Lost Season Six Footage

Footage of season six has been found in the Lost promo below, look for it at about 15 seconds in if you don’t think it will be too spoilery for you. If you think it is too spoilery for you, don’t read any further.

If you can’t see the picture and want to click here.

I know, right? What the heck! I guess when she died she became a crazy evil ghost with a gun. I know she was coming back, but she looks evil and she has a gun. Well, I guess that’s as far as I can speculate based on that picture. Except that it looks likes she’s on the island so maybe some people landed at LA-X and some crashed in a different plane in the parallel universe. Or maybe… I have no clue, Lost is ridiculous and I love that about it.

Source: sl-lost.com


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