Best Films of 2010 (That I saw)

The years almost over there were a lot of pretty good films that came out this year. Here are all of the movies I saw from 201o in the order of my preference.

Toy Story 3



Black Swan

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

127  Hours

Kick Ass

The Social Network

How to Train Your Dragon

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Shutter Island

The Town

Winter’s Bone

The Other Guys

Un Prophete


Get Him to the Greek


Iron Man 2

Despicable Me

Dinner for Schmucks

Youth In Revolt

Alice in Wonderland

Not so Good


She’s Out of My League

Robin Hood

On A Different Note-8

Golden Rings by Leisure Colony

We’re Treehouse Kids! by Blind Man’s Colour

Watching You Paint Your Nose by Dada Trash Collage

Hustle by Tuung

Marimba and Shit Drums by Moonface

I finally got into Sunset Rubdown recently after I heard that Johnny Depp listened to the band for inspiration for his role as the Mad Hatter in the new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The lead vocalist for Sunset Rubdown, Spencer Krug, recently released an EP under the name of Moonface. The EP is called Marimba and Shit Drums and it is made up of a roughly twenty minute track that relies highly on a marimba and the Krug’s unique voice.

Tin Man by Future Islands

You Know by Burnkane

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