Fringe – What Lies Below


I really want another mythology based Fringe episode. There are more things I can write about when I write about mythology episodes. This episode was pretty good, though. It was pretty intense, Fringe does intense scenes pretty well. I just wish Fringe could be as unpredictable as Lost, so that it would seem like the characters could actually die,  but that’s easier for Lost to do since it has such a large cast. I wish they would have at least ended the episode when Peter running away, but it seems like they always have to have a happy ending.

Second Life:

I think its kind of funny that Astrid didn’t ask Walter what he meant by saying that he didn’t want Peter to die again, when he asked it, because I think that sounds kind of weird. I wonder what she thinks Walter meant by that. It should be interesting to see if she finds out what he meant.

Peter + Olivia:

I think something should happen between Olivia and Peter. They keep hinting at it but nothing ever happens.

Next Week:

Looks like another self-contained episode, but it deals with Nazis? Interesting. The episode is called The Bishop Revival however, maybe referring to Peter being “born again”? If not, it sounds like we will learn something about the Bishop family.


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