Congrats, James Cameron!

Avatar is as of yesterday the highest grossing film of all time! The title used to belong to James Cameron’s Titanic. I thought it was kind of strange when Avatar won best picture at the Golden Globes. I mean I didn’t think that the movie was that great. the visuals are pretty awesome but the characters were pretty flat and the plot isn’t anything new. The Avatar phenomenon has obviously been taken too far:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B (This is pretty sad):

Unfortunately, James Cameron is planning on making two sequels, meaning more depression 😦

But anyway, Congratulations James Cameron on beating yourself, winning Best Picture, and depressing people!


2 thoughts on “Congrats, James Cameron!

  1. Apparently some guy watching this movie in Taiwan had a stroke and died because of sensory overload due to all of the effects and all that. Huh. James Cameron indirectly killed a man? I dunno. I thought it was good, but not like, AMAZING OMG OMG OMG AMAZING HEY GUYZ THIS MOVEEE IS SHOOOO GOOODD.


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