Sherlock Holmes: Somewhat Entertaining, Quite Ridiculous

I had not been intending on seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but my friend and I wanted to see a movie and he would not watch “Up In The Air”. An annoying giggling girl and a baby in our showing did not make the movie anymore enjoyable I would expect. But, the movie itself was not as bad as I had expected. I found it to be witty and clever at sometimes. However, often when in its attempts to be clever it was pretty ridiculous and unbelievable.

The movie somewhat of a unique theme. There were a couple creative film shots. They tried to recreate the sound someone hears when they are loosing their hearing, which was cool. They don’t do as well at that as the sound editors of Children of Men, though. I liked the storytelling technique that was used when Sherlock went back to tell us things that happened in the past that were priorly unaware of, but this when it often got ridiculous to believe.

The ending was an inexcusable attempt to set up a sequel and make more money and the reason there is a sequel, as Sherlock explains at the end, is ridiculous.


One thought on “Sherlock Holmes: Somewhat Entertaining, Quite Ridiculous

  1. I agree 100%. It was better than I expected but still had some inexcusable problems. It was nice to have strong direction from Guy Ritchie though; if it was some hack hired to please producers no doubt it would have been way worse.

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