On A Different Note-3

Chocolate Makes You Happy by Xiu Xiu on hype machine from Punkreas.org
The upcoming Xiu Xiu album is not their best. My favorite song on it is The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation, I could not find a link for that, but this one’s pretty good too.

Stylo by Gorillaz

A new single for the upcoming Plastic Beach album is now on the internets. I’m not too crazy about it at all. It makes me less excited about the new album.

Lewis Takes Action, Lewis Takes His Shirt Off by Owen Pallett

Last year, Owen Pallett retired his old name, Final Fantasy. He took the name in tribute to the Square Enix game franchise.  I feel that this album is his best yet, it feels a lot more grand and over-the-top.

Madder Red by Yeasayer

I’m thinking that Yeasayer’s album Odd Blood may end up being somewhat high on my favorite albums of 2010 list. The vocals at the beginning of this song keep getting stuck in my head.

I Feel Better by Hot Chip on hypemachine from citiesoftheplain.net

The new Hot Chip album coming out this February, sounds a little more pop-y then their other albums. I Feel Better, is just a feel good song. I feel better when I listen to it (See what I did there? Okay, I know, lame,  but I did it, okay? Get over it.). Hot Chip has also released the music video for the album title track, “One Life Stand”:

No One Does It Like You by Department of Eagles (video below)

I saw this music video on a blog and I thought it sounded so much like Grizzly Bear. Well, that’s because Department of Eagles is a duo made up of Daniel Rossen from Grizzly Bear and his friend, Fred Nicolaus. They started in 2000, so this may be old news to some of you, but I have just heard of them, so don’t judge me. This music video came out last year though. It’s interesting, and kind of eerie.

3 thoughts on “On A Different Note-3

  1. Yeah Department of Eagles is awesome! Especially that song & video. I like it! Personally, I am excited for Gorillaz, but you can see that on my own blog. Yeasayer, I’m gonna look for that song. I’m guessing it’s out already? I love Owen Pallett album! It’s like an orchestra and electronic! So good!

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