Summer Television Shows You Should Give A Chance

School’s out for summer for many people already and that means there’s more time to watch TV. There is a very limited of quality tv shows in the summer though. Here are a couple shows that I think look interesting enough to give a chance.

June 3rd, 9 pm – Burn Notice  (USA)

The fourth season of Burn Notice started on June 3rd. It’s an alright show. It’s clever sometimes and I don’t think you have to know too much about what happened in previous seasons to watch it. I feel that this spy show if feeling a little tired though.

June 7th, 10 pm – Persons Unknown (NBC)

This show is basically a new “The Prisoner”, it follows seven people that are trapped in an abandoned town.

June 24th, 10 pm  – Futurama (Comedy Central)

Futurama is coming back for a sixth season with most of the same voice actors. (They are counting the five direct-to-DVD movies that were released in ’08 and ’09, as the fifth season.) This might be the show I am most excited for this summer.

July 9th, 10 pm – Haven (Syfy)

This is a new show based on Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid”. It’s about a female FBI agent (yawn) named Audrey who goes to a town to investigate something, but the town is special because it is a “haven” for victims of different supernatural afflictions.

July 13th, 10 pm – Covert Affairs (USA)

This new spy show may be interesting enough to watch if you are bored.

July 25th, 10 pm – Mad Men (AMC)

Ok, I don’t watch this show yet. It’s a serialized drama so I’m not gonna just start watching season 4 until I have caught up.

August 1st, 8 pm – Rubicon (AMC)

All I know about this show is that it is about a national think tank analyst who thinks that some of his co-workers are also members of a secret society.


5 thoughts on “Summer Television Shows You Should Give A Chance

  1. “…a female FBI agent (yawn)…” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Is it a yawn because of the FBI agent part, or the female part? Or does the combination of the two morph it into a dreadful bore?

    And I haven’t heard of Rubicon, but Leckie! That is Leckie from HBO’s The Pacific! Leckie was my favorite. I am going to watch that show now.

    • Haha, it’s the FBI part that’s boring, there are so many FBI/Cop/Detective shows.

      I haven’t seen The Pacific, but the first episode of “Rubicon” is online on AMC’s site, I still need to watch it myself.

  2. Oh thank you for the tip! I will have to watch it early then. Oh, and Leckie was also on The Black Donnellys. Remember that show? Irish gangsters or something like that.

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