Lost Recap: The Package

This episode begins with Locke telling Jin that “Kwon” was written on the cave, and that he need him in case it referred to him.

Flash-sideways (Snore! Already bored.) Back at the airport Jin gets his money confiscated and misses his restaurant meeting. Ms. Paik and Mr. Kwon make reservations and they are not married! I called that, I don’t care, sideways world is stupid.

What? You aren't married?

Back on the island. Sayid says he doesn’t have feeling and Locke says that is probably good for what is coming. Jin decides he is going to find his wife because that is all this episode is about and then the Locke followers are shot with tranquilizers by Widmore’s people.

Lapidus and Miles are playing cards, how silly. Ilana is waiting for Alpert. And Miles is a jerk. Sun throws a fit and goes gardening to soothe herself. The tomatoes are dead. Jack tries to tell her she is special, but Sun doesn’t care about her destiny.

Flash sideways (moan). Sun unbuttons her shirt


and the writers try to call back to the first season when Jin tells her to button her shirt up, but they fail. Sun undresses and they have sex.

Island. Locke finds Sun and tells her that Jin is across the island and that he can take her to him. She says that she doesn’t believe him because he killed all of those people. Locke says that those people were confused. Good think Locke doesn’t know that I am confused. Lost is hard. Sun decides to run away from the evil smoke-monster-man. But Sun runs into a tree, she is so stupid, that was one of the best parts of this episode. It’s pretty funny. Sun, Sun, Sun of the jungle, watch out for that-

Flash sideways. Sun says that they should get money from her secret account and run away. Someone rings the doorbell. Sun looks at herself in a mirror with a strange face.

Everyone in sideways world is obsessed with looking at themselves in the mirror.

She answers the door and it is Keamy.

Island. Ben finds Sun and she just speaks Korean now. She was already so useless.

Back in camp Locke everyone his having a sleeping party. Locke finds out Jin is missing.

Flash to Jin. He is in room 23, the brainwashing room from season 3. And then Zoey comes and she says, “Jenkies! that was weird huh?” Jin then tries to leave and she shocks him. Velma, I mean Zoey pulls out a map.

"Jenkies! I think I found a clue guys!

“These are grid maps,” she says, “that the Dharma people used to identify pockets or electromagnetism.” She says that Jin signed the map. Jin says he wants to talk to Widmore and she says he wants to talk to him.

Locke asks Sayid if he is a good swimmer and he tells him to put his gun in a ziplock bag. Claire is sad because her name isn’t on the cave walls and that they don’t need her. Locke says that he needs her. Claire asks if Kate’s name was on the cave, and he says “Not anymore”. But, he needs her to get the other three people on his side. And then he says that after that, “Whatever happens, happens.” Translation: you can kill her, Claire. Sawyer is jealous of Sayid and Locke going to do fun things with guns and he asks why Locke has to ride a boat and why he can’t just smoke-monster over there. But he says he can only smoke-monster on the island.

Flash sideways 😦  . Sun gives Keamy the watch and Omar comes, saying he can’t find Jin. The find him in the bathroom. Keamy tells him he wants the money and he says he feels like he is in a Godzilla movie. He says Mikhail can speak Korean. Yay Mikhail! But Mikhail doesn’t even have an eye patch. Sidewaysworld blows! Sun says that she can get him money from the bank. Riveting! Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant. Jin tells Keamy not to tell about his relationship with Sun. We know Keamy won’t tell, he’s a good guy.

Island. Ilana thinks that Ben knocked out Sun. Jack says she has aphasia and that she can’t speak English.

Alpert shows up and tells to Jacobans to follow him.

Locke gets ashore and tells the Widmoreians that he comes in peace. Locke meets Widmore. Locke tells him that a wise man once said that war was coming to the island, “I think it just got here.”

Alpert says that he is going to stop Locke from getting on the plane. Sun starts yelling at Alpert in Korean all crazy and walks away. Whatever Sun, I don’t care about you anymore.

Sideways. Sun finds out that her dad took the money from her secret account..

Jin gets taped up in the fridge. Keamy tells Omar to go get the Arab guy and he says “I’m Arab.” Keamy tells Jin that he told Widmore about his relationship between him and Sun. Keamy says some people aren’t meant to be together.

Back on Hydra island, Zoey and Widmore are arguing. Widmore says “What’s done, is done.” He tells her to take the package (episode title) and take it to the infirmary. Widmore shows Jin Sun’s camera, it has picture of Ji-Yeon. Widmore says that he has to keep”the package”.

Widmore wnats Jin to see his package

Widmore wnats Jin to see his package

Sideways. Sayid finds Jin, like in the end of “Sundown”. Sayid gives him a razor blade to cut himself free and runs away. Mikhail and Sun come to the restaurant and see that people are dead. Keamy is still alive a little and Jin holds Mikhail at gun point. He shoots him in the eye. Sun is bleeding and says she is pregnant.

Island. Jack and Sun have a stupid talk on the beach. Jack tells Sun that she should be able to write still. Jack finds a tomato and says, “That’s one stubborn tomato, I guess no one told it, it was supposed to die.” Yes Jack, I’m pretty sure no one told the tomato that it was supposed to die, but perhaps if someone was a crazy as you. Tomatoes cannot be stubborn. Sun says she trusts in Jack and he says he will help her find Jin. This scene didn’t do it for me. I think it was supposed to be a call back to the Rose and Jack conversation back in season one.

Kate and Sawyer have a little discussion and Locke returns. Kate notes that Locke is alone. Good job Kate! That’s right, isn’t it? No one else is with him and that means he is alone. Another gold star for you! Locke says he doesn’t like secrets, he’s worried about what is in the package.

Sayid is floating around by the sub and sees Desmond! Sayid is really weird. He floats around like a mermaid and stares at Desmond and he stares at him. Zoey and Seamus take Desmond away.

Sayid the Creepy Merman

Creepy Merman Sayid



6 thoughts on “Lost Recap: The Package

  1. This was definitely the worst/most boring episode yet. Kate is such a dumbass. I can’t wait for Claire/Locke/Widmore/anyone to kill her.

    It’s so sad that the last episode was really good (so far as this season goes) and now we’re back to this bullshit. And the preview for the next episode featuring BAGPIPES? Must be a Desmond episode!


  2. I agree, I don’t like Kate, Jack, or Sun right now. This episode sucked. I want Sun to die before she meets Jin so they don’t have to show their reunion. I feel the episode set some things up though.
    But I do think a Desmond episode would be cool, at least I think that might mean that there isn’t a sideways storyline, those are always boring.

  3. Yeah, I hope they stop the sideways stuff soon. It’s the worst! Desmond is always good, so hopefully his episode can’t be any worse than this one.

    And even better than Desmond…DANIEL FARADAY IS ON NEXT WEEK!


  4. yes u can ask me. I think Kate is kind of annoying right now. Her character hasn’t developed much. She’s gone from someone who runs from everything to someone who just cares about Claire and her baby. But I guess I do like her for caring about them. I wouldn’t be too upset if Claire killed her after the plane ride.

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