Lost: What Kate Does

In the other reality it seems that Kate has no heart as she forces the taxi driver to run over Arzt’s stuff, and steals his taxi along with Claire’s purse and luggage. There is a strange exchange of sideways glances between Jack and Kate which could be hinting at some “memories” that they have of their other life on the island.

Kate get some mechanic to cut her handcuffs off and she realizes that she is a jerk and that she stole a cute pregnant girl’s stuff.

Kate goes back to try to make up for being a jerk. And she didn’t take any of Claire’s money, what a doll. Kate agrees to take Claire to the adoptive parents that Malkin, the psychic told her to give he baby to.

Kate goes with Claire to find out that Aaron’s adoptive parents broke up, bummer. Claire’s giving birth, oh boy.

Surprise! Dr. Ethan Goodspeed is Claire’s doctor! Claire says she doesn’t want to have the baby yet, which means that Ethan gets to stick a big needle in her stomach just like old times, in another dimension. Dr. Ethan seems like a pretty nice guy, making cute baby jokes and such.

It was cool to see Kate and Claire together in this scene, it brings back memories of the birth of Aaron is season one. It’s cool how it seems that the characters in these two realities seem to have the same destinies. I wasn’t so sure about this “flash-sideways” idea, but a lot of things had to happen in the pilot and now that the show is settling into its groove in the third episode, I like it.

Claire covers for Kate/”Joan Heart” and tells Kate that she believes that she is innocent. Claire gives Kate her credit card and tells Kate that she called Aaron, Aaron because she “knew it or something”. Kate tells Claire that she should keep Aaron.

On the island, the losties are coping with the fact that their friend just came back to life. Sawyer is “thinkin’ about, runnin’, Kate”. Which we know Kate loves to do.

Dogan says that he needs to “talk ” with Sayid and Sawyer says he is gonna leave. Dogan says that he has to stay, but he leaves. We get to see Aldo again. (You don’t remember him? He was the dude that was guarding Karl. Kate, Aldo and Jin decide to go on a search party for Sawyer.

Dogan tests Sayid by electrocuting him and burning him with a hot poker. Lennon tells Sayid that he passed, but he was lying.

Aldo doesn’t want Justin to tell Kate and Jin about the crash for some reason, or about how Rousseau died. But he probably didn’t want to spoil the big surprise at the end of the episode. Kate whacks Aldo over the head again and gets away.

Dogan wants Jack to give Sayid a pill to save him from a sickness, but he won’t explain anything else, but he tries to trick him into it by giving him a guilt trip. Sayid has to take it willingly. Sayid tells Jack that if Jack wants him to take the pill, he would, because he trusts him.

Kate finds Sawyer as Sawyer finds his old gun where he hid it in New Otherton.

Kate and Sawyer have a touching moment in which Sawyer tells Kate why he thought it was his fault that Juliet died and he goes on to say that “Some of us are meant to be alone.” He was gonna ask her to marry him. He throws her ring in the water. Sad.

Jack finally gets Dogan to tell him that the pill is full of poison by trying to swallowing it. Maybe not the smartest idea, but in this case it was effective. Dogan says that Sayid has been “claimed” by a “darkness”, and they know this because it happened to Jack’s sister. This line sets un the big surprise at the end.

Jin gets caught by a trap and Aldo is about to shoot him when a crazy, Australian, jungle woman shots Aldo first. And that crazy Australian jungle woman is Claire! She has frizzy hair and a shot gun! It seems like she has become the new Rousseau, which is fitting seeing as she has been seperated from her baby and other people for a while. Well she may have seen other dark jungle people that have been “claimed”, but you know what I mean.

The best quote of the episode award goes to Sawyer: “Of course he’s alive, he’s an Iraqi torturer that shoots kids, he definitely deserves another go-around.”

The Tire Hammer:

When Kate is first working at the Dharma motor pool, she knows absolutely nothing about automobiles. In this reality she knows what a tire hammer is at least. Maybe this is one of those differences between the realities, or maybe you don’t have to know a lot about auto parts to know what a tire hammer is.

“Claimed” by darkness:

Ok, so we know that Claire is posessed by some dark essence. So the question is: is this dark essence the man in black? Maybe, maybe it’s Jacob I’d be happy if he turned out to the “bad guy”, wouldn’t that be cool? Or maybe this dark essence is something that is more of an elementary evil force.

I also now am wondering if Christian Shephard is “claimed” as well, just because he and Claire seemed to be connected in that cabin when John Locke met them. But, I think it is more likely that Christian is different from Sayid and Claire. Maybe Jacob is who is inhabiting Sayid and Claire. That could be why dead Jacob told Hurley to bring Sayid to the temple so that he could claim him using the magic water which was now dirty with his essence. Christian has said that he can speak for Jacob. If he was telling the truth, maybe he is helping Jacob as he claims more islanders in the upcoming battle that will end all.

Budweiser-Lost Connection

The two following Budweiser commercial were shown, last night during the Superbowl. The first is about a group of plane crash survivors on an deserted island and the second involves Pierre Chang in a lab coat in a laboratory. Well, you know what Mr. Eko says, “Do not mistake coincidence for fate.”

On A Different Note-5

Catamaran by Candy Claws

I like the way this song reverberates to make it feel like you are underwater.

Be Cool by Golden Ages

Castles in the Snow by Twin Shadow

Slept Away by Spirit Spine

Spirit Spine is a 19 year who makes music that sounds like Panda Bear on his computer.

The Town Made out of Clouds by MusSck

Fringe: Jacksonville

I have no clue if there is an actual theory about quantum tectonic event and I don’t care if the writers came up with it or not. Fringe puts just enough truth into things to make accept that it is true for the sake of the show.

Well, the quantum tectonic event, caused a building from another dimension to come to Olivia’s dimension. Mr. Prachet from our reality combines with Mr. Prachet from the other reality. In Olivia’s reality, Mr. Prachet is not married, in the other he is. We also learn this other world could have double-decker cars.

Walter knew that a building from their dimension with the same mass as the one that appeared in their dimension from the other dimension would have to go to that other dimension in order to create an equilibrium between the two dimensions. I guess it takes a little while before that happens, though, which allows Walter to experiment on Olivia (Just, like the good old days in season one. Oh, and when Olivia was a child). He gives her some Clozapine. Peter has a good line, he says, ” You were conducting illegal drug trials on children, dont make that sound like charity work.” After Walter tells Olivia that he was trying to give her the Ability to see the other world through his testings.

It was really cool to see where Walter experimented on Olivia and and the other children. It was kind of eerie. “Our kids are happy kids” was painted on one wall and Olivia saw her mark on the wall where she had been measured. The scene in which Olivia meets her younger self, is pretty scary. It was cool to see Olivia get angry with Walter, that was a well acted scene.

My favorite part of this episode was probably when Walter did a little jig after Peter told him that he was going to get a drink with Olivia. I am glad that something is finally happening between them seeing as they have been hinting at it a long time.

But, Olivia and Peter going an a date wasn’t the most interesting part of the last few scenes. Now, tha Olivia has strengthen her parallel universe sense, she knows something Walter does not want anyone to know about Peter, Peter from the alternate universe, that Peter. I am really excited about the rest of the season after watching the promo after the episode. We are gonna get to learn about how Walter went about getting Peter from the alternate universe. Yay!

Hopelessly Lost

Newsweek has a hilarious video in which people talk about what they think about certain scenes from Lost. The catch is that these people have not been watching the last five seasons of Lost. You should check it out. This video is also really cool. It shows two plane scenes from the different realities simultaneously:

Lost – LA X Part Two

LA X Reality: Jack finds out that his dad’s coffin is missing. Well, we know it has to be on the island. Jin gets in trouble for having too much money on him, and a woman asks Sun if it is a misunderstanding and if she speaks English. She says that she can’t speak English. It looks like she was telling the truth, maybe in this reality she didn’t learn English, or maybe she is lying.

Kate bumps into Sawyer, Hurley, Frogurt, and Claire (SURPRISE! I knew she was coming back, but I was still surprised.)

Jack meets Locke and he tells him that “Nothing’s irreversible”. Is creating an alternate reality irreversible? I feel this statement something the man of faith would say and Sawyer sounds a bit nicer then season one Sawyer.

Island Reality: Sawyer has Miles tell him what Juliet was going to tell him when she died. Miles tells him she was going to say that “It worked”. So, I guess that means that Jack detonating the bomb did create an alternate reality in which they make it off the island, but these versions of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, and Sayid, (the ones on the island) did not get off. I wonder where Miles is in the alternate reality.

On their way to the temple Hurley finds a book called “Fear and Trembling” by Søren Kierkegaard, who according to Wikipedia, is a Danish philosopher. Kierkegaard is known for his criticism of the Danish church. In this book, Kierkegaard tells a different variation of the blinding of Issac in the Bible and he discusses how hard it is to be authentically religious. In another book of Kierkegaard’s called “Practice in Christianity”, he discusses in great detail the idea of the “leap of faith”, something very important to the show Lost.

In the temple, the losties are captured by a group of Japanese others (that’s what I’ll call them for now) and Cindy the flight stewardess is there. One more lose end tied, we know why Cindy was with the others in season 3… kind of. Anyway, the Japanese others are gonna shoot the island losties, until Hurley shows them what’s in the guitar case Jacob told him to bring. Its an Egyptian Ankh, like the one that the four-toed Taweret statue holds. It’s supposed to be a symbol for everlasting life (this symbol causes Sayid’s rebirth) and is usually held by gods (is Hurley destined to become an island god? He does seem special. He can talk to dead people and he found Jacob’s cabin). Dogan, the leader of the Japanese others, says that the paper within the Ankh says that everyone will be in big trouble if Sayid dies.

The Japanese others immediately take Sayid into some dirty water and baptize him, except they don’t bring his face back out of the water until some timer runs out and it seems like he is dead. Maybe he is dead. Then Kate watches as Jack tries to save Sayid in a scene that is just like the scene from season one, after Charlie was hung in a tree by Ethan. Charlie eventually comes back to life in that episode when it seems too late, just like Sayid comes back to life at the very end of this episode. Maybe he did die, but the island brought him back. Maybe he will be an island-ghost like Christian, and like how Claire might be in this reality. The water he was in used to be used to heal. We see, that the water is darker and that it does not heal Dogan’s cut. Maybe the water is dark because the man-in-black is now in power and now he can use Sayid.

When Hurley tells the Japanese others that Jacob is dead, they freak out and pour ash everywhere and fire red fireworks to alert the inhabitants of the island that the man-in-black is loose.

Back in the foot of Taweret, there is an awesome scene between the man-in-black and Ben. The man-in-black tells Ben that the last thought that ran through Locke’s head was “I don’t understand.” And that Locke was the only one to, “realize how pitiful the life he left behind actually was.” When Ben asks him what he wants he says, “Well that’s the great irony here, Ben, because I want the one thing that John Locke didn’t. I want to go home.” Does that mean that the man-in-black, the island god, the smoke monster, used to be a human that lived off-island?

The man-in-black (I really wish I knew his name, so I didn’t have to keep writing that) tells Richard that its nice to see Richard out of his chains. I first thought that meant Richard came on the slave ship, but I’m not so sure about that. I think the chains of which he spoke were the metaphorical chains that Jacob used to keep Richard from being free. Flocke beats up Richard and tells everyone he is “very disappointed” with them.

Thoughts on the new storytelling techinique:

I’m not sure I like the way this season is going so far, but after five amazing seasons, I have faith in the writers that it will get better. I was almost certain that the writers would go the path of parallel time travel and I am alright with this, I just hate how disconnected the two realities are. I think what needs to happen is that some or all of the people in the reality in which Oceanic 815 lands in LA need to start “remembering” what happened on the island, or the two realities need to collide soon. That could be interesting and I’m sure it has to happen eventually. I think something else they could do would be similar to the game changing introduction of flashforwards in the season three finale. I think it would be interesting if what we think is an alternate reality in which the plane lands, is actually a flashforward of what we think is the reality in which Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and them are on the island and that they can’t remember what happened on the island. I feel that is a very crazy and unlikely idea, but you know, this is Lost we are talking about. I feel that in whatever circumstance, the people that landed in LA need to find out or remember what happened on the island somehow and I hope that happens soon.

What does it mean that the island sunk? If the island sunk in 1977, that would mean a lot of things are different in this reality. This means that Widmore, Ben, Eloise, Daniel, Miles, and all of the Dharma people are probably dead in that reality.

Lost – LA X Part One

The first scene of season five was kind of surprising. It was cool to see parts of season one reenacted and the whole turbulence thing was cool.

It’s weird that Desmond is on the plane. Now we see a more literal meaning to Desmond’s catchphrase, “See ya in another life brother.” Jack thinks he has met Desmond before, maybe he can remember things, or maybe he will start to remember more. I hope so, that would be such a waste if they couldn’t remember anything. I think the reason that Desmond is in the plane, is because of his special ability to be in two times at once, maybe he and the man-in-black are the only two characters that can go between these two realities, maybe Jacob could, but now he’s dead in the on island reality.

After the plane, came that CGI underwater scene. That looked horrible, I mean it’s silly to say that because it’s obvious, but it should have been obvious to the people working on it. This is the final season, come on step-up! They should have focused on a small, important part of the island underwater, like the statue. Then they would have been able to make it look somewhat realistic. Anyway, that made me really made, as I’m sure it did many others.

Arzt is a fan of Hurley in the reality in which the plane doesn’t crash. He’s a fan of his Mr. Cluck’s commercials that were shown last summer at comic con. Hurley says he is the luckiest man alive, this is definitely an alternate reality. The writers are calling it a flash-sideways, and there is a new sound between them that sounds like a high-pitch version of the flashforward wooshing sound.

When we see Kate in a tree on the island (how silly), we know that it is an alternate reality. The audio that is used when she comes down from the tree, the ringing thing, that was a pretty cool touch. Well anyway Kate is now on the island with Jack, Miles, Jin, Hurley, and dying Sayid. The hatch is imploded for some reason, where they are. And we later learn that Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, and Miles are in the same time as Flocke, Richard, Sun and Lapidus, for some reason. What a coincidence. Hurley sees Jacob because he’s dead and he tells Hurley to take Sayid to the temple to save him, probably the same way 70’s Ben was saved in the temple last season.

Sawyer, Jack, and the rest of them hear Juliet in the bottom of the hatch. They use chains to try to get her out, chains dragged her in. Sawyer and Juliet kiss and have a pretty sweet moment when she explains why she hit the bomb. Then Juliet says, “I have to tell you something. It’s really, important,” and then she dies. That’s a little silly. Anyway, Sawyer wants to kill Jack, now.

Back in the shadow of the statue, Ben deals with the effects of what he did in last year’s finale. I actually feel pretty bad for him when he wonders why Jacob didn’t fight back and when Bram and Richard seem like they are going to punish him. The best scene of the first hour is definitely when the Man-In-Black, reveals himself to be the smoke monster. The cgi is alright in this scene and Bram joins the list of people to get impaled on the island, along with Goodwin and the co-pilot of Ajira flight 316.

Back on the plane, we learn that Shannon was not on this plane, and Locke had his walkabout. I’m pretty sure Frogurt is sitting between Locke and Boone. Locke seems very happy, I wonder if he is posessed by the man-in-black in this reality.

Sun looks at Rose and Bernard a lot, maybe she remembers them. Jack helps save Charlie from suffocating and he says he needs a pen, like in the pilot. Jack saves him from suffocating which is what drowning is, just with water instead of a bag of heroin. Charlie says he was supposed to die, when he gets taken away. Maybe the characters in both realities share the same destiny and Charlie knows that his destiny is to die.

They brought back the episode ending montage thing from season one. Some people are happier, but some are in the same circumstances. Hurley is super lucky now instead of super unlucky, Rose and Bernard are still together, but Locke is still crippled, Sun and Jin still have problems (Jin told Sun to button up again), and Kate is still on the run.

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