On A Different Note-7

David by Yawn

If you think Yawn sound like Animal Collective, I agree. If you think that means Yawn is unoriginal and therefore is not worth listening to, I understand, but, I kind of have a weakness for anything that sounds enough like Animal Collective to be compared to them and I like “David” and “Kind of Guy” from Yawn’s new EP. You can download the EP here for the low, low price of free. I think it’s worth the low, low price of free.

Vanity by Celestial Bodies

This music video involves people’s skin being peeled away from their face, but it’s not as gory as it sounds.

Excuses by The Morning Benders

This song is about love making.

Bright Orange Air by Inlets

This song sounds like a Grizzly Bear song. It sounds like the old Yellow House Grizzly Bear.

Lady Linda by Mux Mool

The above picture is the artwork for Mux Mool’s upcoming album, Mux Mool sounds like an 8-bit version of Nosaj Thing with rappers and pirates. To hype the release of his upcoming album, Mux Mool is giving away his Viking Funeral EP for the low, low price of free (Lookey there I gave you two new EP’s in this post, aren’t I nice.).


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