“The End” is Nigh – Lost Finale Preview

So, the day has finally arrived. I think I’m a little bit more sad then excited. Here are some of my predictions for the finale. I don’t think Jack is going to be the island god after this episode. I think that Locke is going to blow up the island like he tells Ben he will. This will cause the island to sink, creating the flash sideways storyline. I predict that we will see Alpert, Vincent, Rose, and Bernard again. I’m sure we will see a lot of the old cast return. SPOILER ALERT! SKIP REST OF PARAGRAPH! The writers have confirmed that Walt will return.

I don’t really what a good ending for Lost would be. I’m excited to see what the writers have done.

I’m having a Lost party, so my review might be a bit later then usual. I’ll probably get it up sometime tomorrow morning.

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