Fringe: Unearthed

This is the episode that was supposed to air last year, that I was telling you about. That’s why Charlie was alive again all of a sudden, like the seventeen year old girl in this episode. I am curious to know why this episode did not air last year. I loved the strong theme of faith in this episode and I believe it may be the reason it did not air. I think that would be a horrible reason to not air this episode, but its the only reason I can think of. If that is the case, I find it stupid.

We find out that Olivia does not believe in faith because it caused her mother too many problems with her father. We find out that Peter does not have faith in faith, but in the end of the episode it is his dad’s book about the Tibetan beliefs of the afterlife that he uses to save Teresa, Lisa and himself.

Walter comes up with a scientific explanation for possession and he speaks about near-death experiences and how people can see things that they should not be able to see. When Walter discusses his explanation for possession, the priest shows disbelief and Walter is upset that the priest confronts him about this. We later find that Walter believes in faith. He quotes part of Isaiah 7:9:

“If you do not stand firm in your faith,
you will not stand at all.”

Then he says “Even as a scientist, I have to rely on faith.”

I have to say the end was not very suspenseful, because I knew Olivia and Peter would come in the nick of time to save Teresa and Lisa, and that’s really the only complaint I have about this episode. I already said I loved the strong themes of faith and I felt that the actress portraying Lisa did a pretty good job, which is not always the case with Fringe guest stars.

The Observer: The Observer was visible in the background, about 17 minutes into the show with commercials, when Olivia is speaking to Lisa’s mom about her faith.

Thursday’s episode looks like another monster of the week episode:

Sasquatch?!? Oh no!


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