Lost Season Three Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (301) A Tale of Two Cities

Why it’s important: In the premiere of season three we learn a lot about the others when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer find themselves being held by them in cages.

Unanswered questions: What is in the envelope that Juliet was going to show Amelia in the deleted scene?

Episode: (305) The Cost of Living

Why it’s important: Eko dies (spoiler!), we see Michail on one of the Pearl station tv’s, and Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are stuck in cages…still.

Unanswered questions: Can the monster take the shape of people, and if so, who?

Episode: (308) Flashes Before Your Eyes

Why it’s important: We learn that Desmond is special, and this episode is kind of like a toned down version of the Constant.

Unanswered questions: Why does Ms. Hawking tell Desmond that everyone will die if he doesn’t do certain things. Does the course-correction thing apply to the time travel in season 5? If it does apply to everything that the losties did in the past in season 5, then that would mean that detonating the bomb would do nothing to change the past.

Episode: (309) Stranger in a Strange Land

Why it’s important: We learn about Jack’s tatoo! This is probably tied for the worst episode of lost with the Nikki/Paulo episode later this season.

Unanswered questions: Why are Cindy and the kids with the others and what are the planning on watching? What is Isabel’s job?

Episode: (320) The Man Behind the Curtain

Why it’s important: This is one of the best episodes of Lost. It’s the first Ben flashback. We see Jacob in his cabin and we see Ben kill most of the Dharma Initiative, and then nearly kill Locke.

Unanswered questions: Why does Jacob say “Help me”? The ash around his cabin makes me think a curse was put on him to keep him contained in the cabin. Perhaps the man-in-black made this happen?

Episode: (322) Through the Looking Glass

Why it’s important: The mind-blowing introduction of flash forward, the death of a fan favorite, the losties are getting rescued!?!?, but Jack says they “have to go baaaaaaack!”

Unanswered questions: How does “taller-ghost-Walt” appear to Locke? What is the temple?


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