Lost: The Substitute- Preview

I have a feeling that tonight’s episode will be the best episode of season six so far. It is Locke-centric – I feel that should be enough proof. I was over at a friend’s house and when he was setting his recording for this episode, I saw the list of actors in the synopsis and I was surprised to see one name. I won’t ruin who it was, but they have had much aur time on Lost and didn’t expect to see them again.

The title (The Substitute) may refer to the 1996 film of the same. I read a summary of the film on wiki and the only connection between the two I could see was that the both involve people going undercover to attack someone. The title likely also refer to the idea that Locke’s dead body was used as a “proxy” or substitute for Christian Shepherd’s dead body on Ajira 316. Or that Locke’s body is now a substitute body for the Man-In-Black. Maybe we will find out that Christian Shepherd was also a substitute body for the Man-In-Black, just a crazy theory.

Well, we will find out in a matter of hours just what this episode is about.

Check back late tonight or early tomorrow to read my recap of “The Substitute” (The Lost episode, not the film from 1996).


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