Lost: What Kate Does

In the other reality it seems that Kate has no heart as she forces the taxi driver to run over Arzt’s stuff, and steals his taxi along with Claire’s purse and luggage. There is a strange exchange of sideways glances between Jack and Kate which could be hinting at some “memories” that they have of their other life on the island.

Kate get some mechanic to cut her handcuffs off and she realizes that she is a jerk and that she stole a cute pregnant girl’s stuff.

Kate goes back to try to make up for being a jerk. And she didn’t take any of Claire’s money, what a doll. Kate agrees to take Claire to the adoptive parents that Malkin, the psychic told her to give he baby to.

Kate goes with Claire to find out that Aaron’s adoptive parents broke up, bummer. Claire’s giving birth, oh boy.

Surprise! Dr. Ethan Goodspeed is Claire’s doctor! Claire says she doesn’t want to have the baby yet, which means that Ethan gets to stick a big needle in her stomach just like old times, in another dimension. Dr. Ethan seems like a pretty nice guy, making cute baby jokes and such.

It was cool to see Kate and Claire together in this scene, it brings back memories of the birth of Aaron is season one. It’s cool how it seems that the characters in these two realities seem to have the same destinies. I wasn’t so sure about this “flash-sideways” idea, but a lot of things had to happen in the pilot and now that the show is settling into its groove in the third episode, I like it.

Claire covers for Kate/”Joan Heart” and tells Kate that she believes that she is innocent. Claire gives Kate her credit card and tells Kate that she called Aaron, Aaron because she “knew it or something”. Kate tells Claire that she should keep Aaron.

On the island, the losties are coping with the fact that their friend just came back to life. Sawyer is “thinkin’ about, runnin’, Kate”. Which we know Kate loves to do.

Dogan says that he needs to “talk ” with Sayid and Sawyer says he is gonna leave. Dogan says that he has to stay, but he leaves. We get to see Aldo again. (You don’t remember him? He was the dude that was guarding Karl. Kate, Aldo and Jin decide to go on a search party for Sawyer.

Dogan tests Sayid by electrocuting him and burning him with a hot poker. Lennon tells Sayid that he passed, but he was lying.

Aldo doesn’t want Justin to tell Kate and Jin about the crash for some reason, or about how Rousseau died. But he probably didn’t want to spoil the big surprise at the end of the episode. Kate whacks Aldo over the head again and gets away.

Dogan wants Jack to give Sayid a pill to save him from a sickness, but he won’t explain anything else, but he tries to trick him into it by giving him a guilt trip. Sayid has to take it willingly. Sayid tells Jack that if Jack wants him to take the pill, he would, because he trusts him.

Kate finds Sawyer as Sawyer finds his old gun where he hid it in New Otherton.

Kate and Sawyer have a touching moment in which Sawyer tells Kate why he thought it was his fault that Juliet died and he goes on to say that “Some of us are meant to be alone.” He was gonna ask her to marry him. He throws her ring in the water. Sad.

Jack finally gets Dogan to tell him that the pill is full of poison by trying to swallowing it. Maybe not the smartest idea, but in this case it was effective. Dogan says that Sayid has been “claimed” by a “darkness”, and they know this because it happened to Jack’s sister. This line sets un the big surprise at the end.

Jin gets caught by a trap and Aldo is about to shoot him when a crazy, Australian, jungle woman shots Aldo first. And that crazy Australian jungle woman is Claire! She has frizzy hair and a shot gun! It seems like she has become the new Rousseau, which is fitting seeing as she has been seperated from her baby and other people for a while. Well she may have seen other dark jungle people that have been “claimed”, but you know what I mean.

The best quote of the episode award goes to Sawyer: “Of course he’s alive, he’s an Iraqi torturer that shoots kids, he definitely deserves another go-around.”

The Tire Hammer:

When Kate is first working at the Dharma motor pool, she knows absolutely nothing about automobiles. In this reality she knows what a tire hammer is at least. Maybe this is one of those differences between the realities, or maybe you don’t have to know a lot about auto parts to know what a tire hammer is.

“Claimed” by darkness:

Ok, so we know that Claire is posessed by some dark essence. So the question is: is this dark essence the man in black? Maybe, maybe it’s Jacob I’d be happy if he turned out to the “bad guy”, wouldn’t that be cool? Or maybe this dark essence is something that is more of an elementary evil force.

I also now am wondering if Christian Shephard is “claimed” as well, just because he and Claire seemed to be connected in that cabin when John Locke met them. But, I think it is more likely that Christian is different from Sayid and Claire. Maybe Jacob is who is inhabiting Sayid and Claire. That could be why dead Jacob told Hurley to bring Sayid to the temple so that he could claim him using the magic water which was now dirty with his essence. Christian has said that he can speak for Jacob. If he was telling the truth, maybe he is helping Jacob as he claims more islanders in the upcoming battle that will end all.


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