“Kick-Ass” Indeed.

I found Kick Ass to be quite enjoyable. It was by far the most fun that I have had watching a ten year old girl cut people up why she says swears. I am usually not into bloody, hard-R fight scenes, but they were cool and the soundtrack made them even better. The fight scenes were pretty original.

The movie was self aware at times, and it poked fun at the superhero genre. I felt that this made the story a little easier to believe. If you don’t want to hear specifics of the story stop reading here. The first time Kick Ass goes into action, the music swells and you expect a crazy fight scene, but he soon gets knifed and rushed to the hospital. I feel that scene also did a good job in making the movie seem real.

I felt that Nicholas Cage did a good job in this movie, which kind of surprised me. The only other movies I have seen that I thought he acted well in were, “Adaptation”, and “Matchstickmen”. Chloe Mortez plays Hitgirl and she also does quite a good job. She is probably my favorite character. I actually forgot that she was ten or eleven, and I didn’t think anything of her driving a car.

This movie has a surprisingly sad scene. There are a couple of lame lines, but overall it is quite funny and cool. The two hours went by kind of fast.

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