My Thoughts On “I Came to Haplin for the Waters”

The second episode of “Happy Town” begins with Tommy looking after Sheriff Griffin in the hospital. He’s still crazy and he’s blabbering about really evil people. I think that he cut his hand off, because the British guy, Mr. Grieves was controlling him with the ring on that hand. Now that his hand is chopped off he can tell people things that Mr. Grieves was stopping him from saying.

Chloe’s old lady friends tell her that she can have an old shed to start making candles in. I am already tired of the old ladies, they are sickeningly corny.

Georgia and Andrew have another secret meeting at the Thaw Fest. I find their relationship to be stupid. I don’t find scenes with these two, to be believable. It might be because I don’t actually care about these characters. The only characters that I find interesting are Tommy, his dad, and Chloe. I find Mr. Grieves to be kind of interesting, but his character is a silly “mysterious” British man.

But, this episode basically follows the tired formula that most detective shows do. The detective finds a clue that leads him to another, and so on. The clues lead him At the end we find out that the pizza man was the man that killed that perv in the last episode, because he thought that he was the Magic Man. I would probably never have guessed that he did it, but I just didn’t feel surprised by it.

There are things I like about this episode, though. I thought the scene where Chloe steals the owner’s keys was kind of cool. I also liked the scene where Georgia starts reacting to whatever the man that she met at the hospital, put in her coffee. And the end was weird when Chloe found that bloody goat hammer and tries to take is home, but that creepy vulture attacks her when she is driving and she crashes.

This show seems to kind of suck at character development, but the mysteries of the show are just interesting enough to get me to watch when I have nothing else to do.


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