Listen to This: Best Coast and Sleigh Bells

Neither of these artists have released a full-length album yet, but there has been a lot of buzz about them on the internets.  After moving to New York a couple of years ago to work on music, Bethany Constantino moved back to California this year to the West Coast, which could be where her name, Best Coast, comes from. So far Best Coast has released a couple 7″ singles and they are currently on tour with Vivian Girls. Their music has a very dream-pop and nostalgic fell to it.

Check them out:

Best Coast | Sun Was High (So Was I)

Best Coast | So Gone

Best Coast | When I’m With You

Sleigh Bells are a duo from Brooklyn. They are yet to release any music. Their crazy dance-pop music is very catch because it is so intense and bass-infused. It just cries for you to turn it up full-blast.

Sleigh Bells | Beach Girls

Sleigh Bells | Ring Ring

Sleigh Bells | A/B Machines


2 thoughts on “Listen to This: Best Coast and Sleigh Bells

  1. The ‘When I’m With You’ video is basically the best thing ever. I don’t know where something like that would happen but I’m guessing Europe.

    I read about Sleigh Bells on stereogum a little while back on their ‘Bands to Watch’ thingy. I quite like them!

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