Lost: The Lighthouse-Preview

This season so far, has followed the same pattern of episode centricity (that is probably not a word) as that of the first season. The two part premiere this season corresponds with the two part pilot in season one. All four of those hours of Lost are dedicated to multiple characters. Then came What Kate Did which corresponds with the Kate-centric episode, Tabula Rasa, the second episode of season one. Then last week was a Locke-centric episode, like Walkabout. If this pattern continues that would mean that The Lighthouse is a Jack-centric episode. Judging by what happened in What Kate Did, and assuming that The Lighthouse will pick up the story from the end of that episode, we will be dealing a lot with whatever is has happened to Claire/ what is happening to Sayid. This seems quite fitting seeing as the first Jack-centric episode in season one, White Rabbit, is the episode in which Jack sees his dead father walking on the island. (Crazy prediction: Maybe the reason Christian Shephard is walking on the island is because he is from the off-island reality.) I hope we get to see Christian Shephard this episode, and I feel there is a good chance of that happening. There are a lot of questions I have about him. Like: Has he been “claimed” the same way Claire and Sayid are? How is he alive? Is he alive? And, can he speak for Jacob as he says? Hopefully The Lighthouse will shed some light on some of these issues (haha, that was an accident.)

The lighthouse is a Christian symbol, because it shows the way as Jesus Christ does. Wiki says that lighthouses symbolize the public good, safety, and male fertility. (Maybe this episode will deal with the island’s baby-making problems? Probably not.)

I think Jack is in the lighthouse when he smashed that mirror with an axe. I think there will be an actual lighthouse in this episode, but there will be another meaning to the title. Hopefully the losties will find so direction in The Lighthouse, because they seems to not know a thing about what is going on, what their destiny is. I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see.

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