Lost Recap Round-Up

Here are three of the best Lost recap videos I have seen yet so you can get ready for Tuesday!!!!

This is ABC’s official recap of the first five seasons of Lost in under nine minutes that I posted earlier:

Previously on Lost 2:

An Italian family recaps Lost:

Gabe and Max’s Recap:

Fringe: The Bishop Revival

I liked the documentary style at beginning of this episode, that was kind of a cool touch. I guess we did learn quite a bit about the Bishop family in this episode. Like that Walter’s father was a spy for the allies in Germany and that some German dude he worked with lived for more than a hundred years for some reason. I think Walter probably knows that that man was super old, he said something about it earlier in the episode. I thought the scene with the German guy in the restaurant was a little silly especially when the woman asks him if he put bubbling cinnamon in his tea and he’s like “Yay, somzing like zat.”

Walter finds out who was releasing the toxins by a molecular seahorse like the one in the promos. I wonder if this was done by the writers just to male it seem that they had planned on this happening.

And I was kind of surprised that Walter killed a man in this episode. He did not show a sign of regret and he was not punished.

Next week looks awesome! This episode will be the winter finale, so obviously it will deal with parallel dimensions again, and parallel dimensions are fun! (For me at least, because I am a nerd.) It’s called Jacksonville.

Lost Season Five Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (501) Because You Left

Why it’s important: We find out that the islander losties are traveling through time while off island, Ben is trying to get the Oceanic six to return.  The first scene with Daniel in Dharma times, is a flash forward of when the castaways travel back in time in the future, how confusing is that?

Unanswered questions: Why don’t the rules of time travel apply to Desmond? Is it because of the massive amounts of radiation he was exposed to after the hatch imploded?

Episode: (502) The Lie

Why it’s important: The island losties meet the young Charles Widmore, Ben continues to gather the Oceanic six, and Frogurt dies an ironic and firy death.

Unanswered questions: Who are Gabriel, Jeffrey, and Jill the butcher? Who do they work for and what is their relation to Ben? What is in the bag that Ben takes from the vent in the hotel?

Episode: (504) The Little Prince

Why it’s important: Jack and Kate find out who was trying to take Aaron away, while the islanders revisit Aaron’s birth and Jin finds a younger Danielle Rousseau.

Unanswered questions: Who were the people in the outrigger that attacked the islanders?

Episode: (507) The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Why it’s important: Locke tries to convince the Oceanic Six to return and what I am now pretty sure was his death scene.

Unanswered questions: What is the coming war that Widmore refers to? What are Widmore and Ben’s differences in their wants in regards to the island?

Episode: (512) Dead is Dead

Why it’s important: Ben is judged by the monster and we see the beginning of Ben and Widmore’s relationship in flashbacks.

Unanswered questions: Why did the monster tell Ben to follow Locke and how did Locke know where the monster was? I thought Ben used to be able to “summon” the monster in his secret room. It looks like the man-in-black now controls smokey.

Episode: (516) The Incident

Why it’s important: Jack puts in to action his plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb while someone we think is Locke recruits Ben to kill Jacob.

Unanswered questions: What will the bomb detonation mean for the show? Will the passengers of flight 815 land safely in LA? Will it cause an alternate reality like I have speculated? What does Jacob mean when he says: “They’re coming”? How is Locke appear to be alive and dead and in two places at once?

On A Different Note-4

Here are some cool songs I found this week:

Whiplash by Sunglasses

Yellow Wings by Keepaway

tough guys by Jeans Wilder

Boy From School (Hot Chip Cover) by Grizzly Bear

Running From the Cops by Phantogram

Light Works by Acid Girls

Acid Girls has another pretty cool music video for their song, The Numbers Song.

Lifted by Lemonade

Our Girls by Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk

Candy Season by Librarians

Crazy Lost Theory From Season Four

When I was writing my post for my review of episodes of the fourth season of Lost I thought of something. You know in the episode Cabin Fever when Richard visits John Locke and shows him objects and asks him which ones already belong to him? Just in case you don’t remember:

Ok, well this test is similar to the one that the Buddhists perform to find the next reincarnation of Buddha. What if Alpert is trying to find the reincarnate of Jacob the island god? Locke does well at the test until he grabs the knife. The knife represents the other part of Locke.

Later in this episode Locke meets Abbadon while he is recovering from his fall. Abbadon encourages Locke to go on his walkabout trip. I think that Abbadon is trying to get the crazy jungle side of Locke to become more dominate, the side that chose the knife. Abbadon works for Widmore. We know that Abbadon wants to exploit the island and its power and we know that Alpert and the other don’t want this to happen. So there are two sides. The others are on Jacob’s side, maybe Widmore is on the man-in-black’s side. Maybe the man-in-black wants people to discover the power of the island and go crazy over it. Maybe the crazy island part of Locke that chose the knife is the man-in-black part of Locke. This makes since in my head, but probaly won’t to anyone else, because that’s how Lost is. Less than a week left! Wahouououooooooo!!!!!!

Lost Season Four Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (401) The Beginning of the End

Why it’s important: The fourth season is set up, and we are introduced to the idea of the Oceanic Six.

Unanswered questions: How can Hurley and Lenny see Charlie at Santa Rosa? Who’s eye does Hurley see in Jacob’s Cabin with Christian?

Episode: (402) Confirmed Dead

Why it’s important: We meet Charlotte, Miles, and Frank for the first time and get a glimpse of their past through flashbacks.

Unanswered questions: How can Miles talk to dead people? Why were the Dharma polar bear remains in Tunisia? Why was Frank replaced as the pilot of Oceanic 815?

Episode: (403) The Economist

Why it’s important: We learn that Sayid works for Ben off the island, and Daniel finds out that the island does something weird to time.

Unanswered questions: Why do Naomi and Elsa have similar bracelets? Who is the Economist?

Episode: (409) The Shape of  Things to Come

Why it’s important: Ben timetravels and when the Barracks are attacked by the freighters, Alex is one of the casualties.

Unanswered questions: Did Claire become an island ghost like Christian after the house she was in blew up? What are the rules that Ben and Widmore discuss at the end of this episode and who put them in place?

Episode: (411) Cabin Fever

Why it’s important: We learn about important times in Locke’s past, and we find out that Locke has to move the island.

Unanswered questions: To whom did the objects that Ricard Alpert showed the young John Locke belong?

Episode: (412/413) There’s No Place Like Home

Why it’s important: We see the arrival of the Oceanic Six, and the freighter blow up, the island move, and we find out who was in the coffin.

Unanswered questions: Who built the frozen donkey wheel? Why did Ben say that whoever turned it could not return to the island?


Animal Collective is awesome and this is a trailer for their upcoming experimental Sundance film that they have made with Danny Perez. It’s called ODDSAC. Awesome name.

It looks pretty trippy. I’m not sure how much of this movie I would be able to handle, but as soon as I can see it, I will, because Animal Collective is awesome!

You can go here to see where ODDSAC will be screening, I can;t go to any of those, but hopefully ODDSAC can come to me somehow.

Congrats, James Cameron!

Avatar is as of yesterday the highest grossing film of all time! The title used to belong to James Cameron’s Titanic. I thought it was kind of strange when Avatar won best picture at the Golden Globes. I mean I didn’t think that the movie was that great. the visuals are pretty awesome but the characters were pretty flat and the plot isn’t anything new. The Avatar phenomenon has obviously been taken too far:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B (This is pretty sad):

Unfortunately, James Cameron is planning on making two sequels, meaning more depression 😦

But anyway, Congratulations James Cameron on beating yourself, winning Best Picture, and depressing people!

Lost Season Three Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (301) A Tale of Two Cities

Why it’s important: In the premiere of season three we learn a lot about the others when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer find themselves being held by them in cages.

Unanswered questions: What is in the envelope that Juliet was going to show Amelia in the deleted scene?

Episode: (305) The Cost of Living

Why it’s important: Eko dies (spoiler!), we see Michail on one of the Pearl station tv’s, and Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are stuck in cages…still.

Unanswered questions: Can the monster take the shape of people, and if so, who?

Episode: (308) Flashes Before Your Eyes

Why it’s important: We learn that Desmond is special, and this episode is kind of like a toned down version of the Constant.

Unanswered questions: Why does Ms. Hawking tell Desmond that everyone will die if he doesn’t do certain things. Does the course-correction thing apply to the time travel in season 5? If it does apply to everything that the losties did in the past in season 5, then that would mean that detonating the bomb would do nothing to change the past.

Episode: (309) Stranger in a Strange Land

Why it’s important: We learn about Jack’s tatoo! This is probably tied for the worst episode of lost with the Nikki/Paulo episode later this season.

Unanswered questions: Why are Cindy and the kids with the others and what are the planning on watching? What is Isabel’s job?

Episode: (320) The Man Behind the Curtain

Why it’s important: This is one of the best episodes of Lost. It’s the first Ben flashback. We see Jacob in his cabin and we see Ben kill most of the Dharma Initiative, and then nearly kill Locke.

Unanswered questions: Why does Jacob say “Help me”? The ash around his cabin makes me think a curse was put on him to keep him contained in the cabin. Perhaps the man-in-black made this happen?

Episode: (322) Through the Looking Glass

Why it’s important: The mind-blowing introduction of flash forward, the death of a fan favorite, the losties are getting rescued!?!?, but Jack says they “have to go baaaaaaack!”

Unanswered questions: How does “taller-ghost-Walt” appear to Locke? What is the temple?

Lost Season Two Review: Important Episodes

Episode: (201) Man of Science, Man of Faith

Why it’s important: The losties meet Desmond and see what is in the hatch

Unanswered questions: How does Walt appear to Shannon?

Episode: (209) What Kate Did

Why it’s important: We learn what Kate did and Eko and Locke watch the second part of the orientation video.

Unanswered questions: How did Kate see the horse on the island? Was it the same as the one off the island? Why was the orientation film separated?

Episode: (210) The 23rd Psalm

Why it’s important: Michael talks to Walt on the Swan computer. Charlie takes Mr. Eko to the Beechcraft wreckage and we get our first Mr. Eko flashback.

Unanswered questions: Does the monster “scan” people when it flashes? Why can images from Eko’s past be seen in the smoke monster? Where is the other computer that Walt is using to communicate? Is Walt really the one whom Michael is chatting with?

Episode: (217) Lockdown

Why it’s important: Locke gets trapped during a Swan resupply lockdown and must rely on “Henry”‘s help, while Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie search for “Henry”‘s ballon.

Unanswered questions: Did “Henry” not press the button like he told Locke? Who is performing the supply drops and why? Who is the real Henry Gale? Who buried him?

Episode: (218) Dave

Why it’s important: Hurley starts seeing Dave on the island and we are given reason to believe that the whole show is inside of Hurley’s head.

Unanswered questions: Why was Libby in the mental institute with Hurley? Last yeah Damon and Carlton told Sky 1 in an interview that “Libby is also one of those things where we feel like, that story’s told–it’s done. We’ve told as much about Libby as we wanna tell….For us, Libby’s story is done.”  SPOILER ALERT! At the TCA press tour earlier this month Damon and Carlton announced the return of Libby and Michael. So they may have changed their mind and give us the Libby backstory.

Episode: (222) Three Minutes

Why it’s important: The losties cope with the death of Ana Lucia and Libby as we see what happened to Michael as he looked for Walt in flashbacks.

Unanswered questions: How were the others testing Walt? Why did Bea ask Walt if he had ever appeared somewhere that he was not supposed to?

Episode: (223) Live Together, Die Alone

Why it’s important: Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured by the others and Michael and Walt leave the island. Locke doesn’t press the button.

Unanswered questions: Who built the statue? Did the hostiles build it to keep the Dharma Initiative away? What happened to the rest of the statue?

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