“Super 8” The New J. J. Abrams Project

This secretive teaser for “Super 8” was shown before some showings of “Iron Man 2”.

“Super 8” is the new project from Steven Spielberg and J. J. Abrams. It seems to be about the mysteries surrounding Area 51 and it looks like it is set in 1979.

At Super 8 News you can see screen-caps from the trailer that show what looks to be a face. There are also screen-caps of the name of the website: www.scariestthingieversaw.com which is most likely the beginning of the viral advertising for “Super 8”.

If you go to that site, there is a fake old windows screen. If you move the window that pops up, there is another window that says “print documents”. If you press “ok”, your computer will print: “Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions. I have proof.”

Update: The official and better quality teaser can be viewed here.


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