Lost Preview: Eveybody Loves Hugo

Alright so this flash-sideways should deal with how Hurley is lucky from the lottery and whatnot. Maybe he will end up with Libby in this reality, she is supposed to be returning to the show this season. I also hope that we see the result of last week’s Desmond episode if not in this episode, in the next. We know he is trying to round everyone up to tell them what he has learned. But, I predict that this might be touched on at the end of the episode if in this episode at all.

I’m not sure what is going to happen on the island in this episode, but it seems like Hurley is going to step up and I’ve heard there will be a lot of explosions, which is a good sign. And obviously, Michael is returning, he’s in the promo. I wonder how many other dead people we will see and if anyone will die in this episode.


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