Crazy Lost Theory From Season Four

When I was writing my post for my review of episodes of the fourth season of Lost I thought of something. You know in the episode Cabin Fever when Richard visits John Locke and shows him objects and asks him which ones already belong to him? Just in case you don’t remember:

Ok, well this test is similar to the one that the Buddhists perform to find the next reincarnation of Buddha. What if Alpert is trying to find the reincarnate of Jacob the island god? Locke does well at the test until he grabs the knife. The knife represents the other part of Locke.

Later in this episode Locke meets Abbadon while he is recovering from his fall. Abbadon encourages Locke to go on his walkabout trip. I think that Abbadon is trying to get the crazy jungle side of Locke to become more dominate, the side that chose the knife. Abbadon works for Widmore. We know that Abbadon wants to exploit the island and its power and we know that Alpert and the other don’t want this to happen. So there are two sides. The others are on Jacob’s side, maybe Widmore is on the man-in-black’s side. Maybe the man-in-black wants people to discover the power of the island and go crazy over it. Maybe the crazy island part of Locke that chose the knife is the man-in-black part of Locke. This makes since in my head, but probaly won’t to anyone else, because that’s how Lost is. Less than a week left! Wahouououooooooo!!!!!!


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