“Toy Story 3” : What A Summer Blockbuster Looks Like

I can’t think of a film studio like Pixar that has ever released a weak movie. Toy Story 3 continues Pixar’s streak. It’s been over a decade since the last installment of Toy Story, but the characters feel just as alive.

Toy Story 3 takes place after many of the toys (Bo-peep and Wheezy being the most notable) have been gotten rid of. This was a good move, because Toy Story 3 has a very large cast. The people at Pixar did a very good job at juggling them all though.

The first scene is a fun and action-packed re-imagining of the opening of the first film when Andy is playing with his toys. The movie follows the toys as they are relocated to a nursery called “Sunnyside” which may not be as pleasant as it sounds.

(Spoiler stuff ahead)

“TS3” gets pretty intense for a movie who’s main audience may be kids. There is a freaky baby like the one from “The Twilight Zone” and a scary hissing monkey. The most intense scene takes place at the climax of the movie when the toys end up in an incinerator at a junk yard. The toys accept defeat and link arms awaiting their fiery end. The score is really cool during this scene and I actually believed for a second that they were all going to die. They are saved though in a truely “Toy Story” way that makes the rescue seem like less of a forced deus-ex-machina mechanism.

There were a lot of times I found myself laughing out loud during “TS3” and many times that I laughed pretty hard.  Just as in most Pixar movies (excluding “Up”) “Toy Story 3” has good humor, not the lame and childish attempts at humor that are present in most Dreamworks films.  Barbie and Ken are probably responsible for the most laughs.  Ken is puts on a show for Barbie, Mr. Potatohead becomes Mr. Pitahead, and Buzz starts speaking Spanish and does a dance for a surprised Jessie. These things all happen in a short span of time while the toys are trying to escape. I wish there was more of Kristen Schaal’s character, Trixie, because she is pretty funny.

It’s hard to find things to complain about this movie, there are very few third installment into a film series that are this good. The villain of this film, Lotso, is very similar to The Prospector from “Toy Story 2”, but it is done in such a fresh way this time that you don’t even notice.

I could not keep myself from getting teary-eyed both times I saw the ending. Only Pixar can get me to cry about someone giving their toys away. It feels like a good ending to the “Toy Story” trilogy.

Top Ten Pixar Films (Now Including Toy Story 3)

1. Toy Story

2. The Incredibles

3. Finding Nemo

4.  WALL-E

5. Up

6. Ratatouille

7. Toy Story 3

8. Monster’s Inc.

9. Toy Story 2

10.  A Bug’s Life

11. Cars

Game of Thrones Teaser Trailer

This video is only 20 seconds long, so it’s not very exciting. This show is coming to HBO next year and it is based on a famous fantasy book series. The writers want to make a series based on each book and I’m hoping it will be good enough to do so.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Teaser Trailer

Here is the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one that was shown at the MTV move awards.

I have been a Harry Potter nerd since third grade and I think this trailer shows promise for the second to last film of the series.

Summer Television Shows You Should Give A Chance

School’s out for summer for many people already and that means there’s more time to watch TV. There is a very limited of quality tv shows in the summer though. Here are a couple shows that I think look interesting enough to give a chance.

June 3rd, 9 pm – Burn Notice  (USA)

The fourth season of Burn Notice started on June 3rd. It’s an alright show. It’s clever sometimes and I don’t think you have to know too much about what happened in previous seasons to watch it. I feel that this spy show if feeling a little tired though.

June 7th, 10 pm – Persons Unknown (NBC)

This show is basically a new “The Prisoner”, it follows seven people that are trapped in an abandoned town.

June 24th, 10 pm  – Futurama (Comedy Central)

Futurama is coming back for a sixth season with most of the same voice actors. (They are counting the five direct-to-DVD movies that were released in ’08 and ’09, as the fifth season.) This might be the show I am most excited for this summer.

July 9th, 10 pm – Haven (Syfy)

This is a new show based on Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid”. It’s about a female FBI agent (yawn) named Audrey who goes to a town to investigate something, but the town is special because it is a “haven” for victims of different supernatural afflictions.

July 13th, 10 pm – Covert Affairs (USA)

This new spy show may be interesting enough to watch if you are bored.

July 25th, 10 pm – Mad Men (AMC)

Ok, I don’t watch this show yet. It’s a serialized drama so I’m not gonna just start watching season 4 until I have caught up.

August 1st, 8 pm – Rubicon (AMC)

All I know about this show is that it is about a national think tank analyst who thinks that some of his co-workers are also members of a secret society.

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