Lost Preview: Happily Ever After

That promo is stupid, but this episode is going to be awesome! It’s a Desmond episode which means we will probably dealing with electromagnetism, time-travel, and maybe even travel between dimensions. This episode was written by Damon and Carlton and it was directed by Jack Bender, so there should be some important story progression taking place.

The last time we saw Desmond before last week, was on the plane in the alternate reality. He disappeared for some reason and I’m sure in this episode we will find outthat this was because he jumped to the alternate universe. I have a feeling we are going to learn about the underwater island too in this episode.

We know that Widmore finds these electromagnetic pockets on the island to be important, that’s why he got Jin. We know that electromagnetic forces have an interesting effect on Desmond ever since he was there when the hatch imploded. Maybe he wants Jin to help him find these pockets so that he can have Desmond travel through realities or time.

In the promo, Widmore says that Desmond will have to make a sacrifice. I think the title is supposed to lead us to think that Desmond and Penny will live happily ever after, but I predict that Desmond will have to sacrifice his relationship with Penny to save the Losties and the island.

If this episode is going to be anything like “Flashes Before Your Eyes” or The Constant” I will be very happy.

I should have my review of this episode up late tonight or early tomorrow if you wanna check it out.


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