Live Together, Die Together- My Review of Lost’s “The End” Part One

My last Lost recap 😦

It starts with Christian Shepard’s coffin arriving. Then there is a short flashsideways shot where Jack is doing doctor stuff and then there are short montage clips of Jack drinking water on the island, Sawyer and Kate in the island and Kate waiting at the church while Desmond gets the coffin.

Desmond tells Kate that the man in the coffin is Christian Shepard and Kate says, “Christian Shepard, seriously?” Pointing out that it is a blatantly religious name. Desmond tells Kate that he wants to leave, but he won’t say where. We think it is the island, but it isn’t.

On the island it looks like Jack is peeing in the island while Kate watches frm a far. Sawyer asks him if he is ok and that he is confused about what happened. Jack tells Hurley, Kate and Sawyer that they have to go past the bamboo forest to the magic light cave. Hurley says that Jacob is worse the Yoda. Star Wars reference. Sawyer says that he is going to go find Desmond.

Sideways Hurley takes Sayid to the hotel and shows him a tranquilizer gun. Sayid still doesn’t get it, he can’t remember the other dimension. Hurley goes in the motel and picks up Charlie. He doesn’t wanna come so Hurley tranquilizes him.

On the island, Jack tells about his motives for becoming protector of the island and he says that he was out of things to screw up. Kate tells him that “Nothing is irreversible.”

Sawyer tries to stealthy spy on Locke, but Ben finds him. Locke tells Sawyer that he is going to use Desmond to sink the island and Sawyer tells Locke that someone has taken Jacob’s place. Sawyer steals Ben’s gun and leaves. Locke tells Ben that he lied and that he would not be ale to have the island because it was going to sink, but that Ben could go away with him on his boat. Locke finds Vincent tracks.

Vincent licks Desmond awake and he finds himself at Rose and Bearnard’s camp. They feed him and say that they broke their rule for him. Desmond is always the special one to whom the rules don’t apply. Rose says that they don’t like the drama and don’t like helping people out. Then they get some drama. Locke and Ben come out of the forest and Locke threatens that he will kill Rose and Bernard and that he will make it hurt unless Desmond comes and does what Locke wants him to do. Rose is ready to die for the cause and Desmond agrees he will help Locke.

Locke asks Desmond if he knows where he is taking him and he says that he doesn’t know, but he guesses they are going to see a bright light. Ben’s walkie crackles, but he doesn’t answer.

It’s Miles tring to get a hold of him, he has found Alpert who still wants to blow up the plane.

Sideways Miles sees Sayid and calls Sawyer to tell him and he says he will go talk to Sun because that was who he shot.

Sideways Sun says that she is a little sore. She just got shot, of course she’s a little sore. Juliet comes in and gives Sun her ultra-sound. Sun and Jin get flashes because this happened before, but Juliet is still clueless. Jin and Sun can speak English now.

On the island, Sawyer is rushing through the forest and he runs into Kate, Jack and Hurley. Hurley freaks out because he jumps out of the forest. Sawyer tells them what happened. They all head to the light and the awesome Micheal Giaccino finale trekking music kicks in.

On an outrigger, Miles pulls Alpert’s first gray hair from his head and he says that he wants to live. They paddle into a dead body and then find Lapidus. I thought he was dead for sure. Then Lapidus tells them that he can fly the plane.

Kate shoots at Locke from a far. Silly Kate, you know you can’t kill him right? Locke says he thought Jacob would have picked someone else because he was the obvious choice. Jack says he chose and that he was gonna kill Locke. Locke asks how hw is going to kill him and Jack says it’s a surprise.

Sideways Jack and Juliet meet in the hospital and it is “revealed” that Juliet is Jack’s ex.

Jack and Sawyer have secret chat right behind Locke about killing Locke. At the point of the bamboo forest, Locke says that just he, Desmond, and Jack should go on from here. As they tie Desmond up, he tells Jack that they are together in the flash-sideways. But Jack says that “All of this matters.” They go in the cave and see a waterfall.

Sideways Hurley and Sayid talk in Hurley’s Hummer. Boone and Shanon are fighting outside and Sayid has his flash moment when he meets her and they kiss. Boone tells Hurley that it was a pain to get Shanon from Australia.

Miles finally gets a hold of Ben and tells him their plan. Claire shoots at them and it reminds me of the scene in the finale of season three when Ben has Jin, Sayid and Bernard tied up on the other side of the walkie talkie. Anyway, they offer to take Claire with them and she refuses. Locke and Jack let Desmond down the waterfall on a rope. Locke comments on how this is similar to the time when they lowered someone into a hatch and that Desmond was in it. Jack says that he isn’t Locke and that Locke was right about everything. Locke says that Jack will know he is wrong when the island sinks.

Sideways Juliet gets called to the hospital, leaving short Claire and David together.

Backstage Charlotte wakes Charlie up and she meets Daniel. Claire and Kate are surprised to see each other at Desmond’s table. Table 23. Pierre Chang introduces Daniel Widmore accompanied by Driveshaft. Charlie sees Claire and they stare at each other. Then Claire has tummy problems and leaves, Kate follows after her.

Desmond reaches the inner pool below the waterfall and he is blasted by electromagnetic energy. He pulls a giant stone cork thing out of the center of the pool and it drains. The cork hole turns orange and flames come from it an it looks like they are in a volcano. Could this be the volcano? Locke says it looks like you were wrong. Jack punches Locke and he bleeds. “It looks like you were wrong too,” he says. Locke hits him in the head with a rock and runs away.

Sideways Claire goes backstage looking for a bathroom and Kate finds her.

Eloise tells Desmond that she thought she made it clear that she wanted him to stop what he was doing. Desmond tells her that he doesn’t care and that and that he won’t be taking Daniel.

Kate comforts Claire and sends Charlie to go get water and blankets. We see a recreation of Aaron’s birth between flashes of the actual one and Kate sees the other world. It’s kind of an awkward moment to remember the other storyline. Charlie gives her the blanket and they remember each other. Desmond comes in and ask Kate if she understands. She says, “So, now what?”

Lost – The Lighthouse: Guiding The Way

One of the first images we see in this episode is a picture of Christian, Jack I’m thinking: maybe we’ll see Ghost-Christian in this episode! But no.

Jack has a new(/old?) bruise where he had his appendix removed on the island, but his mom says that he got his appendix removed around seven. Then he goes and picks up his SON! from SCHOOL! His name is David. (More on this below)

In David’s room Jack references the White Sox. (Which is like a big deal or whatever because Jack’s dad always said the White Sox would never win. And then on the island, Ben shows him that they did win and that miracles can happen. Maybe in this reality the White Sox didn’t win because they didn’t got to the island. Jk. But, kind of serious.) Well, right after Jack mentions the White Sox, he’s like Oh! look! Alice and Wonderland! I Used to read this to you when you were little. (Just like I read to another woman’s child from an island I was on in another dimension!) But Jack can’t connect with is son, 😦 not even through the White Sox or Alice and Wonderland.  Every Cowboy Has Daddy Issues. Just like Jack and his father.

Jack doesn’t drink in this reality, but his mom does and she must be well off, because she has some MacCuthceon ‘s like Widmore. Jack’s mom tells Jack that David was sad at his dad’s funeral. Jack says he didn’t know this because his angsty teenage son is bad at showing his emotions. And his mom says it runs in the family and that his son is probably afraid of him just as he was afraid of his father. Everybody Cowboy Has Daddy Issues.

David isn’t home so he tries to find him at his mom’s house. Jack’s number is 23. The first 2 numbers of the house address is 23. “Do not mistake coincidence for fate.”-Mr. Eko.

David has picture of him and his dad just like his dad has pictures of him an his dad in his room. I get it, Jack’s relationship with his dad is like David and Jack’s relationship. Jack hears a message about David’s show and then he hears the message he sent David when he found out his dad died. Drama.

“Welcome All Candidates!”

So he goes and gets there just in time to see his son to play the piano like no one else has ever played a piano, because the island, or destiny. No, it was just because it was convenient to the plot. And then Doogan and his son compliment Jack’s son. Wait! Doogan?!?!  COME ON WRITERS! I mean, enough with this kind of thing. I know you are trying to make this season seem like season one with the whole six degrees of separation thing, but I’m tired of the writers trying to surprise us with off island cameos.

The next scene was pretty generic. The disconnected relationship between a father and a son. And then he finally find out that pizza will help him connect with his son.

Hurley abandons Miles on their journey for food when he sees Ghost-Jacob. Hurley find him when his playing in the dirty water with a stick, I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. Maybe he is trying to determine the new properties of the water. Jacob tell Hurley he need help bringing someone to the island.

Demon Sayid asks Jack why everyone is looking at him, but I think we know it is because he is a demon.

Hurley’s on a mission now. Doogan finds him in a tunnel and he’s like, “What are you doing here?” And Hurley’s like”I’m just looking becaue I’m a fan of like …temples and… history.” And then Jacob tells Hurley that he is powerful now because he is a candidate. And now Hurley’s got the powa! And Doogan says something mean. Jacob says that he has to bring Jack and he says”Have you ever tried to make Jack to do anything? Its like impossible” And then Hurley says, “It’s bad enough you already made me write down way too much stuff, and I just lied to a Samurai.” Silly Hurley.

So Hurley tells Jack “You have what it takes” and its sooo cute, just kidding, that was lame. But, that get’s Jack to go because his Daddy used to say that to him or something.

Jack tells Kate that her mission on the island to find Kate might not be possible. Jack wants Kate to go on a holy mission with her and hurley’s like “NO GIRL’S ALLOWED! SHE’S NOT SPECIAL LIKE US!”

Jack and Hurley talk relationships. Jack has given up on Kate. They find Shannon’s inhaler, the caves and Adam and Eve. And Hurley says what so many theorizing lost fans have been thinking. “Wait a second. What if we time traveled again? To like dinosaur time? And then we died and then we go buried there? What if these skeletons were us? And then Jack derail Hurley’s train of thought by reliving how he found the caves in season one. So much reminiscing.

Jack tells Hurley that he was broken and he thought the island could fix him. He’s given up hope. Then they make it to the lighthouse.

They are supposed to move the light reflector thingy to 108 degrees. (You should know why that number is important in Lost. I’m not gonna be like those annoying recaps in the enhanced episodes.) Jack finds out that Jacob used the light house to find people and guide them to the island (lighthouse analogy).This is the 108th episode of Lost. When Hurley is moving the light thingy we see Jin and Jin’s house,

the church where Jacob met Sawyer

and Jack’s house. Jack gets a little mad that Jacob was watching him so he throws a hissy fit and destroys the light house light reflector thingy! And for some reason that made me very upset. That thing was magic! Now those people won’t get to the island like Jacob wanted! I might have a nightmare tonight. And people will here me cry, “Why did you do that Jack? Now those people won’t come to the island! You ruined Jacob’s plan!”

Jacob tells Hurley that he has ink on his forehead and that the people will get to the island some other way. He wants Jack to realize that he is important because he was watching him. And he says that Locke is going to the temple, which I thought he couldn’t because of the ash and everything, but maybe he isn’t effected by that when he is in Locke-form? I dunno.

Demon Claire takes Jin back to her jungle hut so he can chill with Justin , a box of Rousseau TNT and her horse-headed Aaron doll. I like how she uses gun-shells for her new Aaron’s eyes. How cute! Claire is as crafty as Martha Stewart. And Justin says that she almost as crazy as Martha Stewart as well, but Jin’s like no, Claire and I go waaay back, I used to prepare sea urchin meat for her. Claire is such a sweetie pie, she’s just a little crazy now because she lost her son. Who wouldn’t be crazy if they lost their baby?

Claire stitches up Jin and his leg wound is almost as gruesome looking as Locke’s when he fell down by the frozen donkey wheel. Claire wants to know where Aaron is. Christian and Claire’s friend told Claire that the others took Aaron.

Jin tells Claire the truth, so she hacks Justin with an axe. Ouch! Right in the gut! Everyone seemed to like Justin. I think he’s dead now.

Claire claims she killed Justin in self-defense. And lies by saying he lied to Claire earlier because he is being smart and realizes that this is crazy wack Claire not the old cute Claire. I mean she still looks cute, not as cute but she’s not as nice. She says she would kill Kate if she raised her baby. And then, in Lost’s signature cliffhanger-y reveal moment that happens at the end of every episode, we find out who Claire’s friend is. Demon Locke comes to the hut and Jin is like “John?” And then Demon Claire, with her creepy demon smile says, “That’s not John, that’s my friend.”

Claire’s Friend:

Claire says that both her father and her friend, who is the new John Locke, tells Claire that the others have Aaron. This suggests that Christian works for the Man-in-Locke and lied back in Cabin Fever when he told old Locke that he spoke for Jacob. Christian tells Locke to move the island in order to save the island from the freighter people which does seem like something Jacob would want. Maybe The Man-In Black and Christian are fallen angels of Jacob. Maybe The Man-in-Black inhabited Christian’s body before inhabiting Locke’s.

Also, what if Aaron is on the island with the others. Maybe Aaron form the other reality, somehow? Just a crazy theory.

Candidate Names:

The names of the candidates on the light house thingy were a lot more clear than those on the cave. But, I don’t feel like listing all of them so I’ll just reference the important ones.

Linus-117 Crossed out -This must refer to Ben’s father, not Ben himself.

Austen-51 Not Crossed Out-There’s Kate’s number! I wonder why it wasn’t shown in the cave. It isn’t one of the Lost numbers. Hmm….

Rousseau-20 Crossed Out

Jacob’s Guests:

Who is Jacob trying to get to come to the island? I thought that maybe it was the losties from the other dimension, but it sounds like Jacob is only referring to one person. My hope is that it is Desmond. I think he will be an integral part in the story because he is special and he can travel from dimension to dimension.

David Sheppard:

David Sheppard was a real dude that was a n arc-bishop and cricket player. He was on of the authors of “Faith in the City”, which was a controversial report because it opposed the Thatcherite policies. According to Wikipedia, “Thatcherism thus claimed that a smaller state, freer markets and weaker trade unions could be considered the cure for Britain’s economic decline.”

Jack’s Ex-Wife:

We don’t find out who Jack’s wife was in this reality. Wouldn’t it be great if it was Juliet? They are both doctors and stuff.

Lost: The Lighthouse-Preview

This season so far, has followed the same pattern of episode centricity (that is probably not a word) as that of the first season. The two part premiere this season corresponds with the two part pilot in season one. All four of those hours of Lost are dedicated to multiple characters. Then came What Kate Did which corresponds with the Kate-centric episode, Tabula Rasa, the second episode of season one. Then last week was a Locke-centric episode, like Walkabout. If this pattern continues that would mean that The Lighthouse is a Jack-centric episode. Judging by what happened in What Kate Did, and assuming that The Lighthouse will pick up the story from the end of that episode, we will be dealing a lot with whatever is has happened to Claire/ what is happening to Sayid. This seems quite fitting seeing as the first Jack-centric episode in season one, White Rabbit, is the episode in which Jack sees his dead father walking on the island. (Crazy prediction: Maybe the reason Christian Shephard is walking on the island is because he is from the off-island reality.) I hope we get to see Christian Shephard this episode, and I feel there is a good chance of that happening. There are a lot of questions I have about him. Like: Has he been “claimed” the same way Claire and Sayid are? How is he alive? Is he alive? And, can he speak for Jacob as he says? Hopefully The Lighthouse will shed some light on some of these issues (haha, that was an accident.)

The lighthouse is a Christian symbol, because it shows the way as Jesus Christ does. Wiki says that lighthouses symbolize the public good, safety, and male fertility. (Maybe this episode will deal with the island’s baby-making problems? Probably not.)

I think Jack is in the lighthouse when he smashed that mirror with an axe. I think there will be an actual lighthouse in this episode, but there will be another meaning to the title. Hopefully the losties will find so direction in The Lighthouse, because they seems to not know a thing about what is going on, what their destiny is. I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see.

Lost: The Substitute- Preview

I have a feeling that tonight’s episode will be the best episode of season six so far. It is Locke-centric – I feel that should be enough proof. I was over at a friend’s house and when he was setting his recording for this episode, I saw the list of actors in the synopsis and I was surprised to see one name. I won’t ruin who it was, but they have had much aur time on Lost and didn’t expect to see them again.

The title (The Substitute) may refer to the 1996 film of the same. I read a summary of the film on wiki and the only connection between the two I could see was that the both involve people going undercover to attack someone. The title likely also refer to the idea that Locke’s dead body was used as a “proxy” or substitute for Christian Shepherd’s dead body on Ajira 316. Or that Locke’s body is now a substitute body for the Man-In-Black. Maybe we will find out that Christian Shepherd was also a substitute body for the Man-In-Black, just a crazy theory.

Well, we will find out in a matter of hours just what this episode is about.

Check back late tonight or early tomorrow to read my recap of “The Substitute” (The Lost episode, not the film from 1996).

Lost – LA X Part Two

LA X Reality: Jack finds out that his dad’s coffin is missing. Well, we know it has to be on the island. Jin gets in trouble for having too much money on him, and a woman asks Sun if it is a misunderstanding and if she speaks English. She says that she can’t speak English. It looks like she was telling the truth, maybe in this reality she didn’t learn English, or maybe she is lying.

Kate bumps into Sawyer, Hurley, Frogurt, and Claire (SURPRISE! I knew she was coming back, but I was still surprised.)

Jack meets Locke and he tells him that “Nothing’s irreversible”. Is creating an alternate reality irreversible? I feel this statement something the man of faith would say and Sawyer sounds a bit nicer then season one Sawyer.

Island Reality: Sawyer has Miles tell him what Juliet was going to tell him when she died. Miles tells him she was going to say that “It worked”. So, I guess that means that Jack detonating the bomb did create an alternate reality in which they make it off the island, but these versions of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, and Sayid, (the ones on the island) did not get off. I wonder where Miles is in the alternate reality.

On their way to the temple Hurley finds a book called “Fear and Trembling” by Søren Kierkegaard, who according to Wikipedia, is a Danish philosopher. Kierkegaard is known for his criticism of the Danish church. In this book, Kierkegaard tells a different variation of the blinding of Issac in the Bible and he discusses how hard it is to be authentically religious. In another book of Kierkegaard’s called “Practice in Christianity”, he discusses in great detail the idea of the “leap of faith”, something very important to the show Lost.

In the temple, the losties are captured by a group of Japanese others (that’s what I’ll call them for now) and Cindy the flight stewardess is there. One more lose end tied, we know why Cindy was with the others in season 3… kind of. Anyway, the Japanese others are gonna shoot the island losties, until Hurley shows them what’s in the guitar case Jacob told him to bring. Its an Egyptian Ankh, like the one that the four-toed Taweret statue holds. It’s supposed to be a symbol for everlasting life (this symbol causes Sayid’s rebirth) and is usually held by gods (is Hurley destined to become an island god? He does seem special. He can talk to dead people and he found Jacob’s cabin). Dogan, the leader of the Japanese others, says that the paper within the Ankh says that everyone will be in big trouble if Sayid dies.

The Japanese others immediately take Sayid into some dirty water and baptize him, except they don’t bring his face back out of the water until some timer runs out and it seems like he is dead. Maybe he is dead. Then Kate watches as Jack tries to save Sayid in a scene that is just like the scene from season one, after Charlie was hung in a tree by Ethan. Charlie eventually comes back to life in that episode when it seems too late, just like Sayid comes back to life at the very end of this episode. Maybe he did die, but the island brought him back. Maybe he will be an island-ghost like Christian, and like how Claire might be in this reality. The water he was in used to be used to heal. We see, that the water is darker and that it does not heal Dogan’s cut. Maybe the water is dark because the man-in-black is now in power and now he can use Sayid.

When Hurley tells the Japanese others that Jacob is dead, they freak out and pour ash everywhere and fire red fireworks to alert the inhabitants of the island that the man-in-black is loose.

Back in the foot of Taweret, there is an awesome scene between the man-in-black and Ben. The man-in-black tells Ben that the last thought that ran through Locke’s head was “I don’t understand.” And that Locke was the only one to, “realize how pitiful the life he left behind actually was.” When Ben asks him what he wants he says, “Well that’s the great irony here, Ben, because I want the one thing that John Locke didn’t. I want to go home.” Does that mean that the man-in-black, the island god, the smoke monster, used to be a human that lived off-island?

The man-in-black (I really wish I knew his name, so I didn’t have to keep writing that) tells Richard that its nice to see Richard out of his chains. I first thought that meant Richard came on the slave ship, but I’m not so sure about that. I think the chains of which he spoke were the metaphorical chains that Jacob used to keep Richard from being free. Flocke beats up Richard and tells everyone he is “very disappointed” with them.

Thoughts on the new storytelling techinique:

I’m not sure I like the way this season is going so far, but after five amazing seasons, I have faith in the writers that it will get better. I was almost certain that the writers would go the path of parallel time travel and I am alright with this, I just hate how disconnected the two realities are. I think what needs to happen is that some or all of the people in the reality in which Oceanic 815 lands in LA need to start “remembering” what happened on the island, or the two realities need to collide soon. That could be interesting and I’m sure it has to happen eventually. I think something else they could do would be similar to the game changing introduction of flashforwards in the season three finale. I think it would be interesting if what we think is an alternate reality in which the plane lands, is actually a flashforward of what we think is the reality in which Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and them are on the island and that they can’t remember what happened on the island. I feel that is a very crazy and unlikely idea, but you know, this is Lost we are talking about. I feel that in whatever circumstance, the people that landed in LA need to find out or remember what happened on the island somehow and I hope that happens soon.

What does it mean that the island sunk? If the island sunk in 1977, that would mean a lot of things are different in this reality. This means that Widmore, Ben, Eloise, Daniel, Miles, and all of the Dharma people are probably dead in that reality.

Lost Season Four Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (401) The Beginning of the End

Why it’s important: The fourth season is set up, and we are introduced to the idea of the Oceanic Six.

Unanswered questions: How can Hurley and Lenny see Charlie at Santa Rosa? Who’s eye does Hurley see in Jacob’s Cabin with Christian?

Episode: (402) Confirmed Dead

Why it’s important: We meet Charlotte, Miles, and Frank for the first time and get a glimpse of their past through flashbacks.

Unanswered questions: How can Miles talk to dead people? Why were the Dharma polar bear remains in Tunisia? Why was Frank replaced as the pilot of Oceanic 815?

Episode: (403) The Economist

Why it’s important: We learn that Sayid works for Ben off the island, and Daniel finds out that the island does something weird to time.

Unanswered questions: Why do Naomi and Elsa have similar bracelets? Who is the Economist?

Episode: (409) The Shape of  Things to Come

Why it’s important: Ben timetravels and when the Barracks are attacked by the freighters, Alex is one of the casualties.

Unanswered questions: Did Claire become an island ghost like Christian after the house she was in blew up? What are the rules that Ben and Widmore discuss at the end of this episode and who put them in place?

Episode: (411) Cabin Fever

Why it’s important: We learn about important times in Locke’s past, and we find out that Locke has to move the island.

Unanswered questions: To whom did the objects that Ricard Alpert showed the young John Locke belong?

Episode: (412/413) There’s No Place Like Home

Why it’s important: We see the arrival of the Oceanic Six, and the freighter blow up, the island move, and we find out who was in the coffin.

Unanswered questions: Who built the frozen donkey wheel? Why did Ben say that whoever turned it could not return to the island?

Lost Season One Review: Important Episodes

There are only ten more days until season six!!! So I though to prepare for the final season, I’d do a brief post to mention important episodes and any questions that I still have about them. So here is the first season:

Episode: (101/102)  The Pilot

Why it’s important: Obvious reasons, the monster and everyone else is introduced.

Unanswered questions: We still are not sure what the monster is. We know that the plane crashed because Desmond did not press the button, but did Jacob or the man in black bring the losties to the island? If so, why?

Episode: (104) Walkabout

Why it’s important: We learn that Locke was handicapped before the crash and he has his first encounter with the monster.

Unanswered questions: How does the island heal?

Episode: (105) White Rabbit

Why it’s important: Jack sees his father on the island and we learn about his relationship with him before the crash.

Unanswered questions: How is Jack’s father on the island if he is dead? Is it Christian Shepard or is someone else possessing his body like the man in black/Locke?

Episode: (110) Raised by Another

Why it’s important: Its Claire’s first flashback episode, and we learn that Ethan Rom = Other Man.

Unanswered questions: Why did the psychic say that Claire had to raise the baby and then change his mind and tell her that it would be alright if a couple in LA raised him? Did he know that the plane would crash? Will we ever see the couple from LA?

Episode: (114) Special

Why it’s important: First Michael/Walt flashbacks and Claire returns.

Unanswered questions: How is Walt “special”, what are his powers and their source?

Episode: (118) Numbers

Why it’s important: First Hurley-centric episode, he meets Rousseau and it’s Claire’s birthday.

Unanswered Questions: What do the numbers mean? How are they cursed?

Episode: (123/124)

Why its important: Again, obvious reasons. Its the finale, Rousseau warns that he others are coming so the losties decide to blow up the hatch for shelter. Some of the losties go off on the raft and Walt gets stolen.

Unanswered questions: How did the black rock get to the middle of the island?

23 Unanswered Lost Questions That I Want Answered

23. Will we ever get to see the volcano on the island?

22. Will we find anything out about the Hurley bird?

21. Why did the flight-attendant, Cindy, join the others back in season two?.

20. What is the story of the Black Rock? How did it get to be in the middle of the jungle?

19. What are the whispers?

18. How does the island heal?

17. Why do babies die on the island?

16. Do the numbers have any significance?

15. What causes the sickness on the island? Is it real?

14. Will we get to see Annie, Ben’s girl, again?

13. What does Jacob’s touch do? In the season five finale we saw Jacob visit and touch Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sun, Jin, Sawyer, Sayid, and Locke

12.  Why did Jacob request Ilana’s help? What are the motives behind Ilana and Bram’s group?

11. Who were shooting at the Losties that were being chased by the outrigger canoes? I thought for sure it would be some of the passengers from Ajira flight 316.

10. What is Frank a candidate for? In the season five finale Frank wakes up to hear Ilana and Bram discussing whether or not Frank is a “candidate” for something.

9. Why is Walt special? I fear that this question may not be answered.

8. What is the smoke monster? People have been asking this since the first episode. Well, they were just asking “What is making those weird noises in the jungle and killing all of those trees?” but, we have learned a lot about it recently like that Ben can summon it.

7. Will we find out who Adam and Eve were? Rose and Bernard seems most likely. Ji-Yeon and Aaron from the future is an interesting idea.

6. What happened to Claire? Claire got all freaky back in season four and then disappeared with Christian Shepherd. I think she died in that explosion at the barracks and became a ghost-person like Christian

5. What happened to Christian Shepard? Is he dead? Is the new John Locke like the Christian Shepherd on the island? And is Claire the same way?

4. What is with Ricard Alpert? Why doesn’t he age? What is his role on the island? Did he actually work for Jacob?

3. What does Jacob mean when he says “They’re coming”?

2. What are the results of the events that took place in the season 5 finale? Will Jack’s plan to restart time work? Is Jacob dead now? Is anyone dead now? Will this cause a parallel dimension?

1. Who are Jacob and the man in black? How and why do they bring people to the island? Why doesn’t Jacob like technology? Is that true? Because Ben said it. What are they? Are they gods? What is the man in black’s loophole?

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