Lost Recap: The Package

This episode begins with Locke telling Jin that “Kwon” was written on the cave, and that he need him in case it referred to him.

Flash-sideways (Snore! Already bored.) Back at the airport Jin gets his money confiscated and misses his restaurant meeting. Ms. Paik and Mr. Kwon make reservations and they are not married! I called that, I don’t care, sideways world is stupid.

What? You aren't married?

Back on the island. Sayid says he doesn’t have feeling and Locke says that is probably good for what is coming. Jin decides he is going to find his wife because that is all this episode is about and then the Locke followers are shot with tranquilizers by Widmore’s people.

Lapidus and Miles are playing cards, how silly. Ilana is waiting for Alpert. And Miles is a jerk. Sun throws a fit and goes gardening to soothe herself. The tomatoes are dead. Jack tries to tell her she is special, but Sun doesn’t care about her destiny.

Flash sideways (moan). Sun unbuttons her shirt


and the writers try to call back to the first season when Jin tells her to button her shirt up, but they fail. Sun undresses and they have sex.

Island. Locke finds Sun and tells her that Jin is across the island and that he can take her to him. She says that she doesn’t believe him because he killed all of those people. Locke says that those people were confused. Good think Locke doesn’t know that I am confused. Lost is hard. Sun decides to run away from the evil smoke-monster-man. But Sun runs into a tree, she is so stupid, that was one of the best parts of this episode. It’s pretty funny. Sun, Sun, Sun of the jungle, watch out for that-

Flash sideways. Sun says that they should get money from her secret account and run away. Someone rings the doorbell. Sun looks at herself in a mirror with a strange face.

Everyone in sideways world is obsessed with looking at themselves in the mirror.

She answers the door and it is Keamy.

Island. Ben finds Sun and she just speaks Korean now. She was already so useless.

Back in camp Locke everyone his having a sleeping party. Locke finds out Jin is missing.

Flash to Jin. He is in room 23, the brainwashing room from season 3. And then Zoey comes and she says, “Jenkies! that was weird huh?” Jin then tries to leave and she shocks him. Velma, I mean Zoey pulls out a map.

"Jenkies! I think I found a clue guys!

“These are grid maps,” she says, “that the Dharma people used to identify pockets or electromagnetism.” She says that Jin signed the map. Jin says he wants to talk to Widmore and she says he wants to talk to him.

Locke asks Sayid if he is a good swimmer and he tells him to put his gun in a ziplock bag. Claire is sad because her name isn’t on the cave walls and that they don’t need her. Locke says that he needs her. Claire asks if Kate’s name was on the cave, and he says “Not anymore”. But, he needs her to get the other three people on his side. And then he says that after that, “Whatever happens, happens.” Translation: you can kill her, Claire. Sawyer is jealous of Sayid and Locke going to do fun things with guns and he asks why Locke has to ride a boat and why he can’t just smoke-monster over there. But he says he can only smoke-monster on the island.

Flash sideways 😦  . Sun gives Keamy the watch and Omar comes, saying he can’t find Jin. The find him in the bathroom. Keamy tells him he wants the money and he says he feels like he is in a Godzilla movie. He says Mikhail can speak Korean. Yay Mikhail! But Mikhail doesn’t even have an eye patch. Sidewaysworld blows! Sun says that she can get him money from the bank. Riveting! Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant. Jin tells Keamy not to tell about his relationship with Sun. We know Keamy won’t tell, he’s a good guy.

Island. Ilana thinks that Ben knocked out Sun. Jack says she has aphasia and that she can’t speak English.

Alpert shows up and tells to Jacobans to follow him.

Locke gets ashore and tells the Widmoreians that he comes in peace. Locke meets Widmore. Locke tells him that a wise man once said that war was coming to the island, “I think it just got here.”

Alpert says that he is going to stop Locke from getting on the plane. Sun starts yelling at Alpert in Korean all crazy and walks away. Whatever Sun, I don’t care about you anymore.

Sideways. Sun finds out that her dad took the money from her secret account..

Jin gets taped up in the fridge. Keamy tells Omar to go get the Arab guy and he says “I’m Arab.” Keamy tells Jin that he told Widmore about his relationship between him and Sun. Keamy says some people aren’t meant to be together.

Back on Hydra island, Zoey and Widmore are arguing. Widmore says “What’s done, is done.” He tells her to take the package (episode title) and take it to the infirmary. Widmore shows Jin Sun’s camera, it has picture of Ji-Yeon. Widmore says that he has to keep”the package”.

Widmore wnats Jin to see his package

Widmore wnats Jin to see his package

Sideways. Sayid finds Jin, like in the end of “Sundown”. Sayid gives him a razor blade to cut himself free and runs away. Mikhail and Sun come to the restaurant and see that people are dead. Keamy is still alive a little and Jin holds Mikhail at gun point. He shoots him in the eye. Sun is bleeding and says she is pregnant.

Island. Jack and Sun have a stupid talk on the beach. Jack tells Sun that she should be able to write still. Jack finds a tomato and says, “That’s one stubborn tomato, I guess no one told it, it was supposed to die.” Yes Jack, I’m pretty sure no one told the tomato that it was supposed to die, but perhaps if someone was a crazy as you. Tomatoes cannot be stubborn. Sun says she trusts in Jack and he says he will help her find Jin. This scene didn’t do it for me. I think it was supposed to be a call back to the Rose and Jack conversation back in season one.

Kate and Sawyer have a little discussion and Locke returns. Kate notes that Locke is alone. Good job Kate! That’s right, isn’t it? No one else is with him and that means he is alone. Another gold star for you! Locke says he doesn’t like secrets, he’s worried about what is in the package.

Sayid is floating around by the sub and sees Desmond! Sayid is really weird. He floats around like a mermaid and stares at Desmond and he stares at him. Zoey and Seamus take Desmond away.

Sayid the Creepy Merman

Creepy Merman Sayid


Lost Preview: The Package

So this week”s episode is called “The Package” and it is a a Jin/Sun episode. So, we should get the sideways story as to what happened between the time Jin got in trouble at the airport in “LA X” and the time in when Sayid finds him in Keamy’s freezer. So I’m predicting that Sun cannot speak English and maybe Sun and Jin aren’t married in the sideways reality.

On the island, the title makes me think that we may find out what is in the locked room in Widmore’s sub. I know that the story will involve Locke and Widmore’s fated meeting and of course it will focus on the prolonged reunion of Sun and Jin. I think Jin and Sun will reunite at the end of this episode or during the next episode. There is a shot of Sun laying in the jungle, in the promo. It looks like she is dead, but I think it is a cop out.

On A Different Note – 12

Babylon by Congorock

Awesome music video

Kyoteizinc by Omodaka

Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem

No Shore by oOoOO

The Keeper by Bonobo

This Place Is Hell! Lost Recap: Ab Aeterno

This episode was epic!  y con mucho Espanol! It begins with an extended scene of the one we saw with Ilana and Jacob in the last season finale. This time, Jacob asks Ilana to protect the candidates.

Then everybody on the island gets caught up on what the candidates are and Ilana says that Jacob told her that Richard would know what to do. Richard gives out a funny laugh and says that he has no clue what to do. He says that everyone on the island is dead and that they are in Hell. He suggests that they start listening to someone other than Jacob, meaning the man in black.

Ilana still believes that Richard knows what to do and decides to follow him. Hurley speaks Spanish with a dead person, and it’s not Jacob. Ben and Jack think Richard knows nothing as he says. Ben says he has known Alpert since he was twelve and that he is still the same age. And with that the episode is set-up.

Now a flashback in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, 1867. Alpert has long hair and is riding his horse home to see his wife, Isabella. She’s not feeling so hot, well actually I guess she is because she has a fever. But, she’s ill, ok? She is coughing up blood. Richard gathers the little money that he does have and says he will go to the doctor. She gives him her golden cross necklace and says to give it to the doctor.

When he gets to the doctor he’s eating an fancy dinner and he says that he is not going to go all the way to see her because it is too far. He says he has medicine that will help. It’s expensive and Ricard doesn’t have enough money. He won’t take the necklace. Ricard accidentally kills him and rides off with the medicine.

The medicine is a white powder that makes me think of Jacob’s ashes, the ash surrounding Jacob’s cabin, and the bottle full of white stuff that were among the items Richard took to young Locke to test him and see if he was a candidate for Jacob. That scene in the season 4 episode, Cabin Fever makes a lot more sense after this episode.

When Alpert returns Isabella is already dead.

In the next scene, Alpert is in prison for killing the doctor and he is visited by Father Suarez. He finds out that Alpert is trying to learn English by reading the Bible. That must be difficult. He was reading Luke Chapter 4, verse 37, which takes place after Jesus returned from being tempted in the dessert. He goes to the Temple in Nazareth. Verse 31-37 talks about Jesus driving an evil spirit out of a man. Perhaps this is alluding to the man in black in Locke’s body? Maybe Locke can be saved. Alpert says that he and his wife wanted to travel to the New World to start a family and then he gives his confession, but he says he can’t be forgiven and that the only way he could would be repentance. But, it was too late for that because he was going to be hung and then go to see the devil in Hell. He’s not a very nice guy and he spits a lot.

When Alpert is taken out of his cell the next morning he meets Jonas Whitfield. He asks if he can speak English, he says nothing so he sends him to be hanged and then he says he speaks English. Whitfield says that Alpert is now the property of Mangus Hanso and we see the Black Rock in action!

It’s rather rough on the boat. One of the slaves has a peek hole and can see the island and the Tawaret statue. he says it is the devil and that it guards the island. A huge wave causes The Black Rock to crash right into the head of Tawaret and now we know how it was demolished and we know why The Black Rock is in the center of the island.

The captain goes below deck and goes on a killing rampage because he doesn’t have enough food or water for them and they would probably end up trying to kill him if he didn’t kill them. Alpert gets saved by Smokey though. Smokey does that thing he does where it looks like he is scanning someone.

Alpert is tuck in his chains for a while, he tries to pick his way with a nail, but a wild boar hits it out of reach. Hmmm, ok. Alpert sees his wife. She tells him that they are both dead and in Hell and that she is trying to save him from the devil. She has a line that is quite similar to one Locke said in season one. He said “I have looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful. But she says, “I looked in his eyes and all I saw was evil.” Maybe Locke was evil all along, from the very beginning. Smokey comes and Alpert tells her to run so she runs right into the smoke monster and screams. The man in black comes to Alpert in his old from. he says he is dead and that he wasn’t on the ship. He says that he didn’t see Isabella and that someone must have taken her. He sets Alpert free after he promises to follow him. And then the man in balck says, “It’s good to see you out of those chains.” Just as he did in the season premiere when he met Alpert in Locke form in the season premiere:

I think he is speaking of the metaphorical chains of Jacob’ power over Alpert in that case.

The man in black tells Alpert that he has to kill the devil. And, I think, wow Smokey is a tricky jerk! He’s getting Alpert to believe this whole Hell thing so that he will kill Jacob.

Alpert and Smokey some yummy wild hog and discuss murder. Hell tells Alpert that the devil lives in the statue and he give him what looks to be the same dagger that Doogan gave to Sayid in “Sundown” when he asks him to kill the man in black.

He tells Alpert the same thing that Doogan told Sayid in that episode when he gave him the dagger: “If he speaks it will already be too late.” He says he is very persuasive. The man in black tells him that he is the black smoke, but the devil stole his wife.

Alpert approaches the ruins of the Egyptian goddess yielding a magical dagger with much determination to kill the devil. (I enjoyed writing that last sentence.) Jacob sneaks up on him and gets his magic dagger.

Alpert tells Jacob that the man-in-black told him that they are in Hell. Jacob then tries to prove to Alpert that he is dead by almost drowning him four times. This is obviously Jacob baptizing Alpert. This makes Alpert change his mind.

Jacob says that no-one goes into his foot-statue unless he invites them. He says he is not the devil, but isn’t that just what the devil would say? He says that he brought the ship to the island. He uses a bottle of wine to describe the island. The wine represents evil and the cork on the bottle is the island.

It keeps evil from spreading and keeping it where it belongs. He says that the man-in-black (Who we still don’t have a real name for after being in the last ten episodes, unfortunately.) believes that evil in human nature and Jacob brings people to the island to prove him wrong. He then starts to sound a lot like God, he says that people’s pasts don’t matter when they come to the island. Which is similar to how God forgives people of their pasts. He says that it is meaningless if he tells the people to do anything and that it defeats the purpose. Alpert says that the man in black (satan)  has no problem with stepping in. Jacob (God) says that Alpert can be his go-between (Jesus). Alpert certainly has the Jesus look in this episode. Alpert asks Jacob to bring his wife back and he says he can’t. So, he asks Jacob to forgive his sins and I thought for sure since Jacob seems like God in this scenario, he would, but he didn’t. Then he says he wants to live forever. And that is the story of how Richard Alpert became ageless, boys and girls. He is still alive to this very day.

Alpert returns to the man in black and he gives him a white rock from Jacob. This must be the same one from the caves in “The Substitute”. The man in black says, “You let him talk to you, didn’t you?” He says that if Alpert goes with Jacob, he will never be with his wife again. He says he understands that Jacob can be convincing and he tells that his offer stands no matter what. He gives Alpert his wife’s necklace which he buries under a bench.

Then we see the older Alpert, or I guess I should say the more experienced Alpert. The one that is in the storyline that we perceive to be the “main” storyline, you know what I mean. He digs up the necklace that he just buried hundreds of years ago. He says that he changed his mind and asks if the offer still stands.

Hurley comes out of the jungle and says that Isabella sent him. He says that she is standing right next to him and they have a strange moment together that is quite touching, but he can’t see her. It’s sad. She keeps coming back, and she finally leaves. She says they are always together. 😥

Hurley says that Isabella said that Alpert has to stop the man in black from leaving the island, because if he doesn’t they will “all go to Hell.” So, let me sum up what has happened in this episode: Alpert believes the man in black when he says that the island is Hell, then he changes his mind and believes Jacob who says that the man in black is evil and trying to prove that everyone is evil, the Alpert believes that Jacob was wrong so he decides to go back to the man in black’s side and now his wife’s ghost is telling him that everyone will go to Hell if they follow the man in black. What a roller coaster!

But, there is one scene left after we see FLocke standing a distance away from Hurley and Alpert.

It’s another man in black / Jacob discussion like the opening of the season 5 finale. The man in black says that he wants to kill him to get off the island. Jacob says that he will be replaced by someone. And the man in black says he will kill them too. Jacob hands the man in black the bottle of wine “to pass the time.” Jacob leaves the man in black alone so he can smash the bottle, letting the evil spread freely.

Amazing episode!!!

Lost Preview: Ab Aeterno

This episode is gonna be awesome because 1.) Its the first ever Richard Alpert episode! and 2.) It’s six minutes longer then usual! Judging by this promo, it looks like this episode will give a couple answers. I have a feeling that this could be the episode where we start to learn about the flash-sideways and how it relates to the island storyline.

We should learn about Ricard’s backstory, maybe we will even get to see him arrive on the black rock! If Ricard Alpert has a flash-sideways storyline my head might explode.

According to Wiki Ab Aeterno is a Latin phrase that translates to “Literally, “from the everlasting” or “from eternity”. Thus, “from time immemorial”, “since the beginning of time” or “from an infinitely remote time in the past”. In theology, often indicates something, such as the universe, that was created outside of time.” So, I guess we should find out some pretty big details about the show’s mythology. This should be good.

Fringe: The Musical

Apparently, Fringe is gong to air a musical episode on the 29th of April, according to tvovermind.com.  It takes place in Walter’s mind. I think that should be interesting.

On A Different Note – 11

Jimi Beachball” by Foxes in Fiction

See Waves” by Nice Nice

Sun Medallion” by King Tuff

BTSTU” by Jai Paul

Cynthia” by MillionYoung

Round and Round” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Lost Analysis – Recon: The Case of the Redhead/Mission Hydra Island

This episode was average, which I’m fine with because I predict next week’s episode will be amazing. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ve gotta recap Recon.

It starts with Sawyer meeting Jin in Claire’s creepy tent and telling him that he is “with Locke”. Sawyer promises that they won’t leave without Sun. Locke and his followers return to the camp.

Lost Numbers!

In the flash-sideways we see a similar scene at 8:42 in the morning. It appears as if Sawyer is pulling the old sleep-with-a-woman-and-then-convince-her-into-stealing-her-husband’s-money-to-invest-in-some-made-up-deal-thing-by-accidentally-letting-a-bunch-of-money-fall-out-of-your-suitcase con. But, then the woman that he is trying to con, flips the table on him and says that she knows what he is doing because her husband is a con man. But, then Sawyer flips the table on her, (so I guess the table would now be upright again) and he says that he works for the cops and that he set her up. And of course nobody but that woman he slept with believes him, because this is the reality where people make the right choices, we get that. Sawyer says the magic word “LaFleur” which is weird cuz that was his fake name in Dharma-times, I don’t understand why that was his name back then, that is weird. Anyway, Miles is Sawyer’s partner.

Claire picks up a knife from the creepy tent and tucks in the squirrel baby.

“Nighty Night, Squirrel Baby, don’t let the island-bugs bite.”-Claire

When Kate asks what it is, Claire said it was “all [she] had”.  They go outside where Locke is giving a speech. Locke seems pretty nice in this episode. He says that he is open for questions, and he comforts Zach and Emma.

I think Zach looks creepy.

It’s so weird how Claire holds Kate’s hands in this scene. Sawyer tells Kate that he isn’t with anybody, foreshadowing the end of the episode.

Sideways Sawyer is trying to find Anthony Cooper, the man that stole his Dad’s money before he killed his wife and then himself as a result. The man who was Locke’s dad. (Well I guess he is still alive in this storyline.) Miles asks about Sawyer’s trip to Palm Springs, and he obviously lies about it. Miles sets Sawyer up with a friend of his, because he doesn’t want Sawyer to “die alone.” (As, in Live Together, Die Alone, you know, Jack’s speech in season one.) (Ok, sorry didn’t mean to insult your Lost-knowledge, I sound like those things that pop-up during the enhanced episodes.) Miles mentions that he knows her through her dad. She works at his museum. So, Pierre Chang owns in this reality? Weird.

Locke tells Sawyer that he is “the smoke-thing”. He says that he killed all of the people in the temple, because they would have killed him if he didn’t kill them. He then sends Sawyer on a mission to investigate Hydra island, to see if there are people that want to do Locke and crew harm. Locke says that Sawyer is the best liar that he ever met. I think Ben might be better.

So, sideways world James meets his blind date, and it is….wait for it….sideways Charlotte!


Which kind of makes sense because people in the sideways universe seem to met people that they have closer relationships to on the island. So, it kinda makes since that Sawyer and Miles are friends because they have a tiny bromance thing goin’ on in the island world. And it kinda makes since that Miles is friends with Charlotte because they were freighter buds in island world. Sideways Charlotte is also an archeologist. I guess she’s the same because she isn’t important. She says she is like Indiana Jones and Sawyer asks if she has a whip. Raunchy. She asks him why he is a cop and he reference the movie “Bullitt“. I think that the only similarity that we are supposed to get from this reference is that Sawyer and the main character, Bullitt, are both searching for someone to kill to avenge another person’s death. t’s about a cop in LA.

Sawyer tells Charlotte that he came to a point in his life in which he could be a criminal or a cop and in this reality, he became a cop. Then Charlotte gives him a weird look and he says “What”. And she says, “You know what.” I didn’t get what they were talking about until they started taking each other’s clothes off. (Sex.)

Charlotte touches this book because she wants us to remember that Sawyer reads it on the island.

Charlotte goes rummaging through James’ stuff to find a t-shirt and finds a news-clipping about Sawyer’s parents’ deaths. Sawyer catches her and kicks her out.

"Oh, these sex cages sure do bring back memories."-Sawyer

Island Sawyer reaches Hydra island in the outrigger and finds Kate’s old dress in the sex-cages. It seems as if he may still have a little thing for Kate still, I don’t know. I don’t think the whole Jack, Kate, Sawyer thing is going to end up being a big deal. Speaking of Kate…

Oh yeah, she’s hanging out with all of those demon-people. She asks Demon-Sayid if he believes in Demon-Locke and he says yes. (Of course Demon-Sayid believes in Demon-Locke.) Then she asks Demon-Sayid if he is alright and he says no, because he is a demon. Then Demon-Claire comes out of nowhere and strangles Kate to the ground while holding that knife she got, below Kate’s neck. Demon-Sayid look unfazed by all of this. Demon-Locke throws Demon-Claire off of Kate, picks her up, slaps her, and sends her away, like a father punishing his daughter. Kate begins crying, which I think is pretty reasonable. I feel bad for her. She has gone through so much to try and reunite Claire and Aaron and when she finally finds Claire she is a crazy demon woman that tries to kill her.

Back to Sawyer. He finds the Ajira plane and another pile of dead bodies.

He sees a random woman who just happened to be running by the pile of dead bodies. At this point I know this isn’t coincidence. Lost has made us to smart for its own good.

Zoey seems a bit too innocent. hmm...

Liam Pace is at the police station, looking for his brother who we saw get arrested for a drug charge at the airport in LAX.

Miles finds out that Sawyer lied and that he actually went to Australia instead of Palm Springs. Sawyer says that it’s none of Miles’ beeswax and so Miles is like “You aren’t my partner anymore.” Then Sawyer punches a mirror.

Mirrors seems to be a motif this season. Which is fitting seeing as it can symbolize an alternate universe, such as in “Through the Looking Glass” (The sequel to Alice in Wonderland, not the Lost episode).

The woman that was running through the island says that her name is Zoey and then she gives the most generic backstory ever. She said she was collecting wood, and that there gave it away for me. She said she heard screams and that everyone was dead and that she had been dragging them to the beach.

Locke tells Kate that it was his fault that Claire attacked her. He’s reasoning for what he did seems pretty logical. He knew that Claire would have to vent her anger in the loss of her child so he told her that the others took him. But, when Kate told her the truth she turned all of that hatred towards her. Kate calls him a dead-man. She asks where Sawyer went so he says he will show her. He offers a hand to get up and she rebukes it, she doesn’t want to pretend she trusts him.

Zoey asks a lot of questions. Sawyer asks Zoey why she was going to Guam and she gives the most generic answer. “I’m going to see my boyfriend.” Sawyer asks her who she really is and three people with guns jump out of the bushes.

I'm sorry, I know this chubby guy has a guy, he just doesn't seem intimidating.

Locke and Kate sit down and Locke tells her that Sawyer went to that island. And Kate says “Well, you could have just told me.” And the has says that he wouldn’t get to talk to her then. He says that he knows what Kate was going through because his mother was a crazy and disturbed woman. That he still has problems because of her. And that Aaron has a crazy mother.

Zoey and the guys with guns take Sawyer to Widmore’s sub and on the way they see other people from Widmore’s crew, setting up portable pylons.

Sawyer makes a TV dinner in the microwave and watches Little House on the Prairie. Pa tells Laura that people should not worry, but enjoy life, and that people aren’t gone when they die.

Deep stuff. I wonder if Sawyer remembers Juliet.

James brings his LaFleur flower, like the one he gave to Juliet in the good-old Dharma days, to Charlotte, but she is immune to its magic.

In the sub, Sawyer notices a locked door.

Oooo, a secret locked door.

Widmore introduces himself, and Sawyer is like “Oh, you are that guy that sent that freighter to kill everyone on the island.” Widmore says that he did not murder the people he put in the ditch.

Sawyer makes a deal with Widmore that he will bring Demon-Locke to him so he can kill him, in return for getting Sawyer and his buddies off the island. So, it’s like oh, Sawyer, you sly dog, you aren’t on Locke’s side, you are on Widmore’s side.

Claire says she is sorry for trying to kill her and then she hugs her. Kate’s like, no problem, it’s ok.

Sawyer returns to the the main island and Locke runs to help him in.  Sawyer tells him that everyone was dead over there and that Widmore and crew were setting up pylons. He told Locke that he told Widmore that he was going to bring Locke to him to kill him. But, that they will surprise him instead. So now, we think, Sawyer, you sly dog, you really were on Locke’s side, not Widmore’s.

Sawyer finds Miles and shows him the newspaper clippings that Charlotte was looking at. He tells him that Sawyer was a con-man that stole his parents money and his dad killed is mom and himself. he says that he is trying to find him to kill him. A car crashes into them and someone runs out of the car. When Sawyer catches them, it is revealed to be…wait for it…


Sawyer looks at her and says, “Son of a bitch.” Wait a minute, I think this means that he recognizes her. Probably just from the plane ride and the elevator, though. Now that we know that he is a cop, it seems kind of weird that he helped Kate escape.

Sawyer finds Kate cooking rabbit. Sawyer tells her about his little adventure and that he is gonna let Widmore and Smokey fight it out. Oh, Sawyer, you sly dog, you are a good liar. Then Sawyer tells Kate that they are gonna leave on the submarine. And I guess that that is supposed to be the cliffhanger/reveal that happens in the last minute of the show. I’m always interested in what the big thing at the end is, but whatever. This episode was alright. I just can’t wait until next week’s episode. It’s the first ever Richard Alpert-centic episode!!!!! And it’s gonna run six minutes long!!!!!!! Woot! Woot! Should be good.

Recent Awesome Music Updates

Release dates were announced for what will be two of the coolest music releases this year.

It was announced last week that Animal Collective’s Oddsac will be released on dvd, on June 29th. That’s kind of a ways away. I’m still hoping it will come to a theater nearby so I can see it.

Also, news broke recently that Sleigh Bells is set to release their debut album called “Treats” on MIA’s NEET label. The release date is May 11th.

Mark your calendars guys and gals.

Lost Preview: Recon

This promo isn’t the best, but at least it doesn’t ruin anything.

On the official Lost Audio podcast, Damon and Carlton guaranteed that Charles Widmore is going to be in this episode, so maybe we will see where he is going. My guess is that he is going to the Hydra station to meet up with Locke and his recruits.

Darlton also say that this will be a Sawyer-centric episode.

So, on-island we should find out where Sawyer has been the last two episodes, hopefully. In the flash-sideways will probably deal with his con man career. Maybe he will try to con Hurley out of his money, like people have speculated after the scene when he talks to Hurley in the season premiere. But, my theory is that he will actually help save Hurley’s money somehow, because the losties in the off-island reality seem to make decisions similar to the way the on-island losties would now that they have experienced certain things on the island. Sorry, that was hard to say in a way that didn’t sound complicated.

Damon and Carlton hinted that this week’s title has a double meaning.  One is a play on the word “con”, as in re-con or to con again. So, perhaps Sawyer will con Hurley in  the alternate reality. If you read my recap of last week’s episode you know that I have a theory that the sideways-flashes are the result of a pact made between the losties and either Jacob or Smokey, so that the plane crash would not occur. In this new reality, the losties are faced with similar grand decisions that they did in the other reality. The losties in the sideways-reality make decisions differently this time around because of the experience that they had on the island, but they cannot remember these experiences, and that was part of the pact. However, the people that made a pact with Smokey cannot escape their fate no matter how many times the try to stop it, just as Sayid was repeatedly provoked to kill until he finally caved-in. Sawyer is also on Smokey’s side, so perhaps we will see him driven to con again in the sideways world.

The meaning of recon is to go behind enemy lines to spy. If I could only guess one person that would be this spy, I would guess Widmore. Perhaps he is going to Hydra island to pretend to join Smokey just so he can gather information for Jacob’s crew. Maybe he was the person that Jacob wanted to help get to the island with the help of the lighthouse.

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