Lost Preview: The Package

So this week”s episode is called “The Package” and it is a a Jin/Sun episode. So, we should get the sideways story as to what happened between the time Jin got in trouble at the airport in “LA X” and the time in when Sayid finds him in Keamy’s freezer. So I’m predicting that Sun cannot speak English and maybe Sun and Jin aren’t married in the sideways reality.

On the island, the title makes me think that we may find out what is in the locked room in Widmore’s sub. I know that the story will involve Locke and Widmore’s fated meeting and of course it will focus on the prolonged reunion of Sun and Jin. I think Jin and Sun will reunite at the end of this episode or during the next episode. There is a shot of Sun laying in the jungle, in the promo. It looks like she is dead, but I think it is a cop out.


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