggling all of the characters and at keeping them seem real.
3. The Office

I have heard a lot of people say that The Office is getting old and that the show is going down hill, but I don’t feel that way. I still find the relationships between the characters to be interesting. I thought the long-awaited Jim-Pam episode was well done.

2. Flight of the Conchords

The second season of Flight of the Conchords was just as fresh as the first. I love the level of absurdity of this show.  Like in the episode where Brett spends $2.79 on a new teacup, which sends the band into bankruptcy, so Jermaine turns to prostitution.

1. 30 Rock

What I like about 30 Rock is that it is very fast-paced and it has a strange and self-aware humor that reminds me of Arrested Development. I tend to love any episode in which Tracy and Jenna work together to wreak havoc on the set. And quirky Kenneth always makes me laugh.

Check out my cousin’s Top Ten TV Show List of 2009.

Fringe: Gray Matter

The most recent episode of Fringe was quite amazing. We learned why Walter was mentally insane, and we learned more about the people from the other dimension. There was a lot of great acting in this episode too. The scene in which Paris was making Walter perform word association with things that reminded him of his son was very well done on John Noble’s part. And the scene where Olivia has the shapeshifter at gunpoint and is on the phone with Peter is quite intense.

I love how crazy Fringe is getting, they have been letting their freak-flag fly from the get go. But this episode was about the Fringe science team trying to find an evil shapeshifter from another dimension that is fueled by mercury and who is stealing frozen heads. Well, they are trying to find him because he is gathering parts of Walter’s brain tissue from inside of other people’s brains that some man named Dr. Paris removed so that Walter could not remember how to open a portal to the other dimension. Walter opened this portal because his son died and he wanted to replace him with his son from the parallel universe (at least I think that’s right). It would be fun to try to explain this show to someone unfamiliar with it.

At the end, in a very interesting twist, we see William Bell in the past operating on Walter and we find out that he went by the name of Dr. Paris. So I think this means that the shapeshifter people are working for William Bell/Dr. Paris (whatever his real name is). But I admit that I am not really sure. This show is kind of confusing sometimes, which I love. I just feel it would be easier to follow if the overarching storyline was more of a focal point in every episode instead of having a couple episodes with heavy development in this storyline interspersed between monster-of-the-week episodes.

This was definitely one of the best episodes of Fringe. I wish that more people watched this show so I would not have to worried about it being canceled and so I could watch more episodes like this one.

Fringe: Snakehead

This was probably the bloodiest episode of Fringe yet. The giant worm creatures made people bleed and even Astrid got a little bloody. It was cool that she got to get more involved in this episode, we don’t get to see her outside of the lab very often. I think I’d actually be pretty interested in a Astrid back-story episode. The most surprising bloody moment of this episode to me however, was when the man that was being interrogated slit his throat open. I didn’t think Fringe would show something like that.

This was another one of those episodes that was kind of a self-contained monster story but there was a lot of good acting. John Noble did a good job in this episode. We saw him as his usual brilliant and twisted self but we also saw him as he fought to be dependent from his son. Then, when he gets separated from Astrid in Chinatown he is like vulnerable baby. I thought the scene in which he finds out what happened to Astrid was great. As well as the scene at the end of the episode when he gave up his fight for independence and tell his son that he implanted a tracking device in his neck so that he could always find him.

Finding The Observer
The observer is at about 24 minutes into the show without commercials. He appears after the guy with the worms calls someone because Walter said he had worms that were four feet long.

Next Week
We know from the promo for next week’s episode that it won’t be another monster episode. We are gonna be dealing with the whole parallel universe thing, of which I am a big fan. So, yep looking forward to next week.

Fringe: August

“August” was one of those episodes of Fringe that was based on the mythology of the show, of which I am a fan. We learned a lot about the omnipresent observer, the first of which was that there are multiple observers. If what the scientist at Massive Dynamics said was true, then the observers experience all time simultaneously and that is how they know what the main character of Fringe perceive to be the future. In this episode one of the observers named August decides to become a “do-er”. Observers are just supposed to observe things as they happen. August decides to kidnap a girl, in turn saving her life from a future plane crash. The other observers don’t like this so they send their private assassin, Donald to course correct time. Maybe the observers are the Eloise Hawkings of Fringe. What I mean by that, for those of you that aren’t too familiar with Lost (The final season premieres February 2nd at 9pm! It’s gonna be on Tuesday’s this year! at 9! Yaaaay!), maybe the observers are observing to make sure that what happened before will happen again and that nobody screws up the timeline.
The shootdown scene at the end was pretty intense. August’s gun was crazy. I was surprised that August was still alive when after that fight. August was picked up by the first observer and we find out that he may be the first observer to have feelings or to love someone. The other observer said that the girl he had feelings for will be safe know because August made her important. The he says “She is responsible for the death of one of us.” I think he is referring to Donald, the assassin here. I really liked this scene.
The final scene was great too as the the observers watch Olivia and her niece having a good time on a wooden roller coaster and speak about her rapidly approaching problems, which I can’t wait to see.

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