Lost Recap: The Candidate

I feel that I and Lost are at a point where I don’t really care to theorize too much, because I know that it is ending in a couple more episodes, so this post is more of a recap. I feel that these last couple episodes before the finale are really setting up the finale, so there is less to say about them right now.

The episode begins without previously on Lost, which makes since. Anyone that is still watching Lost now probably does a pretty decent job at keeping up with it, because this show really demands that. They are also doing away with the promos after this finale I hear.

It starts with Locke and Jack in the hospital they talk about how they meet each other in LA X. Jack tells Locke that he thinks he is a candidate for surgery. Then Helen comes in and says that it is the first time that they have let her see Locke, which doesn’t make any sense because everyone but the audience would know that in this situation. That seems like lazy writing to me.

On Hydra island, Jack wakes up in a canoe and Sayid isn’t as demon-y anymore, he talks like a human being at least. He must have de-zombieized after he talked to Desmond, who he obviously did not kill. Sawyer and his crew are at the polar bear cages where they bump into Widmore and his men. Sawyer holds the stupid fat Widmore employee, Seamus, at gunpoint, so Widmore says that he will shoot Kate. He says that Kate isn’t important, so he could definitely shoot her and it would even be a big deal. Widmore puts everyone in polar bear cages.


Ahhh! The flash sidewayses (flashsidewaysi?) are still fraking boring! Dr. Jack goes to see Dr. Bernard to find more about John Locke. Why is everyone such a creeper in sideways world? Yeah he is a dentist still over here in sideways world. Whatever. They find out that they were on the same plane, so Bernard tells him that Anthony Cooper was with Locke when he died.

Jack in the canoe asks Sayid what happened and he tells him that Locke saved him and the others went into the forest. Locke comes out of the forest and tells Jack that they have to go save his friends and he can only if Jack persuades them to trust him.

Sawyer tells Kate that her name was not in the cave and that she is not important.

Sun and Jin have a moment that I feel kind of missed a bit. They talk about how Jin saw pictures of Ji-Yeon and Sun returns his ring.

The pylons loose power and the smoke monster comes and kills Seamus and the other people guarding the polar bear cages. Kate reaches for the keys and Lapidus says, “I ain’t waitin’,” and tries to kick down the cage door. Lapidus’s one-liners were funny at first, but I don’t feel like he is a developed character. Jack comes and lets them out and tells them that Locke is a good guy. On their way to the plane Jack tells them that he is not leaving, and they meet up with Sayid, who Jack says is a good guy too, so they don’t shoot him.

Sidewaysworld Jack is at an old people’s place because he wants to meet Anthony Cooper and he meets Helen there who is doing the same thing. She tries to get Jack to leave Locke alone, but he won’t let down, so she brings him to meet Anthony, He is surprisingly old which is really weird. I don’t have any idea what that means. Maybe these characters in the other reality had their plane ride later in their lives then the original timeline. Maybe this has something to do with the way it relates to the other timeline. I don’t think that the bomb cause the island to sink in the other reality.

Locke walks into the plane after getting shot, snapping a guys neck, shooting another guy, and stealing one of their watches. Inside, he finds a bomb that is not very well hidden. The A camp meets up with Locke and Widmore tells him that he is trying to get them all in a small enclosed place like the plane and explode them. He says that there is a good chance that there are more bombs on the plane and that they should take the sub. Sawyer says that he wanted to do that in the first place, and I think he is still playing Locke at this point, what a conman. Hurley warns that Alpert said that Locke shouldn’t leave the island. Claire apologizes for leaving Locke, and he says he is fine with it. It always seems like Locke is in control, it’s all part of his master plan. Sawyer tells Jack to make sure Locke doesn’t get in the sub.

In sideways world, Locke is muttering in his sleep. “Push the button. I wish you had believed me.” Jack sees Claire walking outside Locke’s room. Claire asks if he can talk and Jack gets an Apollo bar, just like in the flashback in last season’s finale where Jacob touches Jack. Claire shows Jack the musicbox that Christian left for her in his will. Jack tells her about his death nad they find out that they were on the plane together. They open the musicbox and it plays “Catch A Falling Star”. Jack tells Claire to come stay with him in his house.

Sawyer, Sun, Jin, and Lapidus stealthily approach the sub. I don’t understand why Sun doesn’t have a gun and I also don’t understand why Locke does go all smoke-monster on the sub crew. Obviously someone wasn’t thinking. Lapidus hits a man with his gun and says his usual one-liner: “Nothing personal.” He holds another man at gunpoint. Kate, Claire, and Sayid head to the sub now that the coast is clear. Locke switches his back pack with Jack’s and they approach the sub as well. Locke tells Jack that whoever told Jack that he needed to stay on the island, had no idea what they were talking about. This is when thinks get good. Jack says that John Locke told him that and he shoves Locke into the water.

Kate gets shot in the shoulder by some of Widmore’s people in trees.

Jack, Sayid, and Claire hold them back enough to allow Sayid and Jack to get Kate safely in the submarine. Sawyer goes up to get Claire, but Locke has almost finished fighting the Widmore crew and is about to return to the sub, so he tells Lapidus to put the sub-pedal to the medal.

I feel bad for Claire being left alone with Locke. Locke tells Claire, “Trust me, you don’t want to be on that sub.”

In the sub, Jack and crew are trying to save Kate, but can’t find any first aid, they can only find the bomb that Locke planted in the backpack he gave to Jack. At this point, it seems like there is only one result to this situation: Jack and crew stop the bomb or get rid of it in the nick of time, because they can’t all die.

They call Lapidus and tell him to take them up. You can see the first aid kit behind Lapidus. Sayid goes into his gadget mode and explains that the bomb is rigged to the watch battery, and that the wires have to be pulled out of the watch simultaneously or it will detonate. Jack stops Sawyer from doing what Sayid said to tell him that nothing will happen if they don’t pull the wires. Kind of reminds me of Locke telling Desmond to not press the buttton. Jack says that Locke cannot directly kill them because of “the rules” and that Locke’s plan was to have them detonate the bomb when they were trying to stop it, because then they would be killing themselves. Jack thinks that Locke can’t leave the island unless they are all dead. Sawyer refuses to hear Jack’s views. The watch stops after he pulls the wires and then it speeds up. Sayid tells Jack where Desmond is and that he is going to need him because Locke wanted him dead. Jack asks him why he is telling him this and Sayid says, “Becuase it’s going to be you, Jack.” Sayid grabs the bomb and runs away as fast as he can from the other losties.

He explodes and the sub is damaged. Sayid!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!

A sub door flies open and hits Lapidus. His last words are, “Hell no.” Water gushes in. Jack grabs Kate and Jin tries to get Sun out from behind a large mess of things. It’s quite chaotic. Jack gives Hurley Kate and oxygen. Hurley says, “I have to go after Sayid!” Jack says, “There is no Sayid!” Jack sends them out. Jack goes and helps Jin and Sawyer remove a large box that is pinning Sun in. The sub shakes violently and Sawyer hits his head hard. Jack takes Sawyer out and Jin stays behind to try and save Sun.

The sad Giacchino music comes on when people die and Sun tells Jin to leave, but he says he will never leave her again. The say that they love each other and then they drown together. There is a shot of them holding hands and loosing grip as they die. It’s very sad. Up there with Charlie’s death scene. 😥

So let me see. Lapidus, Sun, Jin, and Sayid all die in the episode that aired on my Birthday. Thanks for the wonderful gift Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse! I like your show, you know, and this is how you repay me!

Sideways Locke passes Jin on his way down the hallway. Jack says goodbye and tries one last time to persuade Locke into letting him perform that surgery on him. he tells him that he met with his father and he was trying to find out what caused his injuries. Locke tells him that he had recently got his flying license and he talked his father, who hate flying, into going for a ride. He looked him in the eye and told him to trust him and then he crashed. Jack says that they both need to accept that their fathers are gone, that what happened, happened, and that they have to let it go. Locke says that that is hard to do and Jack agrees, and he said he hoped maybe Locke could go first. Locke says goodbye and wheels away. Jack say, “I can help you, John. I wish you’d believe me.”

Back on an island, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley float ashore. They morn their losses.

Locke tells Claire that the sub sunk and that not all of them died. He walks inland and Claire asks where he is going. “To finish what I started.” Cut to Lost.


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