Lost, How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways: A Lost Nerd’s Farwell

I wrote this before the finale, so forgive me for my lack of knowledge about the flash-sideways/purgatory or whatever it is.

It’s kind of sad how many countless hours I have spent watching, re-watching, and re-re-watching Lost. Or how many hours I have theorized, written about, discussed Lost, or listened to Lost podcasts. Lost has been my obsession for the last couple years and this is why:

First of all Lost did a great time at creating real characters that changed drastically over the six season span of the series. We have learned so much about them. We learned about their lives before the island in flash-backs, their lives after the island through flash-forwards, and we have even learned how they would behave in an alternate universe (if that is what it is). Over the course of the show, Lost has had twenty-four characters that have been billed as starring roles. And almost all of those characters, I have found interesting and I have cared about.

Regardless of all of the ridiculous stuff that goes on on this show, the writers usually do a very good job at keeping it character-centric. Take for instance many Lost fans’ favorite episode of Lost, “The Constant”. This is probably the most heady hour of television on prime-time television. It deals with the consciousness of a character named Desmond traveling back and forth through time and space, but the episode is also very focused on Desmond’s relationship with his girlfriend Penny.

Part of the reason that the characters feel so realistic is that they are portrayed by some pretty awesome actors. Micheal Emerson (Ben Linus) and Terry O’Quinn (John Locke) are the best of the cast.

Lost has confused me, creeped me out, made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions, and I admit it has made me cry. I feel this is mostly due to the great writing on Lost. Even though, since Lost is a show about mystery, it sometimes feels like there are forced surprises, it is the most surprising show on tv. In season one you find out that before Locke was on the island, he was paralyzed. All in one scene in season two, Micheal kills Ana Lucia and Libby, sets Ben (we knew him as Henry Gale back then) free, and shots himself in the arm. In the season three finale a new storytelling technique is introduced when we find out what we though to be a flashback like we were so used to after three seasons of nothing else, was actually a flash-forward in which Jack and Kate had made it off the island. In season four we learn that only six of the losties got off the island. Hurley is in an insane asylum, Jack is severely depressed, Kate is pretending to be the mother of Claire’s child, Jin appears to be dead, and Sayid is working for evil Ben. In season five we learn that someone who appears to be a reborn John Locke, is actually one of the island gods who looks like John Locke. These are only a few of the many twisty turns the story of Lost has taken, there’s usually at least one twist or surprise in every episode, usually more.

I love that Lost tries hard to play it dangerous. I think it is easily the most complicated show ever on prime-time. It has dealt with that smoke-monster thing, time-travel, alternate dimensions (?), destiny, faith, electromagnetism, controversial science experiments, ghosts, and tons of other things.

It bothers me when people be disin’ my Lost. When I ask people why they are such haters, they usually say one of two things: “There is a polar bear on the island.” or “There is a smokemonster.” Most people quit the show because they were impatient and they were just focused on answers. I think it is silly when people say that Lost has jumped the shark. I think it jumped the shark in the pilot and and I like that. Lost is largely about faith and many people have given up on the show due to their lack thereof. I have faith in the writers because of the ways I have seen many big mysteries of Lost revealed in a very satisfying way and because the writers fought for and got permission to end the story on their own terms.

Finding someone that watches Lost is a big deal. You will always have something to talk to them about. I feel that I have made some friends I would not have if it weren’t for Lost. I have forced many of my friends into watching Lost. I have Dharma Nike shoes.If you don’t know what my favorite show is, you probably don’t know me very well.

It is quite tormenting when a lost fan can’t find someone to talk about Lost with the day after it aired. I know that I have probably bored the crap out of some people that aren’t as obsessed with the show as I am. I just had to let it out though. I started this blog this yeah, and that may have helped me with these urges. Lost is the main reason I decided to write this blog and Lost has inspired me to write my own sci-fi fiction in hopes of recreating my own story.

Lost, I will miss you.


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