Fringe: The Bishop Revival

I liked the documentary style at beginning of this episode, that was kind of a cool touch. I guess we did learn quite a bit about the Bishop family in this episode. Like that Walter’s father was a spy for the allies in Germany and that some German dude he worked with lived for more than a hundred years for some reason. I think Walter probably knows that that man was super old, he said something about it earlier in the episode. I thought the scene with the German guy in the restaurant was a little silly especially when the woman asks him if he put bubbling cinnamon in his tea and he’s like “Yay, somzing like zat.”

Walter finds out who was releasing the toxins by a molecular seahorse like the one in the promos. I wonder if this was done by the writers just to male it seem that they had planned on this happening.

And I was kind of surprised that Walter killed a man in this episode. He did not show a sign of regret and he was not punished.

Next week looks awesome! This episode will be the winter finale, so obviously it will deal with parallel dimensions again, and parallel dimensions are fun! (For me at least, because I am a nerd.) It’s called Jacksonville.


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