Best Albums of 2011

Eye Contact – Gang Gang Dance

Channel Pressure – Ford and Lopatin

You Are All I See – Active Child

Replica-Oneohtrix Point Never

Forever – Sleep∞Over

With U – Holy Other

Tomboy – Panda Bear

Trust Now – Prince Rama

Badlands – Dirty Beaches

Instrumental Mixtape/Forest EP – Calms Casino

We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves – John Maus
W H O K I L L – tUnE-yArDs
Relax – Das Rasict
Ruin 1/ Ruin 2 – Elite Gymnastics
Dxys Xff/ Teams vs Star Slinger – Teams/ Star Slinger
Glass Drop – Battles
Thee Physical – Pictureplane
House of Balloons/Thursday – The Weeknd
Bodysongs – Born Gold (Previoulsy Gobble Gobble)
Looping State of Mind – The Field
808’s & Dark Grapes II – Main Attrakionz
Era Extraña – Neon Indian
Ravedeath 1972 – Tim Hecker
Conatus – Zola Jesus
Wander/Wonder – Balam Acab

Honorable Mentions

LiveLoveA$ap – ASAP Rocky

Goblin – Tyler the Creator
Defaults – Hard Mix
Galactic Melt – Com Truise
Parallax – Atlas Sound
Go Tell Fire on the Mountain – WU LYF
Black Up/Of Light/Shabazz Palaces – Shabazz Palaces
Underneath the Pine – Toro Y Moi
Azari and III – Azari and III
Cults – Cults
Lesser Known – Adventures
James Blake – James Blake
Benny and the Jetts – TV Girl
Within and Without – Washed Out
Sigma Chi Primavera – Fancy Mike


On A Different Note – 10

Flash Delirium” by MGMT

This new track by MGMT sound kinda like a new-agey Beatles song, I like it.

DeadND” by Gonjasufi

I like Gonjasufi’s new album. Its called A Sufi and A Killer, and its kind of different. It sounds like some fuzz old timey hip-hop-pop with a touch of India. Just listen to it.

Rose Bath” by Raw Moans

Sleep Paralysist” by Neon Indian

Life Coach” by Fang Island

A friend of mine turned me to this album, it’s pretty decent as well. He wrote a review for it here.

Black Horses” by Dirty Beaches

Is it me or does that look like a dharma initiative logo?

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