Live Together, Die Together- My Review of Lost’s “The End” Part One

My last Lost recap 😦

It starts with Christian Shepard’s coffin arriving. Then there is a short flashsideways shot where Jack is doing doctor stuff and then there are short montage clips of Jack drinking water on the island, Sawyer and Kate in the island and Kate waiting at the church while Desmond gets the coffin.

Desmond tells Kate that the man in the coffin is Christian Shepard and Kate says, “Christian Shepard, seriously?” Pointing out that it is a blatantly religious name. Desmond tells Kate that he wants to leave, but he won’t say where. We think it is the island, but it isn’t.

On the island it looks like Jack is peeing in the island while Kate watches frm a far. Sawyer asks him if he is ok and that he is confused about what happened. Jack tells Hurley, Kate and Sawyer that they have to go past the bamboo forest to the magic light cave. Hurley says that Jacob is worse the Yoda. Star Wars reference. Sawyer says that he is going to go find Desmond.

Sideways Hurley takes Sayid to the hotel and shows him a tranquilizer gun. Sayid still doesn’t get it, he can’t remember the other dimension. Hurley goes in the motel and picks up Charlie. He doesn’t wanna come so Hurley tranquilizes him.

On the island, Jack tells about his motives for becoming protector of the island and he says that he was out of things to screw up. Kate tells him that “Nothing is irreversible.”

Sawyer tries to stealthy spy on Locke, but Ben finds him. Locke tells Sawyer that he is going to use Desmond to sink the island and Sawyer tells Locke that someone has taken Jacob’s place. Sawyer steals Ben’s gun and leaves. Locke tells Ben that he lied and that he would not be ale to have the island because it was going to sink, but that Ben could go away with him on his boat. Locke finds Vincent tracks.

Vincent licks Desmond awake and he finds himself at Rose and Bearnard’s camp. They feed him and say that they broke their rule for him. Desmond is always the special one to whom the rules don’t apply. Rose says that they don’t like the drama and don’t like helping people out. Then they get some drama. Locke and Ben come out of the forest and Locke threatens that he will kill Rose and Bernard and that he will make it hurt unless Desmond comes and does what Locke wants him to do. Rose is ready to die for the cause and Desmond agrees he will help Locke.

Locke asks Desmond if he knows where he is taking him and he says that he doesn’t know, but he guesses they are going to see a bright light. Ben’s walkie crackles, but he doesn’t answer.

It’s Miles tring to get a hold of him, he has found Alpert who still wants to blow up the plane.

Sideways Miles sees Sayid and calls Sawyer to tell him and he says he will go talk to Sun because that was who he shot.

Sideways Sun says that she is a little sore. She just got shot, of course she’s a little sore. Juliet comes in and gives Sun her ultra-sound. Sun and Jin get flashes because this happened before, but Juliet is still clueless. Jin and Sun can speak English now.

On the island, Sawyer is rushing through the forest and he runs into Kate, Jack and Hurley. Hurley freaks out because he jumps out of the forest. Sawyer tells them what happened. They all head to the light and the awesome Micheal Giaccino finale trekking music kicks in.

On an outrigger, Miles pulls Alpert’s first gray hair from his head and he says that he wants to live. They paddle into a dead body and then find Lapidus. I thought he was dead for sure. Then Lapidus tells them that he can fly the plane.

Kate shoots at Locke from a far. Silly Kate, you know you can’t kill him right? Locke says he thought Jacob would have picked someone else because he was the obvious choice. Jack says he chose and that he was gonna kill Locke. Locke asks how hw is going to kill him and Jack says it’s a surprise.

Sideways Jack and Juliet meet in the hospital and it is “revealed” that Juliet is Jack’s ex.

Jack and Sawyer have secret chat right behind Locke about killing Locke. At the point of the bamboo forest, Locke says that just he, Desmond, and Jack should go on from here. As they tie Desmond up, he tells Jack that they are together in the flash-sideways. But Jack says that “All of this matters.” They go in the cave and see a waterfall.

Sideways Hurley and Sayid talk in Hurley’s Hummer. Boone and Shanon are fighting outside and Sayid has his flash moment when he meets her and they kiss. Boone tells Hurley that it was a pain to get Shanon from Australia.

Miles finally gets a hold of Ben and tells him their plan. Claire shoots at them and it reminds me of the scene in the finale of season three when Ben has Jin, Sayid and Bernard tied up on the other side of the walkie talkie. Anyway, they offer to take Claire with them and she refuses. Locke and Jack let Desmond down the waterfall on a rope. Locke comments on how this is similar to the time when they lowered someone into a hatch and that Desmond was in it. Jack says that he isn’t Locke and that Locke was right about everything. Locke says that Jack will know he is wrong when the island sinks.

Sideways Juliet gets called to the hospital, leaving short Claire and David together.

Backstage Charlotte wakes Charlie up and she meets Daniel. Claire and Kate are surprised to see each other at Desmond’s table. Table 23. Pierre Chang introduces Daniel Widmore accompanied by Driveshaft. Charlie sees Claire and they stare at each other. Then Claire has tummy problems and leaves, Kate follows after her.

Desmond reaches the inner pool below the waterfall and he is blasted by electromagnetic energy. He pulls a giant stone cork thing out of the center of the pool and it drains. The cork hole turns orange and flames come from it an it looks like they are in a volcano. Could this be the volcano? Locke says it looks like you were wrong. Jack punches Locke and he bleeds. “It looks like you were wrong too,” he says. Locke hits him in the head with a rock and runs away.

Sideways Claire goes backstage looking for a bathroom and Kate finds her.

Eloise tells Desmond that she thought she made it clear that she wanted him to stop what he was doing. Desmond tells her that he doesn’t care and that and that he won’t be taking Daniel.

Kate comforts Claire and sends Charlie to go get water and blankets. We see a recreation of Aaron’s birth between flashes of the actual one and Kate sees the other world. It’s kind of an awkward moment to remember the other storyline. Charlie gives her the blanket and they remember each other. Desmond comes in and ask Kate if she understands. She says, “So, now what?”

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