Fringe: Jacksonville

I have no clue if there is an actual theory about quantum tectonic event and I don’t care if the writers came up with it or not. Fringe puts just enough truth into things to make accept that it is true for the sake of the show.

Well, the quantum tectonic event, caused a building from another dimension to come to Olivia’s dimension. Mr. Prachet from our reality combines with Mr. Prachet from the other reality. In Olivia’s reality, Mr. Prachet is not married, in the other he is. We also learn this other world could have double-decker cars.

Walter knew that a building from their dimension with the same mass as the one that appeared in their dimension from the other dimension would have to go to that other dimension in order to create an equilibrium between the two dimensions. I guess it takes a little while before that happens, though, which allows Walter to experiment on Olivia (Just, like the good old days in season one. Oh, and when Olivia was a child). He gives her some Clozapine. Peter has a good line, he says, ” You were conducting illegal drug trials on children, dont make that sound like charity work.” After Walter tells Olivia that he was trying to give her the Ability to see the other world through his testings.

It was really cool to see where Walter experimented on Olivia and and the other children. It was kind of eerie. “Our kids are happy kids” was painted on one wall and Olivia saw her mark on the wall where she had been measured. The scene in which Olivia meets her younger self, is pretty scary. It was cool to see Olivia get angry with Walter, that was a well acted scene.

My favorite part of this episode was probably when Walter did a little jig after Peter told him that he was going to get a drink with Olivia. I am glad that something is finally happening between them seeing as they have been hinting at it a long time.

But, Olivia and Peter going an a date wasn’t the most interesting part of the last few scenes. Now, tha Olivia has strengthen her parallel universe sense, she knows something Walter does not want anyone to know about Peter, Peter from the alternate universe, that Peter. I am really excited about the rest of the season after watching the promo after the episode. We are gonna get to learn about how Walter went about getting Peter from the alternate universe. Yay!


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