My Review of Lost’s “The End” Part 2

The island shakes violently as it is raining and the losties struggle to help Ben get out from under a tree that has pinned him down. Miles tells Kate that they are leaving in an hour on the talkie and Ben says that they can get over there in Locke’s boat.

Jack sees Locke looking out at the water and his boat. He yells his name and charges towards him. They fall to the ground and get back up to fight. The fight is pretty intense. Locke stabs Jack in the stomach and he tells Jack that he wants him to know that he died for nothing. Jack struggles with Locke as he cuts his neck. And I guess this is what caused the wound that keep opening in the flash sideways story line. Kate comes out of nowhere and shoots Locke. “I saved you a bullet,” she says. Locke gets up and tells Jack he is too late, Jack kicks him down onto some rocks jutting out of the cliff.

Sideways Locke wakes up to Jack by his side. He tells Jack that it worked and that he can feel his legs. He moves his toes and remembers his other life. Jack doesn’t remember. Locke says he has to go and Jack says he can’t and that he has to go see his son. Locke tells Jack that he doesn’t have a son and that he hopes someone can do the same thing to him that he did to Locke. Jack leaves.

Kate comforts Jack as he looks at his wounds. Sawyer, Hurley, and Ben catch up. They think everything is fine now until there is another earthquake thing.

Sideways Sawyer comes and checks up on Jin and Sun and tells them that he is going to give them extra security but they are extra smiley and say that they don’t need it. They say they will see Sawyer “there”. And he says “where?”

On Ajira, Lapidus is having plane troubles. He sends Miles to fix the plane with duct tape. Ben walkies them to see how it’s going and Lapidus says not to bother him. “Sounds like they’re making progress,” Ben says. Another earthquake. Jack says he has to turn on whatever Desmond turned off. Ben and Hurley say they are going with Jack and they say goodbye to Kate and Sawyer. “Tell me I’m gonna see you again,” Kate says. They kiss and Kate says she loves Jack. Jack says he loves Kate and they go on their separate ways.

Miles duct tapes up the plane and says, “I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape. Sayer walkies Lapidus and says they are on their way and Lapidus says there isn’t much time.

Kate and Sawyer jump off the cliff and swim to the boat.

Sideways Sawyer asks Jack where he can get food and he tells him where the vending machine is. Sawyer tries to get an Apollo bar, but it gets stuck. Juliet stops by and says that if he unplugs it and plugs it back in again the candy falls back down. Everyone at my Lost party seemed very interested in weather or not this actually works.

Sawyer and Juliet have their awakening moment and she asks if he wants to go get coffee sometime. He says that he only has a dollar after the machine ate his and she says they should go dutch in the flash.

Jack goes to the concert and Kate comes and tells him it is over. She asks if he is looking for someone and he says he is looking for his son. He asks how she knows him and she says she stole his pen. And then she holds him and says, “I missed you so much. Jack sees some flashes and is confused. Kate says he will understand if he goes with her.

On the island, Jack tells Hurley that he is going to die and that Hurley is going to take over when he dies and that it was always supposed to be Hurley. He tells Hurley that he believes in him and he says he will do it. Ben finds a Oceanic bottle and Jack finds a puddle of mud to give Hurley to drink. He drinks it and Jack says, “Now you’re like me.”

Lapidus gets the plane to work.

Hurley and Ben lower Jack into the pit in the cave and drop him like the last foot. He finds Desmond and he says that it didn’t work and that he has to leave. He says that he was right. Desmond tells him that he has to put the stone back. Jack ties Desmond up and tells him that he will see him “in another life, brotha.”

Kate and Sawyer each Hydra island to find Claire and part of the island sinks. The plane starts moving and Claire refuses to leave because she knows she is crazy. Kate says she will help her and they run to the plane. Sawyer walkies him but he doesn’t hear. Claire and the others run in front of the palne and they let them in. Jack moves the stone back.

Claire, Kate, and Sawyer get on the plane and Lapidus sets sail as the ground beneath them cracks open. They take off.

Water begins to fall around Jack and the pool lights up. Ben says he did it and they begin to bring Jack, but find out it is Desmond.

Sideways Locke arrives at the church in his wheelchair and wheels pat Ben who is sitting on a picnic table outside. Ben says he is sorry for killing him and that he did it because he was jealous that he was “special”. Locke forgives him and he says that it matters more then he can say. Ben says he has some things he still needs to work out and that he is going to stay. he tells Locke that he doesn’t need that chair anymore and he gets up, says goodbye and walks to the church.

On the islnd, Ben says he thinks that Desmond is going to be ok. Hurley asks Ben if Jack is gone and he says yes and that he did his job. Hurley doesn’t know what to do and Ben says, “I think you do, what you do best, take care of people. You can start by helping Desond get home.” Hurley asks how, because they can’t leave the island and Ben says that that was how Jacob ran things and that he can run things a better way. Hurley asks Ben if he can help him for a little while and he says that he would be honored. This scene is great.

Sideways Hurley pops out of the church and asks if Ben is coming, he says no. Hurley tells Ben that he was a good number two and Ben tells Hurley that he was a great number one.

Sideways Kate and Jack arrive and tells him that he is going to have his father’s funeral there. She says that she is going inside to wait for him to leave.

Island Jack wakes up and begins walking through the forest.

Sideways Jack walks into the church into a room where he sees symbols form religions of the world. He goes to his dad’s coffin in the room and places his hand on it. He finally remembers. He opens it and sees nothing. He closes it and his dad says, “Hey kiddo.” Jack says he doesn’t understand because and his dad said that he did. He asks how he was there and his dad asks him the same. Jack realizes that he is dead and he cry’s as his father comforts him. They tell each other they love each other. Jack asks if he is real and Christian says that they are all real, and that everything that happened was real. He says that everyone is dead and that everyone died some time. He says that everyone dies some time. Some of the people died before him and some died after. He says there is no “now” there. Jack asks where they are and he says that they are in a place that they made so that they could all find one another. Christian says that the most important part of his life was lived with them on the island and that no one dies together. He says they came together to remember and let go. He says they are “moving on.”

Christian and his dad leave the room to the sanctuary where the see everyone reunited. Locke tells him that they were waiting for him.

Island Jack walks through the bamboo forest past that old shoe while flash sideways Jack catches up with everyone in church. They all sit down and Christian goes to open the door. Island Jack lays down and Vincent comes and lays down beside him. Christian opens the door and a bright light shines on all of the losties. Jack watches the Ajira plane fly over head and he closes his eye.

Cut to Lost!

I expected so much from this 2.5 hours of television that it could not have lived up to my expectations. I thought that the beginning felt like a lame clip show, but now I feel that there is some beauty in how simple it is. It was a pretty good way to wrap the character story-lines, I feel. I think that the on island story was too simple though. I mean they just had to move that rock plug, kill Locke, and move the rock plug back? And I expected more action! But whatever.

The end of “The End” was blatantly spiritual and I feel that turned some people off. I think they could have made it more metaphorical and maybe took out the bright light to avoid bothering these people, but the show has always had religious overtones, so I guess it is fitting. The big reveal at the end as to what the “flash-sideways” is confused everyone and everyone has their own interpretation. I would be very disappointed if the finale did not spark confusion and discussion.

Here is my interpretation, the sideways world is like a version of purgatory that existed to remind the losties, of their previous life so they could let go and move on to their next life. It does this by recreating similar events from their past life to try to help trigger memories. Desmond and Charlie are one of the first to realize this and they start awakening other people. The question that everyone wants to know is how did everyone die? And I was curious how Aaron died because he was off the island. I think the reason most people died was because the island did sink, but I have no clue, it also kind of seems like that didn’t happen. I don’t think it really matters thought, because Christian tells Jack that you don’t experience time in sideways world and that everyone dies sometime. So, Aaron may have died of old age for all we know. Once everyone is enlightened they happily move on to heaven or nirvana or whatever (the writers kept it purposefully universal).

Ben did not move on, he still has work to do in this world to atone for all the people he killed or whatever.

One big question I have is: if we did not see one of the characters in the church does that mean they went to Hell? We didn’t see Micheal, I guess it would be fitting for him to go to Hell. Mr Eko wasn’t there, when he died he said he would not give his confession. I don’t think we can read too far into this though because we may not have seen everyone that was in that church, and maybe the writers could not get everyone to return that they wanted.

I feel that the end should have shined more light on them saving the world and more about how the island was important, but I also found that it was kind of cool that the writers showed that the characters were more important and that their lives on the island were simply the best part of their lives because they met each other and because one big happy family.

I feel that I could not justify not liking the finale to myself. I’m still a little unsure what to think about it. I feel like I know some aspects of it weren’t awesome, like I have discussed here, but I feel that I have found good reasons to like it.

I guess I have to say that it did not do that great at wrapping the show as a whole, which I understand could be difficult with this show, but I feel they could have done better. The show was awesome and the ending didnt ruin that. I’m happy the ending was thought provoking, at least it was interesting.
After watching it again by myself, I really like the finale. It could have been lots better, but I am happy with it.

2 thoughts on “My Review of Lost’s “The End” Part 2

  1. No Micheal did something wronge im not real sure what he had done, but if you recall when micheal was talking to Hurrley; he said his spirit and many other’s where stuck on the island. Hurrley asked if there was anything he could do to help, and Micheal said no-there’s nothing no one can do! but i loved the show, and the ending was sad, but i loved it.

    • That’s right, I forgot about that! I wonder if other characters were trapped on the island with Micheal. And I guess that would make the island like “Lost’s Hell”.

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