Happily Ever After – Lost Review

Desmond finds himself in a bed, and I guess this takes place not long after he got shot by Ben? When Desmond finds out that he is on the island he grabs an iv-thing and goes crazy on Widmore with it, Pretty intense. Zoey takes Jin to the Dharma control station or whatever. We see a bunny and he’s supposed to go in the weird box with the electromagnetic thing after they try it out first. This makes me think of this comic con video.

It means so much more, now that we are seeing these alternate realities. I have seen that video so many times. Anyway….

The first time they test it, they accidentally do it while some guy is in there and he gets fried.

He don't look too hot...Well I guess he looks like he got too hot.

Widmore sees this and says it’s Desmond’s turn. Widmore tells Desmond that he is going to ask him to make a sacrifice. He says if Desmond doesn’t help him, everyone will die.

Then they zap him and since he is special because he was exposed to a lot of electromagnetic energy when the hatch imploded, he doesn’t die.

Then Desmond is in the alternate universe and he sees Hurley and Claire. He predicts that Claire will have a son.

George Minkowski picks Desmond up.


Desmond says that he was “closing a deal for the boss,” in Sydney and George points out that Desmond isn’t married in sideways world. SHOCKER! I think we get that everything is backwards in sideways world I really really wish that the writers would trying to surprise us that way. Oh, and we find out that sideways world is actually friends with sideways Widmore, because things are backwards in sideways world and in normal world they are not friends. One thing that is surprising is that sideways Widmore’s office in sideways world doesn’t have that one picture with the polar bear and the Buddha. It has a picture of a weight with black and white stones instead just like the weight with black and white stones in Jacob’s magic cave in the normal world.


Widmore says that his son (Daniel – whoops spoiler alert (you shouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t seen the episode yet.)), (It’s really obvious anyway.)is a musician and wants to hold a charity event that combines classical music and rock music. Widmore wants Desmond to look after the bloody rock god. Wonder who that could be. (Charlie). Then Widmore offers Desmond McCuthceons and he refuses. Which is just like what happened in the Desmond episode in season 3, but backwards!

Desmond picks up Charlie and he is disrespectful and nearly suicidal. He walks through a busy street to a bar. They go to the bar and start talking about love. Of course that its what their first discussion would be.

A Couple of Brothas Chillin'

Desmond says he has been in love thousands of times, and Charlie says “Not like that, I mean really in love.” He tells Desmond about how he sees a cop and started to swallow his heroine in the bathroom when the plane hit turbulence and he saw Claire. You know how couples have those cute little stories about how they met each other. Charlies would be, I still remember the first time I saw her as clear as BLOODY day. I was trying to swallow a bag of heroine on a plane and the turbulence hit so I almost choked on it to death.

In the car, “You All Everybody” is playing. What a coincidence! That song is annoying! Charlie decides to drive the car into the ocean near where Desmond got shot in the other reality, in order to recreate his experience he had on the plane when he saw Claire. Desmond gets out of the car and tries to save Charlie. He can’t get the door open and Charlie puts his hand on the car window. And it appears that Desmond remembers a very similar happening in the season three finale.

Not Penny's Car

A doctor shines a light in Desmond’s eyes, like someone did in “The Constant”. She asks him if he has had any hallucinations and he says that he has, so she says he needs an MRI.

This is like that box with the electromagnets

The guy testing him makes sure that has no metal on him, just like Widmore’s people did before they put him in the electromagnetic box. He then gives Desmond an emergency button, which he uses when he sees flashes in the MRI.

Desmond goes and yells at a woman and tells her that he needs Charlie. He then sees Jack walking around because Jack is always at every hospital. He stops him and asks him for help. The Charlie comes running through the hallway. He catches up with him and looks at his hands. He asks Charlie who Penny is. Charlie says that he doesn’t know and that no one in the hospital can help him. And then he runs away. Desmond calls Widmore that he lost Charlie. He’s upset and he tells Desmond to go tell Mrs. Widmore about it. So, Minkowski takes him there in a limo. Ms. Widmore is frustrated with the help and she meets Desmond. The lost music get intense when Ms. Widmore reveals her name to be Eloise, but we know already. Desmond tells her that Driveshaft won’t be making it and she is fine with it. “What happened, happened,” she says. Desmond overhears Penny’s name when people are reading off the attendance list. He asks if he can see it, but Eloise says no and “Come with me.”

HA HA... This is actually pretty scary.

She tells him to stop looking for whatever he is looking for. She says that he already has what he wants, which is her husband’s approval. He asks why he can’t see the list and she say it is because he is not ready yet. Whatever that means. Eloise is crazy.

So it seems that the only thing that is the same in sideways world as in normal world, is that Eloise doesn’t want Desmond to get together wit Penny in either.

Desmond returns to the limo and someone pops by to visit. Daniel Widmore!

Daniel Widmore! And the coolest hat ever!

Daniel is not only wearing his awesome skinny tie, but an awesome hat as well. He asks Desmond if he believes in love at first sight. And then he says, because I think I love you Desmond! Jk. He tells Desmond about his love, Charolette. He says that when he saw her it was as if he had already loved her. He says that he wrote complicated quantum mechanics stuff that night and he didn’t even know what he was doing. He took it to a friend that told him that it explained how it might be possible to stop a catastrophic event in time by detonating an atomic bomb. He says, “What if this wasn’t supposed to be our life? What if we had some other life and for some reason we changed things. I don’t want to set of a nuclear bomb, Mr. Hume. I think I already did.”

"I just detonated an atomic bomb in your head!"

Daniel tells him that Penny is his half-sister and he tells him where she is.

She is running stairs in the stadium where Desmond and Jack ran stairs in the other dimension.


She runs up stairs really funny. Penny just doesn’t see like someone who would run stairs. Desmond shakes her hand and it must cause a lot of electromagnetic waves to flow through his body because he appears back in that weird electromagnet box on the island. Widmore says he was unconscious for a couple of minutes. Desmond is now very compliant with Widmore and he says he will do what he wants of him.

Zoey is taking Desmond somewhere and Sayid comes out of know where and shoots people.


He tells Desmond that he doen’t have time to change but Widmore and his people are dangerous and he wants Desmond to follow him. Desmond just goes with it. I don’t know if it is because Sayid just killed someone in front of him or if Desmond will just do anything that anyone tells him to do now.

Desmond wakes up in the stadium and asks Penny to go for a coffee.


She says that she will met him in an hour and then she laughs silly. Desmond goes back to the limo and tells George that he needs the manifest from Oceanic 815 so that he can show them…”something” I guess he wants to almost kill everyone so that they can see visions of their soulmates too.


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