“The Other Guys” Versus The “Schmucks”

If you are trying to find a comedy to entertain you during this deadbeat summer, you basically have two choices, “Dinner for Schmucks” or “The Other Guys”. You should choose the latter.

“Dinner for Schmucks” is pretty good. It’s hard to go wrong with so many hilarious people: Steve Carell, Zach Galifianakis, Paul Rudd, Jermaine Clement, and Kristen Schaal. (I find it kind of funny that Jeff Dunham is in this movie, he is a “comedian” but he is not “funny”. But, he plays the schmuck at the party with a puppet which makes sense, because he tries to be funny using puppets.) The acting is pretty great in this movie, it’s the writing that isn’t spectacular. It’s a pretty basic and predictable storyline. The schmuck that Paul Rudd’s character needs for a party to get a promotion causes him a lot of problems and then they go to the party. I enjoyed “Dinner for Schmucks”, but it wasn’t amazing.

“The Other Guys” was probably the funniest comedy this summer, which isn’t saying hardly anything at all because the year has sucked in terms of movies. “Dinner for Schmucks” is basically it’s only competitor.  There’s nothing serious about it, it’s really just a good time. Will Ferrell basically plays the same character that he always plays, but it works here. I wasn’t a fan of Mark Wahlberg’s acting, I don’t feel he does the comedy thing that well, but he wasn’t bad enough to not enjoy it. The scenes are with Eva Mendez, Will Ferrell’s average looking wife. One thing I like about the movie is that it is pretty unpredictable, some pretty extreme things happen, it doesn’t get to the point of being like “The Hangover” in that aspect, but it’s nice that it’s not really predictable.

The winners: “The Other Guys”,

Summer Movie Guide 2010

May 7th – Ironman 2

I’m not really looking forward to this one. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one, I thought it was overrated and Tony Stark is a jerk. I’ll probably end up seeing it though.

June 4th – Splice

This film has been getting some good feedback from Sundance. It looks like it could be an original and entertaining sci-fi story.

June 4th – Get Him To The Greek

If you liked “Forgetting Sarah Marshall chances are you will enjoy “Get Him To The Greek”, it is written and directed by the same people. Russel Brand’s rock-star character is the same from “Sarah Marshall”, but this time Jonah Hill is a record company intern who’s job is to transport Brand to his gig in LA.

June 18th – Toy Story 3

I must say I am a bit worried about this one, but I will see it, Pixar hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

June 18th – Cyrus

Another favorite at Sundance,  John C. Reilly plays a man fighting for a woman with her son (Jonah Hill).

July 2nd – The Last Airbender

I think it’s easy to say that Avatar: The Last Airbender is the most epic cartoon geared towards tweens or whatever age people are that watch Nickelodeon. A live-action film directed by M. Night Shymalan doesn’t sound like a good idea, judging by his recent releases. The special effects do look pretty cool though. I’ll probably see this one.

July 16th – Inception

This is defiantly the movie I am looking most forward to this summer. It’s probably also the movie I know the least about and I want it to stay that way. All I need to know is that Christopher Nolan is directing it.

July 23th – Dinner for Schmucks

Paul Rudd brings a nerdy Steve Carell to a business dinner in which the man with the nerdiest guest wins. If that isn’t enough to make you wanna see this movie, Zach Galifinakis is a mind reader.

August 6th – The Other Guys

I’m ready to give Will Ferrell another chance, this trailer looked alright. I think it will be better then “Cop Out” and it’s directed by the same guy that did “Stepbrothers”, which was alright.

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